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  1. As mention on the tittle, since you can't buy anymore Medals with u r Ladder Points. Greets, Eden || Melody
  2. "So Let's make it a little bit more quicker to catch up, why just by NP's? [Not that improtant] Let's start from the most important by items..."
  3. +1. 'Game and Catch Up' - at the same case u can just put at the starter gear Krowaz Armors & Weapons+9Reb than Rosetta & Raptors+9Reb. Or why not just drops+8 Krowaz items already from Ultima Chests? I won't loss either way lol, I up for whatever to bring more players - specially mage items into the server. So next time when I will PMs other teams to join back to ApexKO they'll be more interesting. "So Let's make it a little bit more quicker to catch up, why just by NP's? Let's start from the most important by items..."
  4. I'm not even close to be upset, Lol. I'm just pointing out that is totally unfair for old players for all their hard work, that it took them months/years to earn those NPs, Let's not even mention the costs they've spent for PREM & Cospres items and so on.. 'Game and Catch Up' - at the same case u can just put at the starter gear Krowaz Armors & Weapons+9Reb than Rosetta+9Reb.. Interests of the server? I personally call other teams to join back to ApexKO and they did few months ago but quitted few weeks after because of the unbalanced GEAR and not because of the NP's.
  5. I wanted to reply on the other topic but twostars already closed it, [@PS I don't know why they always rush to close topic]. So here let me say my thoughts about the reduction Nation Points and how it's clearly unfair for the Old Players - That've support you all this way-long. This goes to what @Aesteris pointed out. I give TukeOwnz & BroOk and even me [if I'll Stop PK] at the top 2 weeks, and they-we will drop almost by 10 ranking.. As the tittle say: "Let's do the math together". Before the Reduced Every 1 CONT you were getting x2.5 NPs, so basically you reduced the gain NP's by 2.5 but you reduced the total NP's by 9! So for example: I had 15.000.000 NPs I were getting 112 NP's [without NP Scroll] per kill, which mean it's equals to 133,928 Kills. After the reduced I left with 1.500.000 NPs but getting 45 NP's [without NP Scroll] per kill, which mean it's equals to 33,333 Kills. Which mean now it's x4 faster to pass anyone on the board than it would take him before the Reduction NP's. If before the Reduction NP's I made 3.000.000 NPs in 1 Months [even tho the server went down at WARs & PK Times], Now it's equals to 1.200.000 NP's Almost TOP 1 IN The SERVER. So if before to pass the top ranking ranking in the server [15M/3M] would take them atleast 5 - 6 Months! It will take them now about 1 month an half at the top to pass the top ranking in the server. as I said x4 FASTER than before. This goes to what @twostars pointed out. The PK activity increased ONLY because of the successful of the Santa Event and Nothing ELSE! And let's put the facts on the table, the Reduced NP's didn't bring more 'New Comers' nor it will give them attention to start over. It's all about the advantage over other players - Balance. Greets, Eden || Melody.
  6. as mention on the tittle, I personally completed this quest twice today and after the daily reset I have this quest once again. [5x Monument] @[email protected]
  7. So why not just reset all the clans and recovery their Nation Points back to the players? BTW you should check if someone donated his Nation Points before the reduced and quitted the clan. than when he recovery back his NP's [after the reduced] he won't get the same NP's he had before the reduced and only get 10% back as the reduced. @[email protected]
  8. In my opinion you shouldn't had reduced the requirements for clans grades & cape costs. 3. Reduced the requirements for clans to advance grades4. Reduced the cost for capes (except for the new Castellan capes) If you would've kept the same mount requirements for grades & cape as before the reduced, people would have work harder to be Royal Knights with a Long Cape... Which mean only few clans could be 'Royal Knights' these-days. This is the only good thing I could see happening from this reduced but even this u reduced. @[email protected] Greets, Eden || Melody
  9. I was wondering if you could add an feature scroll to make an +11Reverse item back to+9 No Reb, since it's impossible to upgrade from +8's to+9's, could be nice if you could add this feature and add make the scroll costs 1GB's or so. So whoever don't like or don't want to be shine would buy this scroll, I can see that lots of players would use this scroll specially for their weapons. @[email protected] Greets, Eden || Melody.
  10. https://www.twitch.tv/edenmelody Let me know how is the quality and if it runs for u smooth... Greets, Eden || Melody.
  11. @Aesteris Happy New Year & Merry Christmas. I was wondering what about our block - status, when we should be expected to be unblock. Greets, Eden || Melody.
  12. that I spoke to him about how funny it turns out even tho I report this to him... If he denied that I REPORT THIS TO HIM, YOU CAN CHECK THE PMS. BUT I REALLY HOPE HE DON'T DENIED THIS. @PS, You still didn't respond to my question, is it perm-banned or some warning-banned [ 3 days ] or something?? @Aesteris @twostars @Sierra #Edited By the way what do you mean by; "If you'd only spent a fraction of that effort reporting it, we wouldn't be in this position, but alas, here we are." You banned me already twice from two different account from 'Melody' & 'MeIody' - even tho I used MeIody to report bugs but you remove the account and merge with the other one I used 'Melody' and I have report so many bugs via the GM's PM ING, you can ask MrPickles & Andrew and so others... So what is the point of keep creating new accounts reporting bugs and get ban everytime? How does it feel you think?... Still waiting for an official respond, is it PERM-Banned OR Some WARNING-Banned for 3 Days or Something? if u forgot: @Aesteris @twostars @Sierra
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