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  1. red123

    incrasingly HARD

    BS, new players can't make that much NP.
  2. We've seen new servers, private and official opened over the years. We're not dead so don't worry now. Yesterday Felankor was on and for the first time it was not killed in minutes, CZ was active for several hours! I'm not sure if it was luck or Felankor is nerfed? Some events that last long is very helpful to keep players busy.
  3. red123

    Event ending NPS BUT Farm items ?

    Just add Holy / UTC materials to Apex Chests and see how CZ gets packed.
  4. red123

    Key NPC

    I was in a duo pt I doubt dealing dmg is a case here. Before we used to get 450 np with provoke skill (10 dmg), even if there is not event I think more NP should be rewarded. Why should anyone waste their time hunting Key? Sure lemme log my GM account to go CZ when it's closed.
  5. red123

    Key NPC

    Got 31 NP from them during an invasion, wtf?
  6. red123


    Holy+3 in Apex chests would be nice. And Krowaz chests drop krowaz items +7 maybe? This krowaz+3 upgrading is so time consuming and annoying.
  7. red123

    NT Systems.

    NT should be free so we can NT 24/7 non stop to balance it
  8. Ultima is too weak at 9.30 pm (Turkey) It's usually dead within 1 min. Then people just leave to exchange boxes and they never come back CZ until Xmas event starts!
  9. red123

    im sick, tired and pissed off

    @emilyos1 MP Portu armor is pretty cheap, Holy+7 is 1gb? +8 maybe 5 - 7 gb. It's not a good time to play MP Portu because of event items. If you must then try Tank build, same items as Warrior. Skills: 75 or 70 in attack, 45 or 50 devil and 20 in master. If you want Tankier then 60 in attack, 70 or 75 devil and 5 master. Assassin/Archer are much better jobs to solo/farm right now. Portu got nerfed so many times here because of some 13 yr olds crying about it.
  10. red123

    FELANOR diying by DOT so fast why?

    We're a mage server, what were you expecting?
  11. red123

    Trying to get ahold of AmphiTrite1903

    That sucks, you should seal your valuable items. I even seal useful junks so I don't accidentally destroy them.
  12. red123

    Let's finish the event.

    Make blue pots storable? inv and magic bags are full of them!
  13. SELLING: Book LR+11 BUYING: Holy Warrior+8, Portu+8, Mage+8 Mage Krowaz+8 (Pants, Boots)
  14. red123

    Let's finish the event.

    Run this event every hour then nobody would leave CZ
  15. red123

    About achieve system

    I used to think the same to reduce it but now I see it'd kill BDW and Juraid events. It should be fine as it is. I'm about to unlock it on sub chars too
  16. red123

    Dark knight

    UTC should be hard, do you want everyone running around with Buju, Azagai, Khanjar +11 ? Look what happened to krowaz items, they worth shit now. I think UTC materials should be obtained in CZ/PK, not joining some stupid and annoying event once a week.
  17. red123

    Christmas Event Deadline

    I have dual magic bags yet I've destroyed so many duration items, blue potions and offline merchants!
  18. I doubt anyone would be interested to join the server because of reducing NPs. You should have reset everyone's NP to 0 for a chance to repopulate the server.
  19. red123

    EXP flash bugged

    Using EXP flash failed!
  20. red123

    Smoke Screen Problem

    Some Rogues are using Smoke Screen on purpose few seconds before snowman spawns. Should those people be banned or disable the skill temporarily until event is over please?
  21. That's because no one wants to go against mages with holy +11, full dark weaps +11 and their insane boosted damages. Something has to be changed to balance things in first place. Controlling nation transfer is not gonna fix anything.
  22. red123

    Need help on xmas event

    Worst event ever, I'm so afraid of what admins have for us next year, if it's gonna be like this event then we're doomed! PK is 100% dead right now, it has become a farm server without the possibility to raid farmers! and Admins not communicating with us about the future plans, keeping us in the dark is not cool. I'm not sure flooding the server with holy armors is a good idea, such items should be obtainable via PK. Pk is alot better now since snowmans harder to kill.
  23. That's true it seems less than 3 secs.