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    red123 got a reaction from Dragon in News   
    Holy+3 in Apex chests would be nice. And Krowaz chests drop krowaz items +7 maybe? This krowaz+3 upgrading is so time consuming and annoying.
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    red123 reacted to Dragon in News   
    Hey guys, Its just few h after event is gone and server is fully dead pk merchant everything...
    We hope to see some news from @Aesteris  soon. New items in Apexis and etaroth chest would be good some new farm ways would be good to see also in cz
    maybe some moobs drop holy armor lot of players got holy armors +5rev and more till event... lets make apexko great again 
    thx leave ur suggestion guys
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    red123 got a reaction from Dragon in NT Systems.   
    NT should be free so we can NT 24/7 non stop to balance it
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    red123 reacted to Aesteris in Christmas & New Year event ends on 14 January   
    Update; Exchanged Darkness weapons will also be removed at this time.
    Güncelleme: Kırdırılan Darkness silahlar da kaldırılacaktır.
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    red123 reacted to Aesteris in Christmas & New Year event ends on 14 January   
    Dear Apexians,
    We hope everyone has enjoyed the Christmas & New Year event that's been running since December 21.
    As with all good things, they must come to an end, and so will this event.
    Monday, January 14th marks that day for this particular case, so we encourage you to reap the most until then!
    The following items will be removed from your characters once the event finishes:
    Undying Scroll Red Potion Blue Potion Duration Item DC premium (1 day) WAR premium (1 day) EXP premium (1 day) Offline Merchant (1 day) Darkness Weapon Voucher (3 day) Exchanged Darkness weapons (+11) Have fun & play fair,
    The Apex Team
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    red123 got a reaction from BroOk in Dark knight   
    UTC should be hard, do you want everyone running around with Buju, Azagai, Khanjar +11 ? Look what happened to krowaz items, they worth shit now. I think UTC materials should be obtained in CZ/PK, not joining some stupid and annoying event once a week.
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    red123 reacted to KissOfNeo in Prem from event   
    I got a prem  XP useless cant delee  so i applied it  and it Deleted my  WAR   4 days prem      so now i have DC and XP  prem i do not want  but lost the war i did want
    Make items DELETABLE so we do not loose ones we want  and forced to keep in bag or use items we do not want
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    red123 reacted to twostars in Patch notes (31/12/2018)   
    [Hotfix] Dark Knight Crossbows once again always trigger their root on a successful proc. Previously the official behaviour was to stun (i.e. complete loss of control with no counter), so we temporarily mitigated it by not guaranteeing the stun. As the official behaviour (and thus, ours) changed to simply root (i.e. partial loss of control with counters), there's no need for this nerf to still exist - so it will now once again always root on proc. [Hotfix] Enabled HP scaling on the Christmas event Snowmen & its Star boss. This should mean they take longer to kill which allows other players to get a chance to get credited. We're aware that players are using Smoke screen to try to prevent players from tagging things to credit, which this should help mitigate. Remember, you can easily get credit by attacking or healing a player who's tagged it. Consumable items (e.g. Undying scroll, etc.) will now correctly be repurchased with the charges they had on deletion. The Undying scroll used for the Christmas event no longer targets party members. Clan Nation Transfers have been disabled for, at least, the foreseeable future. We're currently looking into an alternative way of dealing with PK balance, but for right now the clan transfers are heavily abused for the Christmas event so it'll be disabled until we implement a better solution. Please note that you can still use the individual Nation Transfer feature, available via the Power-Up Store.
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    red123 got a reaction from Sick in should have a control of the nation transfer,   
    That's because no one wants to go against mages with holy +11, full dark weaps +11 and their insane boosted damages. Something has to be changed to balance things in first place. Controlling nation transfer is not gonna fix anything.
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    red123 got a reaction from BroOk in Need help on xmas event   
    Worst event ever, I'm so afraid of what admins have for us next year, if it's gonna be like this event then we're doomed! PK is 100% dead right now, it has become a farm server without the possibility to raid farmers! and Admins not communicating with us about the future plans, keeping us in the dark is not cool. I'm not sure flooding the server with holy armors is a good idea, such items should be obtainable via PK.
    Pk is alot better now since snowmans harder to kill.
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    red123 got a reaction from Sick in should have a control of the nation transfer,   
    That's because no one wants to go against mages with holy +11, full dark weaps +11 and their insane boosted damages. Something has to be changed to balance things in first place. Controlling nation transfer is not gonna fix anything.
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    red123 reacted to twostars in Warrior's M23 skill   
    We allowed for this buff in these cases and removed the epicenter damage reduction from these types of skills, so this should definitely be fixed.
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    red123 reacted to Rougean in Bifrost ? Holy Kniht Armor ? Need New Farm Slot ?   
    Collection races for certian expirable items would be cool. 

    Like every evening have an event where you have to kill x amount of enemies, x amount of certain mobs in cz etc. And you'll get 5 undy scrolls (or something similar) that expires x amount of days later.
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    red123 got a reaction from Rougean in Bifrost ? Holy Kniht Armor ? Need New Farm Slot ?   
    we need new quests, new events, new rewards and some active GMs who have experience playing knight online!
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    red123 reacted to Dragon in 4gladiator use some hack   
    He is priest archer cant stop his heal never cant stop dbuf skill too pls check this guy. 
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    red123 reacted to Aesteris in Patch notes (01/12/2018)   
    Rebalanced Ultima and Felankor:
    - HP reduced
    - AC reduced and Magic Damage reduction increased; This results in mages and non-mages now dealing comparable damage. War commanders will now only be able to be commanders for the nation they were with when the war started.  Warriors' and Kurians' AoE skills are no longer reduced in damage depending on how far from their target they hit (this change may or may not stay, subject to evaluation) Items that sell in your selling merchant and put you over 21GB will now have the remainder which you cannot hold at that moment mailed to you, so that you can claim it after loading off some cash.
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    red123 got a reaction from ImmortalOne in CZ Quests   
    It's very annoying to go through 3 pages clicking every quest. How about an option to permanently remove/hide those XP quests in CZ for 83/5 chars and an option to take all the available daily and weekly quests by 1 click?
    @twostars @Aesteris
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    red123 got a reaction from ApexkoBuggReport in Hell Blade   
    Stop spamming please, it's a serious question. I wanna know if it got higher cooldown.
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    red123 reacted to Aesteris in [Announcement] Castle Siege War timing (2 December onwards)   
    Dear players,
    We'll be trialing a different timing for Castle Siege War than usual in an attempt to accommodate more players to attend (and ultimately, increase the enjoyability!)
    The time we're looking at is 14:00 Amsterdam time (16:00 Turkey, 21:00 China, 23:00 Australia, 09:00 Peru, 12:00 Brazil).
    We're hopeful for a greater turnout than usual (and our analysis of you guys' playing behavior seems to indicate we'll be able to do just that!), so please make a reminder to yourselves - time for Castle Siege War on December 2nd is earlier than usual.
    We can't wait to see the amazing action that'll unfold.
    NOTE: Today's Castle Siege War will still be ran at the old timings
    Have fun!
    The Apex KO team
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    red123 reacted to twostars in Patch notes (19/11/2018)   
    Increased the range & damage of Guard Towers in CZ & RLB. Increased the duration of compensation items to 7 days (from 5) and allowed them all to be stored.
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    red123 reacted to twostars in Cospre sets   
    They've been bumped up to 7 days and are now storable. Closed.
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    red123 got a reaction from IIIAmJohnWick in Post-Halloween Event Decision   
    I'd like to see duration pot/ undy sc/ red pot/ blue pot, ... added through PK in cz  and wars with expiration, definitely not in PUS or sundries.
    Krowaz +14 rev would require stronger beginner items and possibly the need for lower class items to be upgraded to +21 rev, then we'd need stronger uniques to block such AP, nah it'll suck. I think item grades are fine.
    Agreed we need some more farming spots and events. I wanted to get set warrior krowaz+11 but I'm so worried that price will drop alot when/if Holly armor is back. Yet I don't know when it'll happen. Hopefully soon.
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    red123 reacted to KissOfNeo in Cospre sets   
    Best part i logged  and got d/c due to storm where i live  finally re log to find  all vouchers have expired  so from first re log i had 2 hours and expired  nice   thanks work .
    Free vouchers that expire before can hand in
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    red123 reacted to twostars in [Maintenance update] Server is back online!   
    Hey guys,
    The maintenance is finally over and the server's back online on a new dedicated server with our new provider.
    Without the disk I/O issues, a lot of the lag we were experience should be completely gone now, and the shift back should also reduce the ping for many players.
    By way of apology, players who login in the next 2 weeks (once per account) will receive:
     - 1 x Cospre set [5 days] (includes armor, helmet, Pathos Gloves x 2, Hellfire wings)
     - 7 days of Switching premium
    Note that these will be sent to the first character that logs in, however once logged in you can exchange the vouchers and then transfer them to one of your alts on the same account.
    Additionally, as we know that UTC is something that everyone looks forward to, we've rescheduled UTC for Bifrost time (only for today). This is in an hour from this post.
    Once again, thanks to everyone for sticking it out with us. It's been a rough ride.
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    red123 reacted to twostars in [Update] Extended server maintenance   
    Hey guys,
    WEBSITE & FORUMS ARE FINALLY BACK. Will keep updating here.
    Thankyou so much for your patience & support during this time.
    15/11/2018: Server is down for extended maintenance to replace a problematic disk drive which is causing lag (requiring pulling data off an existing RAID array and reinstalling the operating system).
    It is expected our provider will begin this procedure at 9:00 AM server time (UTC+2), so before then we need to ensure all of our raw data is backed up for quick restoration.
    Thanks for your patience.
    Current provider was supposed to replace 2 disks (well, 1, but they insisted on replacing both). This is apparently too difficult a task to ask of them. Lot of waiting around while they do a whole lot of nothing.
    Ordered new server with another provider. This was approved and provisioned way faster (should've just done this from the start).<br />
    Setting up new dedicated server, downloaded & restored backups, configured services & restored functionality.
    Currently testing everything to make sure it's still working correctly, not too long now.
    UPDATE (15/11/2018 10:40 AM UTC+2):
    Everything is backed up, however provider has yet to commence hardware changes. Waiting on them at this point.
    UPDATE (15/11/2018 05:45 PM UTC+2):
    Provider hasn't yet started. They asked for confirmation, which they received but haven't yet begun as of this time.
    It will likely be down for several hours longer, while we sleep and they hopefully do their thing - eventually (we waited around as long as we could). Sorry for the inconvenience.

    UPDATE (16/11/2018 12:00 AM UTC+2):
    We've (finally) been told that due to unexpected technical limitations, our intended setup isn't actually possible.
    So instead, we've been forced to swap another storage drive to the same SSD, and bump both of them up as they're too small for our needs if both are required to be the same (installed independently, not in a RAID together).
    This is a lot less ideal, but it'll do for now until we can re-evaluate and perhaps start looking at other providers in future (again. RIP).
    We'll update this again once they update us further (which they may not do until after they're done, judging by their previous update).
    Thanks for your patience.
    UPDATE (16/11/2018 06:00 AM UTC+2):
    Provider once again asked for confirmation, to which we responded pretty much immediately afterwards. No indication of when they'll begin...

    UPDATE (16/11/2018 03:00 PM UTC+2):
    Ordered a new dedicated server from another provider.

    As it's the weekend, this order may not be processed until Monday, but one way or another we'll get the server back up. If our current provider gets around to dealing with our request, we'll continue to use them for a short while until we can switch over to the new provider as their support is ridiculously unacceptable.

    Thanks again for your patience & understanding.
    UPDATE (16/11/2018 04:00 PM UTC+2):
    We've been informed that the drives are "being installed now" and that the OS will take "24 hours to install & update" because they "ensure servers are always patched up".
    UPDATE (16/11/2018 05:20 PM UTC+2):
    (dedicated server finally went offline, so it appears they're doing things.)

    UPDATE (16/11/2018 07:00 PM UTC+2):
    New dedicated server order was processed, purchasing licenses & preparing to install the operating system. No update on our current dedicated server.
    UPDATE (16/11/2018 07:05 PM UTC+2):
    Waiting for license order to be processed.
    UPDATE (16/11/2018 09:00 PM UTC+2):
    License order has been processed, so I can now begin installing the new dedicated server (screw the old provider. >_>)

    UPDATE (16/11/2018 09:05 PM UTC+2):
    Operating system is now installing.

    UPDATE (16/11/2018 09:35 PM UTC+2):
    Operating system is installed. Downloading & installing updates.

    UPDATE (16/11/2018 10:00 PM UTC+2):
    Downloading backup data (may take a bit).
    UPDATE (17/11/2018 04:00 AM UTC+2):
    Restoring data & configuring services.
    UPDATE (17/11/2018 05:30 AM UTC+2):
    Restored database, website & forums functionality. Can finally see the light at the end of this tunnel!
    UPDATE (17/11/2018 09:00 AM UTC+2):
    Prepared compensation, and testing everything to make sure it's still working correctly after restoration. Not too long now.