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  1. Haha
    red123 reacted to BroOk in BDW Tears expiry should be removed   
    gm meret can u help me trade maradon? eyv
  2. Haha
    red123 got a reaction from BroOk in BDW Tears expiry should be removed   
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    red123 reacted to g1r0 in ARCHER ISSUE   
    everything is cancer for you, if ppl play archer class is cancer, if players play mages is cancer, if players donts plays kurian anymore is cancer, if ppl runing aways and dont let catch is cancer, if stuns rates is better than u resistences is cancer... every diferent alternatives are cancer for you, jesus crist is 2019 the game have many changes is not myko vertion anymore adapt or leave it.
     How many times they have to destroy the game to please these maimed?
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    red123 got a reaction from Dragon in ARCHER ISSUE   
    Blind skill must be 100% that's the only getaway skill poor Archers have got. I've noticed it works very well against assassins but against light mages who blink on you blind rarely works. So it's not 100% at the moment. It's sometimes buggy too which you get blinded but you still have target on. So please don't complain about blinding it's not 100% while Assassins blind skill is way better than archers.
    I agree that ice/light rate should be tuned. I have base +130 ice and +170 light resist, with magic shield on I get rarely iced/stunned by Archers, but Mages on the other hand stun/ice me way more frequently so if you're gonna complain about those rates well Magicians should be considered first.
    Now lets see why it is 100% in your case. Well it's simple, take a look at your accessories  https://apexko.com/character/kurd
    Dual EME, ROL, Elf Belt, AoD and a mixed armor set which gives you 0 ice and only 5 Light. What were you expecting? some VS in CZ? Maybe you should get dual ROF+3 for perfection and go Moradon Arena Vs. @BroOk or Worms. Try Dual Legio, Coc and even Jud Belt and see the difference. Go get yourself some Secret Armors+11 or Exceptional Mythrils+11 pretty good for PK. And sometimes changing your job can help, why don't you play Archer? 😂
    P.S. They killed Magic Kurians so now we're seeing an increase in Archers, mainly Human side. Now go nerf archers too if you must, some will leave your server, some will change class, some maybe return to play melee. I remember a while ago when everyone complained about 6 warrior 2 priest teams camping in bowl which nobody could dare get near them. Now archers can break such defense by luring, icing, stunning and well being annoying because the job is supposed to be like that. Assassins are doing way better now with Duration pots.
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    red123 got a reaction from Dragon in PVP on APEXKO, Give Your Ideas!!   
    Nah, he wants Assassin+db PK style, to drop a parasite so rogues can 1 hit target. But he gets stunned by mages and archers and warriors descent away, now he complains about it here. We all know Brook after all, he is a veteran
  6. Haha
    red123 reacted to BroOk in PVP on APEXKO, Give Your Ideas!!   
    Ive no clue what u guys take every single suggest i make personal to you. if u want to talk like that at least give u real in game nicknames so every1 will know who u are lmao..
  7. Sad
    red123 reacted to Chayni in IThinkYouNeedHelp/4Suns   
    So i was buying krowaz set+11 from IThinkYouNeedHelp/4suns.
    he logged out on the character with the krowaz set on (IThinkYouNeedHelp) and logged 4Suns
    i traded him the CSS to seal the char
    he claimed he dced and he then sealed the character
    the guy didn't dc. he logged out and made a new char named LThinkYouNeedHelp. 
    which ofc didn't have krowaz or anything on.
    i lost a Rosetta set 11/ 4 kc kc (2 k involved in the trade, 2k for the CSS) and 10gbs!!!!
    i traded on the character ItzChayni.
    i hope you can restore what i lost.
    or give me what is rightfully mine. you can see IThinkYouNeedHelp still has the set..
    (trade happend around 17:00 Belgium time)
    i wanna add that this wouldn't happen if all the items were indeed tradeable and ppl wouldn't have to take this risk.
    i did a similar trade yesterday for a moonlight 8 and that went without problems...
  8. Haha
    red123 reacted to BroOk in Improve Apex/Krowaz Chest   
    since 2017 deleting all droprs +3 from chest i.e chaos krowas etc .. you should join a big turkey clan like loseyourself or osmali to run in bowl with 10party so u could make some nps to buy items imo.
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    red123 got a reaction from Dragon in Improve Apex/Krowaz Chest   
    At least krowaz items should be rewarded at +6, it's so annoying to upgrade a bunch of +3s, add some new rewards as well.
    @twostars @Aesteris
    @BroOk @MERET  😂
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    red123 got a reaction from Dragon in NP Store thoughts   
    UTC/Holy should be at +7 or +8 (increase price ofc)
    Why is Moonlight so cheap?
    Add ROF/Pontus/Ararat+0 ?
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    red123 got a reaction from Sierra in B1T1R1MMMM scammer   
    Created 4 days, 10 hours ago and last seen 6 hours, 53 minutes ago.
    Never trust new chars, always ask GM to help you with trading set items. (no supports for $$$ trades)
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    red123 reacted to pheonsly in Codex Gigas QUESTION   
    20K for a staff+5 is nonsense...
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    red123 reacted to Aesteris in Patch notes (22/03/2019)   
    Added the remaining PK rewards to the new system;
    The Bifrost Chest can only be obtained while the Bifrost Event is active.
    The Ultima Chest can only be obtained while the Ultima Event is active.
    The Under the Castle Chest can only be obtained after Plwitoon has died during the Under the Castle event.
    What's inside is something you'll have to find out for yourselves, but we can tell you we wouldn't want to miss out on any of them
    Note, items from these chest can both be tradeable and untradeable (in the case of armors / weapons) Re-enabled the Bifrost event.
    It will run at the same times as indicated on the website Ultima event has been tweaked.
    The event now starts 30 minutes prior to Ultima spawning, and last for upto an hour in total. Fixed collision detection in wars for prisons and warder castles.  
    P.S. We're working on a Castle Siege War and Lunar War (+ invasion) chest in order to spice up those event some more as well
  14. Haha
    red123 got a reaction from ThOms in PVP on APEXKO, Give Your Ideas!!   
    Nah, he wants Assassin+db PK style, to drop a parasite so rogues can 1 hit target. But he gets stunned by mages and archers and warriors descent away, now he complains about it here. We all know Brook after all, he is a veteran
  15. Thanks
    red123 reacted to g1r0 in PVP on APEXKO, Give Your Ideas!!   
    lol he wants play old vertions of myko in Apexko.......
    its 2019 jesus crist!!!
  16. Haha
    red123 reacted to BroOk in Events and pk   
    actually yes in this time PK is dead... yesterday pk was so active and good almost all afternoon till the last ultima ofc.
    PK things that can be fixed easy:
    REDUCE deffence of PRIEST - apexko priest are too tanky and this keep PK so LONG AND SLOW !!!!
    Mages staff CAST AT LEAST!- LIGHT STAFF casting so freaking much, im not even talking about stun, the cast against priest its a joke not even archer combo 5 -3 cast a priest like staff lightting.. how it can be possible? cast suppose  to work when some1 make you good combo Skill- R or good skill combo spam 5arrow 3 arrow.. 99% mages on apexko spaming like retards 1 buttom all time to staff faster and making cast and stun in same time -.- what the f... is that? fix it already......
    theres not even 1 kurian on apexko anymore - some1 will be happy about it some1 else not well actually ive to say im sad i cant see that retard kurians runing with full partys just to divide u and kill something like sectorclear. i miss so much all those nobs really..still people like to play with over power classes if u touch them most will cry ive pk on kurian few days ago and solo its very hard to play but in party still is  good as support kills... give 100% work on aoe stun to them rush divide pull 50% its more then fair..
  17. Haha
    red123 reacted to twostars in Human Archer Bug?   
    I'd say your username is fairly apt at explaining your problem.
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    red123 got a reaction from g1r0 in What Happend With ApexKO???   
    Archers are supposed to cancel, drain mana, stun and slow you, otherwise that class would be shit. Stun/Slow is kind of weird now. I got huge resistance on my char and still get some random stun/iced and when I wanna stun/ice my opponent even though they got low resist, it just doesn't work so Apex should adjust/tweak rate. The problem with ApexKO is that they've been copy pasting from other shitty servers. ApexKO is supposed to be a unique server based on a community but the team close your topic when you give a suggestion or opinion and you're told that's the way it is in USKO/Korea or elsewhere.
    In exchange for lower HP, attack power and stun! Fantastic my ass.
  19. Thanks
    red123 reacted to Dragon in NP Items+21   
    Why it make sense to mage have 10 rev faun fulitol etc... He already explained Iron bow 21 161ap 
    Azagai 11 165
    Buju 226
    Raptor 235
    Its not fair at all but as u say.... 
  20. Thanks
    red123 reacted to Dragon in NP Items+21   
    U can make Raptor 21 with 200k nps Surely but u cant make Azagai or Buju from even 400k... 
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    red123 got a reaction from Dragon in NP Items+21   
    Looking at a few items in the store I think some are OP ruining the value of UTC items. I believe Raptor should be replaced with Glave and Shard with Mirage Dagger. So in order to upgrade Raptor and Shard to +21 players should farm them at +8 and yes it'll take time but worth the trouble considering huge attack power. Right now it's very cheap to make Raptor and Shard+21 than Buju and Khanjar+11.
    Raptor+21=235 AP while Buju+11=226 AP (Glave=225)
    Shard+21=134 AP while Khanjar+11=129 (MD=129)
    If you disagree then how about adding hepas weapons for other classes like Hepas Iron Bow for Archers?
    Iron Bow+21=161 AP while Azagai+11=165 (Hepas=166 / XP.Hepa=168)
    You see it's not fair/well balanced right now.
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    red123 got a reaction from Dragon in etaroth apexis chest   
    I agree. Krowaz items should be rewarded at +6 from Apex/Krowaz chests.
  23. Haha
    red123 got a reaction from GrandAndGlorious in Patch (09/03/2019)   
    You remind me of someone who made cry topics and his friends supported him so Kurian's Pull and Stun got nerfed a while ago. Maybe you're the same kid with a new account who knows. As @g1r0 said Kurian maybe boring for some players who can't use their macro. Unfortunately this new patch made Warriors even stronger with Raptor+21. Soon those macro cheaters gonna spam +1800 dmg, ofc Warrior is gonna be fun.
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    red123 reacted to g1r0 in Patch (09/03/2019)   
    This guy is a clear example of what it takes to limit the classes, probably he dont know more than configure his macro to play with warrior class and pretend to give opinions about another class LOL. They are doing very well, well done...
  25. Haha
    red123 reacted to g1r0 in Patch (09/03/2019)   
    maybe they let us use shield, reduce cd of heals, add cure curse to kurian skills or something for call it support class 😂

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