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  1. What's wrong with stacking? Personally speaking I won't head Anvil with 1 Tears! And since the reward is being expirable I've refused to join BDW as well. Maybe other players thinking the same?
  2. Make it untradeable instead. That way players could store a few to upgrade something whenever that's convenient.
  3. We're talking about 2 -3 noob archers or are you saying all of them archers are noob/sub chars? Can you name some of them here so I can confirm if they're sub chars or not.
  4. red123

    Magpie TS

    What's the point in USKO, It could be changed to 60 mins in Apex.
  5. The fact that you didn't get the irony in my post about trading ice/stun skills for invisible arrow proves that you're mentally impaired. What I was trying to point out is that without those skills Archers would quit server, simple as that. If you're willing to kill that little PK we got during events in order to Vs. Haungas well I won't waste my time anymore explaining it for you. Anyway I think stun rate is more of concerned here right? I don't see any problems nerfing Stun rate as long as Ice rate stays the same or even increased because Ice Arrow is essential defensively for Archers survival and since players can cure or town it then we should not see any more complaints.
  6. That must be the most ridiculous post in ApexKO's history. Archers are good for gold coin farming but never heard of Ultima farming lol Since when Archers make highest NP or kills? Server is only active during Ultima indeed so if people log noob archers to farm ultima box then what are they doing with their baba chars afterwards? They Vs. Haungas? because our server is dead the moment Ultima is gone. So far nobody has cared about NP event as admins thought that'd keep players online but they were wrong. You do realize that Orcs run with 3 parties at once? Those archers you complain about are usually solo or in small parties and they follow melees. I understand your frustration here because you as a melee pick a fight against Human melees and then we archers wait for that opportunity to jump in middle of your fight to stun/ice/styx/cast canceling and potentially getting kills. I think it all comes down to what job you play. If you're a priest then Archers are your worst nightmare. They cancel, styx, ice, stun you and you can't perform your duty well in party so your attackers die and they blame you for not healing while you shout that "it's not my fault, bloody Archers stunned/canceled me" ๐Ÿคฃ We already got Kurians killed, Archers next and then game will end up so boring. Warrior Vs Warrior. You could just go Arena to do that you know. Lets make a trade here? How about 0 Stun/Ice rate for Archers but in return give us the ability to shoot arrows through blocked objects and mobs? Like an invisible arrow that travels till it reaches your behind ๐Ÿ˜‚ That'd be fair so you runners wouldn't run behind trees. pew pew run run behind tree funny cry-baby
  7. That's due to skill difference and build. It doesn't make mages innocent or rogues guilty. Support light mage can tank a full party while a poor archer gets 1 hit and dead. Fire mages are easier to kill for sure but they also make easiest and most NP in game if they play well in team. Do you remember when everyone complained about mage damage a while ago? Some even left server for that. Nobody is complaining now why? because fire mages have left server. You remember Melody's team in invasions, during events? they'd drop a nova and kill everybody in range. Even Warriors were crying about it. It's the same story again now with Archers, when the majority of players play an specific class and they have a good team work it introduces some issues. I don't think we can balance this anyway. I don't disagree with changing stun slow rates but it should be changed in a way that those skill would be still helpful for Archers as survival skills. For example I'd like to see light/ice arrows work with high chance of success in defense mode when my HP is low and I'm trying to run away. But I don't think USKO is designed to work that way. When you need it to work, it never works. I shoot 10 arrows and out of 10 maybe 1 succeeds. You're complaining about rate because you're against 16 archers shooting 16 light shot at once, well ofc you get stunned lol I'm not sure what you mean by casting every arrow. Archer 70 combo is slower than Warriors, Assassins and even mage staff and macroing it is not as effective as other classes, arrow shower is good against stationary targets and don't forget how often arrows accidentally hit objects and mobs. About Kurian divide I'm not sure what you mean, I think it's not nerfed and works just fine. STR Kurian is still functional, easier to kill them now since they're no longer tanky and they've lost a great amount of attack power and HP since their passive skills are changed and their best defensive/ support skill (Thunder) is not 100% anymore. Only Magic/devil Kurians are dead. Everytime I see Revolver online it just brings tears to my eyes.
  8. red123

    Magpie TS

    The duration is only 30 mins while the other ones are 60 mins. Changing zone will bug it which blue/red pots can't be used. Please fix or if possible replace mine with Hera or Menissia TS. @twostars @Aesteris
  9. Blind skill must be 100% that's the only getaway skill poor Archers have got. I've noticed it works very well against assassins but against light mages who blink on you blind rarely works. So it's not 100% at the moment. It's sometimes buggy too which you get blinded but you still have target on. So please don't complain about blinding it's not 100% while Assassins blind skill is way better than archers. I agree that ice/light rate should be tuned. I have base +130 ice and +170 light resist, with magic shield on I get rarely iced/stunned by Archers, but Mages on the other hand stun/ice me way more frequently so if you're gonna complain about those rates well Magicians should be considered first. Now lets see why it is 100% in your case. Well it's simple, take a look at your accessories https://apexko.com/character/kurd Dual EME, ROL, Elf Belt, AoD and a mixed armor set which gives you 0 ice and only 5 Light. What were you expecting? some VS in CZ? Maybe you should get dual ROF+3 for perfection and go Moradon Arena Vs. @BroOk or Worms. Try Dual Legio, Coc and even Jud Belt and see the difference. Go get yourself some Secret Armors+11 or Exceptional Mythrils+11 pretty good for PK. And sometimes changing your job can help, why don't you play Archer? ๐Ÿ˜‚ P.S. They killed Magic Kurians so now we're seeing an increase in Archers, mainly Human side. Now go nerf archers too if you must, some will leave your server, some will change class, some maybe return to play melee. I remember a while ago when everyone complained about 6 warrior 2 priest teams camping in bowl which nobody could dare get near them. Now archers can break such defense by luring, icing, stunning and well being annoying because the job is supposed to be like that. Assassins are doing way better now with Duration pots.
  10. red123


    We're still getting cry babies over items? Stop making excuses and go PK if you really mean to play in this server. It's way easier to gear up now. I spent months to make accessories+3 back then. But now Just a few days ago I got 3x +2 from Ultima box in less than a min. You get Krowaz+8 as well. You can upgrade +21 items at very reasonable/cheap NP cost. But I guess you want set holly+11 the first day? You're asking for a relaunch like it's gonna fix anything? Server hoppers like you will just join and leave. And how dare you disrespect our beloved MERET who is the most helpful and polite player I have met in ApexKO. You are crying like a little stupid kid whose daddy didn't pay him enough money to buy a lollipop.
  11. I'm suggesting to reward solo players more. The other day I could not find a party during Ultima event and I hardly managed to kill 5 players in half an hour and only got 1 Ultima box. Every kill should be rewarded if a player got no party.
  12. 100 KC in buy merchant for 21 GB now! I'm suggesting to remove gold and silver bar rewards from PK chests.
  13. Drops at +8? it'll take too much time to farm and upgrade! I'd rather burn some NP to get them at +11. You probably missed my statement in first post about Raptor and Shard > UTC weaps and how Iron Bow is under powered compared to Azagai.
  14. red123


    Let him have it, Raptor+21 > ALL
  15. How about Exceptional Iron Bow+11 instead? 2 AP ain't a big deal yet it's very helpful and encouraging. Still lower AP (163) than Azagai so it shouldn't affect Azagai's value as well.
  16. @YouGotPwndByMyAss seeing this?
  17. Yes those items will help to speed up PK and I'm hopeful more new/retired players will join ApexKO.
  18. I'm suggesting that expireable Dark Weapons, armors +11 and accessories+3 to be added to NP store.
  19. What for rewarded? Isn't MP Kurian class dead? Items such as Nepilim+6? (can't be upgraded, WTF) Portu Krowaz? which require magic bonus. Any reason behind it? @twostars @Aesteris @MERET _GM_ @BroOk
  20. https://apexko.com/character/B1T1R1MMMM Created 4 days, 10 hours ago and last seen 6 hours, 53 minutes ago. Never trust new chars, always ask GM to help you with trading set items. (no supports for $$$ trades)
  21. Maybe add some high end expire-able items to NP store, like dark/holy knight armors and weapons+11 as well as accessories+3. I think 12 hours expiry sounds good to purchase with national points. Maybe more players would join server. Those +5 / +8 items in NP store suck to be honest. You spend time, money and NP for what? You can't trade them in the end. Lets say you wanna change job, you have to start all over again. The reason not many players have joined yet is that beginners have to go through upgrading, it's time consuming and gambling. With high end items in NP store beginners will join the fight right away. Those who value national points/symbols will probably go for permanent items/upgrading/farming/buying and those who just wanna have fun will spend NP and never worry about items. @twostars @Aesteris @BroOk @MERET ๐Ÿ˜‚
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