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  1. but 1-2 hours full draın 100 200x draın use for drop
  2. SELINGGG +11 Gabs BLessing +8 Gabs Adamant +11 Rogue Krowaz +11 Helmet & Gauntres Maybe Bug Set for ap good +2 Rof ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Buying +11 WEAK DRAFT WİRİNOM (BOMBASTİC) +2 İRON BELT 2x Sınırsız Küçülme topu / unlimited rice caked cheap (QUEST)+14 Flame Shard(FS) ACCOUNT CHEAP/ UYGUN FIYATAN +14 FS ALINIR ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PM> GodLessTurtLee
  3. Assasin> 75 bug +Cp powerless Cp%30 in"stead Maybe %50 + one of two three skills speak or 72 unnoticeable faild (100 damage) +++ most important++ For assasin Very Very need duratiıon maybe Power stone can bring duration... - Warrior>Echo Skils Very smal range + Echo skills Very bad full fails (86 damage 100 damge ) - For Felankor+Ultima+İslion Big boos why only 1x Drain maybe 6-8 drain now only mage team drob all injustice there should be a solution
  4. Also warrior's "hit floor skills" and range is too low --------------------------------------------------- and ful bug missing
  5. 4GodLessTurtLee


    ASSAS CP WHY %30 AND full bug skill hopping---- and powerless -------and why dont duratıon maybe caming power stone durationhealthier and assasın 75 skıl very bad --------------- and mage fr bug ı use fr +3 atak little damage but +2 fr better bug ------------ bidets why full ultıma and felankor ıslıon full maybe mage team ? why 1x draın maybe 3*4 x assaın draın use better
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