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  1. i can take holy +7 + gab adm +8 holy animor +11 so you can pm me in game BLOODyEsLaM so what's your name in game
  2. Buy Set holy prist +7 for (500 kc) or krowaz +8 prist
  3. set krowaz +8 daul ring +3 gab adm +8 holy Animor +11 buy all for kc thanks
  4. S>HK boots mage+5 reb pads guntles robe +1reb HK mage 2x roc +3 2x eme+3 Light belt of life +3 B> sssmp 2x sse+3 or KC pm me in game ESLAM or reply here thanks
  5. this photo of armor holy im here use helmet Krowaz +5 reb mage and Robe pads guntles +7 and have just boots +8 right now in photo my def is ( 823) This photo i use rosetta +9 pads + robe so check def now ? ( 828) if u check in databas right now holy pads = 147def robe = 130 def so rosetta +9 pads = def 125 so robe = 142 i need know its bug or what please check this photo right and turst me i see that bug we need Fixed or explain to me why def going low ? i hope now all understand me....
  6. lol martin so i think its system ? in game ? or what ? i need just team check that i have to right or explain to me why def going low ?
  7. Hello i see bug in holy mage we know this armor more def than +9 rosetta mage its okey i hope understand me i explain now if u check rosetta +9 mage armor pads have def =125 robe have def = 142 holy knight mage armor +7 pads have def= 130 robe have def= 147 its good now im use krowaz helmet mage have 103 def rosetta helemt 97 def boots holy +8 use have def 86 rosetta boots +9 have def 69 guntles holy have def 81 guntles rosetta +9 have def 69 so if me use the rosetta +9 my hp going up i know that but def low but if use the item's holy my def going up and ho going low im use helmet krowaz +5reb holy boots +5 reb so/// guntles pads robe them +1 reb should get def up more than rosetta +9 if use this armor its not i see bug here when i use the holy armor and krowaz helmet my def going low 5 how ? i dont understand its bug i think please i need team apexko check this if this bug its big problem ! sorry for english bad but i hope you understand me thanks
  8. you want buy ? and item's for kc
  9. Hay im buy book of light +11 but not have kc get items gabs adm +5rev holy armor +9rev have 3x mage krowaz helemt pauldron boots +5rev if you want any items from them we can trade thanks
  10. oh i understand now than if got problem posting only of that thank you!
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