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  1. @SacrificeProductions Nevermind. i quit apexko. i dont play in here again... have fun to you guys @twostars Hey, can you delete whole post please ?? i dont know how to do it.
  2. Merhaba, beyler klanı yeni kurduk. adam lazım pk ya çıkmalık...Türk olmak yada Türkçe konuşmak şartıyla herkese kapımız açık... oyundaki klanlar sabit ve bu yeni oyuncular için büyük bir sorun. pk atacak parti bulmak zor... her job a kapımız açık!!! gelin oğlum bunaldık la! discord mevcut. oyun içi pm: xXbasacamXx
  3. just like apexko... items are cheap in ares. and farming is impossible because of droprates... but players can buy goldbars with cheap prices like 2 or 3 dollars ... thats why i choose apexko because farming is easy. and you're wrong about user count , you cant login at after 7:pm because server is full and everyone goes pk. i know and i have chars in ares,dies and rosetta...
  4. Are you fricking babavanga or not???
  5. go to look at ares or dies... im not lying to you because i dont care what you think and who you are... oh wait i can find video about it... so you can watch it... you can buy +9 wirinom for 9 gb... you all dont know anything about knight online after watching this video please shut the fuck up. im tired to explaining things to you...
  6. if the gamemaster thinks like that... maybe they're want to keep alive the Apexko. and i totally understand that. but stamina needs to increase if they dont ok with 250... maybe they can increase to 200... 120 stamina is not enough for everyone... they need to understand other players...
  7. i know how to play kurian... you're pretty sure about +7 chitin set and old accessories that makes me laugh... we are in 2019 bud. you last play usko at 2010 i think... you need to check out ares and diez server at usko... everyone have krowaz and holy set... and some of them have +8 , +9 even +21 rebirth krowaz weapons. by the way you have only 5 comments at this forum and only in my disscussion... i dont know who you are... maybe you're gm itself...
  8. hey there, i have 4 smash skills... and at cz i use first rush skill for stun the enemy. after that i use all four smash skills... after my stamina increases i use drakey curse and keep going combo with critical bleeding. 120 stamina is for ardream kurians 59 lwl kurian have only 3 smash and 2 curse skill . at usko after master 2 skill awekening is opened, stamina will increases because new skills are opened. Mgame and Usko players ok with that. no one is crying. we dont want extra damage or anything like that... just keep things original. Apexko is great... not for kurian. if my skills are nerfed, other jobs have nerfed too for balance... this is good for everyone By the way my skill stats are; 70 attack 75 devil 3 master (for awekening skill)
  9. i just fucking tired about listen to noob archers and warriors crying. look bud mgame created this game... and they know how to balance things. after reach 62 lwl awekening opened and stamina goes up to 250...because new skills are opened like critical smash etc. every job in this game same as like USKO, except kurian. im a 83 lwl porutu and apexko gives me only 120 stamina points. thats not normal and i cant use my other skills. this game needs to keep things original. we dont want extra things. we want to turn things normal. this is good for everyone. or if porutu get nerfed other jobs needs to gets nerfed. if i cant use awekening skill. rogues cant use critical point too etc... do you understand me my friend??? dont teach me about knight online... you all dont know anything about porutu/kurian class. if you dont know anything dont comment too... and if you think your job is nerfed go and open new discuss about it... we want to talk gamemasters about it. we dont want to listen -15 age kids crying
  10. @KissOfNeo are feelin ok??? @g1r0 is right you need to go home and sleep well... we can talk about it tomorrow
  11. @towstars @g1r0 just 30 minutes ago at the arena, i met a newbie and poor guy asked me like, ''why this green thing ended immediately . i cant use any skills''. he dont know the name of stamina but he's very sure about that ''green thing'' is not enough... and i say to him ''we talk about it at forum you can join us too...'' i hope he will write a comment here... im not lying ,i dont take a screenshot. but if you guys want it i can give my id and you guys can find this conversation at your database... @g1r0 is right , with 120 stamina points we can only play at ardream... bytheway you probably lost that poor guy.
  12. They're crying all the time... They dont know anything about porutu...
  13. you can talk with revolver you pussyboi
  14. this is not your business... we want to reach gamemasters not to you.... Stop crying and be a man you loser
  15. thank you for understanding and advices i will try it... i just post about nerfing situation and everyone attacks to me i dont understand... they dont want porutu in this game... i hope gamemasters do something about this problem...
  16. can you look at this video please? that guy has 250 stamina points he uses rush skill and four smash skill at the same time... this can be happened in apexko ! why not? server is great all of the jobs are good except kurian... in apexko i only use rush skill and two smash skills because of 120 stamina...Do you understand???? 120 stamina is not enough you guys need to stop explaining things... bytheway have too many pvpservers on my computer. i just want to find pvp server that like USKO... apexko is the closest one
  17. i love infect to enemy. i dont use defence... i build my skills only attack and devil. so i can infect enemy so bad like that videos... if they update and increase stamina i can do it in apexko...
  18. you guys do or not??? i dont understand???
  19. well 250 stamina is not impossible my friend... usko already have that feature. and im fall in love with apexko. farm system, and other features are great. just porutu needs more than 125 stamina and warrior start armors. thats it. if they do that i will play for hours. if they dont its getting boring and i quit. people are sucks in here
  20. i dont say in apexko only ok every pvp server nerfs kurian. i have a char in usko and i sold it 2 months before... i dont argue about f'cking damages why are you so interest about damages! yes i will send you a video with 250 stamina and use lot of skills on porutu ! i say to you again and again you're just argue for nothing. you dont even read the first comment.
  21. dude look my skill stats are 75 devil and 70 attack... at 1vs1 i use 4 smash skills and decrase to enemy hp... after enemy start run i use devil skills like drakeys curse etc... and boom he dies. this is my strategy and so many kurian player use that strategy. at usko i can use four smash skills and curse skills because stamina is 250. but in apexko when im at 1vs1 i use only one or two smash skills after that i need to wait for die because stamina is 125... do you understand now ? my hp and mp stats are nerfed because at gear dispenser there is only warrior armors avaible... do you understand problem ???
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