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    neXusLeen reacted to KissOfNeo in Bifrost ? Holy Kniht Armor ? Need New Farm Slot ?   
    BF and decent drops needed for ppl now days  even for new comers seeing players winning CSW running around in +11 rev Holy sets and we cant even farm +1 set BF needs to be opened..
    More farm spots for it and ppl expected to be raided and did bring a little pk in while open...
    Now in cz its pk against same ppl everyday day in day out  and 1 side seams to have 4 priest while other has none then changes to other side same thing never even ..
    Everyone keeps NT because is no reason to stay on 1 side when some of the ppl mostly all with rof +3 and +11 rest items are all in 1 side then everyone else follows....
    Something new needs adding to farm like BF give ppl something to make complete or even a gm event for everyone  its been at least 6 months since i seen 1 if not longer ... Apex is great but so many coming and leaving due to to hard to get items ( load of crap i think personally ) or they cant farm items as been in repair and cant get same items as what others have in game because not farm-able anymore when they should be
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    neXusLeen reacted to KissOfNeo in Bifrost ? Holy Kniht Armor ? Need New Farm Slot ?   
    Alot of things can  get changed added  Personally i cant remember last time i seen Ultima  but thats the game..  Im still here but i play for my reasons lots play for the thrill of pk being the best all types of things  but i do hear alot and see ppl leaving for boredom cant get same items as what others have  and simple nothing new to do repeat-ave things everyday
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    neXusLeen reacted to BroOk in Bifrost ? Holy Kniht Armor ? Need New Farm Slot ?   
    nowdays cz is dead all day and so bored. just few minuts  PK on ultima time then all off again.
    pk is so unbalacend. rogues still fail alot skills. warrior dmg not really seems like official. this just a mage server which is good imo but also give the same power other classes.
    priest on this server are so tanky weak them abit kinda bored to fight against 3 priest 5 warrior partys...
    0 events during the day ?
    why dont u make deathmatch even? at least some pk all vs all .. sad server is diying ..
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    neXusLeen reacted to twostars in Full Client   
    The panel should be back online now. Thanks for your patience.
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    neXusLeen reacted to twostars in PSA: Duplicate votes don't count in elections   
    CheetorS and HUMBURGERR (and all associated accounts) have been banned for this.
    Attempted votes
    CheetorS: 63 (for himself)
    HUMBURGERR: 32 (to CheetorS)

    Protip: provoking staff who were willing to overlook it isn't really a smart move.
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    neXusLeen reacted to Chayni in CSW by Eden || Melody #ApexKO   
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    neXusLeen reacted to TukeOP in Event for all maybe   
    wlc to farmKO now all logging mages for farm apples after cz dead again :Dd  Can we get more lower this darkness weapon drop rate!.
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    neXusLeen reacted to VERSACEONTHEFLOOR in Event for all maybe   
    still yok darkness  for 6 hours straight of farming. Maybe tomorrow i farm 12 hours straight but damnit np.
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    neXusLeen reacted to KissOfNeo in Halloween Chest Drop   
    yes  3 day voucher   just posted to upset some tho   lol
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    neXusLeen reacted to IIIAmJohnWick in Halloween Chest Drop   
    Edit #1: Halloween chest (375 apple requirement still drop reverse item upgrade scroll). Please look into this.
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    neXusLeen reacted to VERSACEONTHEFLOOR in Event for all maybe   
    yep they are very useful really good  maybe I need to farm more apple's to get darkness voucher, wish me luck I get it till halloween event end's  . cross fingers
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    neXusLeen reacted to KissOfNeo in Event for all maybe   
    Expiry time on things is kinda crap as well ...
    I pked  got chests   handed in got 2 blue pots  ac ones   but went  for afk time after  handing in chests few hours  came back to return to pk and found they expired already :S
    They should last at least 1 day to use or even 12 hours so can pk hand in chests and not have to pk   again not able to  taking a break
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    neXusLeen reacted to twostars in Event for all maybe   
    Neither of these people got them from this year's event. They were lingering items from the previous event that weren't deleted.
    This was fixed already, and from today onwards all of the weapons obtained via these should have naturally expired.
    And even then it was like, 2 each.
    This is really off-topic at this point, but the event will last a while yet. There's still plenty of time to get yours.
    In the meantime, you can make use of all of the other useful items that were introduced: Undying scrolls, Duration Extenders, etc.
    It's not just the Darkness weapons!
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    neXusLeen reacted to VERSACEONTHEFLOOR in Event for all maybe   
    yep I also made 30x or more even switching chars maybe the other has the luck but no  still dropping me bus , reverse scroll etc. while this marlborobox , schizoisback get almost everyday
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    neXusLeen reacted to Chrisaq in ItzMDMA/LauraWells/ESPANYONLEEEEEE Big Problem!   
    Hello everyone it's YouGotPwndByMyAss here.
    I am so tired of one person in this game who is trying to ruin my real life because of ApexKO called ItzMDMA/LauraWells/ESPANYONLEEEEEE and his real name is Emre. Everyone knows that he is banned on his IP. Because he placed the pictures of my family on this forum right after the 2vs2 for 20.000KC.
    He is messaging my family in facebook: my brothers, my aunts, my father, the girlfriend of my father. And saying that I am addicted to drugs and that I have scammed him in ApexKO while i won him fair in 2vs2 20.000KC.
    He constantly threatens me in private messagings and letters that he wants to mess with my familly in facebook. And sending me messages that I am a bad player in apexko with cheats and that this is the only reason I win from him in 1vs1 and 2vs2.
    And Emre also sent my family messages several times in new accounts. with pictures and names of my family.
    he has passed on my family members to several people and he even managed to have one other person messaging my family and everyone will probably know him called Oğuz and also known as ItzMad or HANGOVER.
    He never leaves me alone in the game Apexko though I ignore him and chatblock. But this does not seem to help. Because he constantly creates new accounts and every time I log on ApexKO I have 20 letters with threats and insults again on different accounts such as ESPANYONLEEEEE, yurtakalanllar, And many more other Character Names!
    And just to be honest this is what my daily apexko life looks like even tho i never respond!:
    Believe it or believe it not but this is what i get daily ingame and all my family get spam invited and messaged by Emre.
    I just want everyone to know what this person is doing to me and try to do something bad to my life. Such as nasty things that I can even argue with my father or other familly members or that they may think weird about me.
    I have learned something from this that people you deal with do not care about it and even laugh at you. Because of this situation, I really get to know everyone around me and they do not care about you, and that is what I have learned by one person which was a really good friend of mine actually i thought he was! But now i wish the most worst things to him! But this does not apply to AVAR, BlackWitch, Dominik that I have always been able to trust no matter what happened I could always contact them!
    I tried my best. I have ignored him both on facebook and in the game. Even blocking on facebook and even having to tell my own family to block Emre on facebook but nothing like it because he always created new accounts! And this for one year. But it looks like I'm going to have to report Emre on facebook with my whole family, including the familly of my father's girlfriend, to have no more trouble with this boy. This boy has bothered me so much, even though I have been ignoring him for months.
    So this action is what i'm gonna take right now! My patience is gone.
    I have never been a good boy myself in the past, but that was all for the Apex Points and for fun. and you must remember no one is perfect I do not no one does not. But I would never do such things only when it comes to payback. And then I'm not going to mess with his family that he uses cocaine no, then I'll tell his familly what he's doing to me and if things are going well for him and I've done this once before with someone, not really that long ago. And the person also knows a lot about it. And i will never be friends with Scammers, Greedy&Unfair people and untrusted people!
    but you can say what you want for the people who are good to me I will always do everything for them too! And if I could not help them I will still reward them for what I did at @IIIAmJohnWick, for example, cuz helped me with something I did not understand.
    PS: And I do not make this topic to give CrimeViolent a bad name. I have one pair of ingame friends in CrimeViolent like: GodLessTurtlee, Phobia / Sergen, Xwun. So you should not start thinking that this clan is full of bad people but only one person and that is Emre and known as ItzMDMA / LauraWells / ESPANYONLEEEEE
    Thank you for reading. And maybe for understanding. I wish everyone a very nice weekend and take care of yourself! I wish no one what happened to me! Bye!
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    neXusLeen reacted to popo1783 in server is so unstable   
    End of this game
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    neXusLeen reacted to Sierra in server is so unstable   
    We don’t have any server in Asia. And playing from there will obviously be worse than playing in Europe.
    It’s quite a distance. 😕
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    neXusLeen reacted to popo1783 in server is so unstable   
    Asian server is so suck 
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    neXusLeen reacted to popo1783 in server is so unstable   
    The Felankor time is coming 
    the server is so lag
    how come
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    neXusLeen reacted to popo1783 in server is so unstable   
    Felankor is dead 
    The server is working 
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    neXusLeen reacted to popo1783 in server is so unstable   
    If this gonna happen 
    you will lose player
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    neXusLeen reacted to TeramVepra1 in GM PLS FIX MY PROBLEM WITH PUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!   
    I fix this..Tnx for help!! ❤️
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    neXusLeen reacted to ozangndz in Sell And Buying Merchant "OxyyGen"   
    Sell Archer İtems
    Reb 11 Bombastic Windforce=5k
    Dual EME=800kc
    Elf Belt +3=1.1k
    Mythril +11 = Pauldron,pad and boot reb =total 500 kc 
    Draki SSB  5 gb 
    Amulet Of Dex +3 =500 kc 
    Buying Priest İtems
    +8 Krowaz boot
    +8 Lobo Hammer
    Dual SSe +3 
    Draki SSB Or SSA
    Swaps On
    pm: http://forum.apexko.com/profile/7479-ozangndz/
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    neXusLeen reacted to popo1783 in I think Rogue Amor Assassin Weight is too low   
    Because of my weight just only 775 
    So i can't take manystaff in my bag 
    such as blessing potion ,styx and Hp Mp Water
    Just not like another server emulator
    does anybody has this question ???????