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  1. I dont like drama. Yesterday I congratulate you for 2v2. AGAIN I SAY CONGRATULATE. if this makes you happy now i dont afraid and i came this vs. If you are not afraid now and if you dare we are waiting for 8v8 pm from you or your clan BET 50K kc I also liked the beautiful video
  2. anyway. you don't have a brain like chris. Keep Going. Also, we are a big clan there are 2party melees and they play for fun. When you want vs pm on ME.
  3. Anyway , If your party did not have a asas. Do you think you can cut us? if you challenge , we are still waiting your offer for 8v8 . if you have no claim. SHUT UP Pizza Brain
  4. What do you say stupid when did you forget 11-2, we won , I think there is pizza in your brain 2 stupids say wait movie wait movie we WAIT. we don't care anything because we are better than you KEEP CRYING .
  5. No one is afraid of you and the players in your clan but you are so scared of us because you never cut us and you say i'm better than your warriors. Even my worst warrior is better than you. A bad player like you can't enter our party. This game is team game and you are not a good team player. You play only Z skil Trash warrior Therefore, you are not our level WE ARE BETTER THAN YOU AND YOUR CLAN also this not client Apex you know and dont afraid us. When you are ready pm on Me , Meret or Vanquish
  6. You know the conditions, we are always ready. When you download client Pm me
  7. If you dare . We are waiting for your offer for vs AND We have scenes how many angers you have used IF YOU WANT TO SEE WE CAN UPLOAD...
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ck8gp2CdnaU
  9. hahahahahahaha güzeldi kankaa
  10. pff you are a trash warrior . When your party dont hit them, you play z skill :SAD:ASDAS you only Z skill warrior you are TRASH warrior
  11. Poor man. You are one of the mentally handicapped who eats his brain with the game. If you're assertive I challenge you to 8v8 but you are afraid now
  12. I know, we are your idol It makes you sad to know that we are always better than you. You cannot be our level and you know you can never cut us off at 8v8. If you are assertive we are waiting for 8v8 offer Now Keep going cry
  13. There is one thief. that's Chris ( yougot )
  14. +1 kanka I think you shouldn't deal with this guy too much because even his friends say he's a very stupid person and you shouldn't pay a thief ( Thieves = YouGotPwndByMyAss and Chayni )
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