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  1. Nice funny egoist talk. Come sin 1vs1 10.000KC. After talk again😘
  2. This is really awfull. I think KingAurelio better lmao. You so yurtakalanlar level
  3. Because he stopped streaming you donkey. XD
  4. It’s my best friend and i just want make sure all knows🙂
  5. Hello Everyone! BlackWitch has a new owner which is islambol aka Mert. So this BlackWitch is not the one from Revolution/BloodLine.
  6. Instead of snowmans spawn harunga’s that might work😁 people want harunga not snowman.
  7. Unfair person we all know. All know it for a longtime. And specially cuz of usko
  8. Time for RaptorSin before Strength Rogue Get’s nerfed 😂
  9. I just really think it’s unfair for BroOk and Tuke. Atleast give those 2 nice guys a big reward for it😄 aswell the most loyal players ever been around on ApexKO
  10. Twostars did a goodjob on banning Scamody tho😂😂😂
  11. Lol i said this one year ago. Didn’t listen to me. Now since people got 8m-15m u decide to do it? Bad idea. All will happen with this change is a quitting Tuke and BroOk and scammer Melody goodjob😂
  12. TukeOwnz sucks i won him 1vs1 with hellblade and iron impact for 50k kc and i think best way to make this server active is spawn more harunga in bowl. kkthxbb
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