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  1. Ill trade you combo lessons for warrior for the items ty.
  2. Doesnt matter what tine of the day it is your avatar creeps me the fuck out black.
  3. Looking to either purchase a fully geared priest and or warrior +11s/+3s.
  4. Make +11 shells and +11 gigas famous again ty.
  5. Im going to be returning (for real this time) and im looking for top tier warrior gear +11/+3s. Message me on here and let me know, id prefer to buy everything at once not piece by piece.
  6. Since im finally getting high speed internet and can play again ill take some discounts.
  7. I agree with the italian stallion, 1 party should win the rewards.
  8. Delete kro and chaos weps and bring back gigas and +11 shells ty.
  9. MON5TER


    Most of my anvil experiences involve Tuke burning everything he had and raging about it.
  10. There are 2 certainties in life, death and people constantly complaining about class/nation balance.
  11. Probably because people take the game too seriously and it turns into a flame tournament more than a vsing tournament.
  12. @Manhattan this is the guy to contact, or @Razordagawd both are very knowledgeable dudes, little gay but great guys.
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