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  1. What about rest of Christmas Chest?? how to deal with those ?
  2. popo1783

    Chrimas event

    when does the Chrstimas event end???????????
  3. popo1783

    It's human world

    nobody back
  4. popo1783

    It's human world

  5. popo1783

    It's human world

    I don't know that.. so it's human world yea.... Well we will turn to human
  6. popo1783

    It's human world

    no new player just clan turn around LOL
  7. popo1783

    It's human world

    Turn to Human That's good idea who cares about the event..
  8. popo1783

    Testing out Streaming at 'Twitch'

    they are friend with GM , aren't they??
  9. popo1783

    Testing out Streaming at 'Twitch'

    who is unfair person ?
  10. popo1783

    Dark knight

    lol .......... come on , don't be silly where are the new players?????(this is problem) I just saw some people out but not new players in ...
  11. popo1783

    APEXKO Clan DoggyStyLe Pk - Vs The Movie