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  1. At this point Krowaz items+8 suck for PK. Beginners could use krow armors+9 rev and for weapon I think hepas+11 just fine.
  2. I agree. Krowaz items should be rewarded at +6 from Apex/Krowaz chests.
  3. Looking at a few items in the store I think some are OP ruining the value of UTC items. I believe Raptor should be replaced with Glave and Shard with Mirage Dagger. So in order to upgrade Raptor and Shard to +21 players should farm them at +8 and yes it'll take time but worth the trouble considering huge attack power. Right now it's very cheap to make Raptor and Shard+21 than Buju and Khanjar+11. Raptor+21=235 AP while Buju+11=226 AP (Glave=225) Shard+21=134 AP while Khanjar+11=129 (MD=129) If you disagree then how about adding hepas weapons for other classes like Hepas Iron Bow for Archers? Iron Bow+21=161 AP while Azagai+11=165 (Hepas=166 / XP.Hepa=168) You see it's not fair/well balanced right now.
  4. That we can get used to it, how about Axid Break which only boosts AP at death? Don't you think it's pointless?
  5. Sometimes I can't tell if @BroOk is serious or joking.
  6. You remind me of someone who made cry topics and his friends supported him so Kurian's Pull and Stun got nerfed a while ago. Maybe you're the same kid with a new account who knows. As @g1r0 said Kurian maybe boring for some players who can't use their macro. Unfortunately this new patch made Warriors even stronger with Raptor+21. Soon those macro cheaters gonna spam +1800 dmg, ofc Warrior is gonna be fun.
  7. Pls stop commenting when you know nothing about kurian.
  8. what poor magic kurians gonna do with a free class change? their items worth like poo now.
  9. Apex team have clearly mentioned in other threads that they don't care about players leaving their server. So my suggestion to you and everyone else is not to bother posting topics like this. Apex is what it is, play it or leave it.
  10. I don't have a fancy PC or net so I guess no solution for me ๐Ÿ˜‚
  11. I haven't tried magic build recently but with STR build there is nothing to explore. It's simple now, only way is to go HP build, hit like shit and just divide so party members could get a kill. Not a fun class anymore to play. Perhaps you could provide us a tutorial or something so we'd learn to take new Kurian class to the next level to its full potential! ๐Ÿ˜‚
  12. Have bloody items any curse effect?
  13. @g1r0 Let me tel you something about divided/ duffed targets. even warriors with shield on can receive such damage too, that image does not make you weak because you don't have defense skills. We're talking about what 100 - 200 less defense? No big deal in your case becase a target which is divided+ maliced will recieve 4-5k dmg by warriors. divide + torment = 10 -11k one strike. Assassin is a different story, if CP succeeds they could see a damage of 16 -20k on their own screen lol
  14. Any class can die 1 hit when duffed + divided, it doesn't mean Kurian was weak. We need Apex Team to clarify the reason for nerfing Kurians again in order to discuss it.
  15. There is no right or wrong here. You're missing my point. About stacking damage, it makes Magic Kurian OP cancer. With AoE draki hitting 1k it's like Anger with extra range. Any party with that skill has a good advantage. Single draki range is pretty good, Ofc not as high as Archer but still is good. Kurians heal is not as fast as priest I agree but when you combine a few skills you can spam heal on a target easily. They should add Kurian items to NP store as well. So if they give back draki dmg and nerf smash skils so magic kurians have to reskil to get descent instead, I'd say worth a try.
  16. About STR Kurian: Rush skill was a reason many players complained before. Nerf Rush stun to 0% it's still a useful skill without stunning, it'll teleport near enemy to divide. That's all it should do. Pull on the other hand should be 100% safe bcz it's not as harmful as Rush. You can town it easily. If you're a Kurian, your party depending on you to pull someone and it fails, the whole plan goes down the toilet. Thunder skill must be 100% safe. It's a support skill to save a priest or a Rogue in your party or even to save yourself when running around without lupine. VP 250 is really good since lvl 60 attack skill fails alot, can use fail safe skills more often. Axid Break: Was fine before, now it's stupid to get extra attack power when about to die, turns Kurian into a chicken in PVE and PVP. Kurians must have same HP and defense as Warriors or even more since they can't wield a shield. Before they had less Hp and defense, now even it's worst HP wise. About Magic Kurian: Devil TS Hp pot recovery could remain nerfed as it is. I think the solution would be a change in skill build. Nerf Smash skills to hit an small damage regardless of STR or magic build. Draki skills should hit max 1k (full+3, +11 magic items). This way targets don't die in a second (Smash, Smash, Draki combo) so magic kurians will become a more support class and nobody will complain. In that case they should add points to defense, devil and master and forget about attack/Smash skills. They won't be able to VS anymore but in a party it's a very good and useful class and they can take advantage of draki and range and KS like archers.
  17. I think some players might have promised Admins to come back to Apex if Kurians are nerfed to death. I'm seeing some familiar faces recently who hated Kurians alot in the past. ๐Ÿ˜‚
  18. red123

    Oreads problem

    I know Apex Team is busy but I'd appreciate an explanation. @twostars @Aesteris
  19. It's -/+ 1500 HP loss. Not 500. I had +11k and now only 9700 (1 assassin CP and i'm dead) Awakening used to give 20 or 30% extra HP so depends on your items but 500 sounds wrong. You are aware that Kurians heal is way slower than priests? (I don't mean cooldown, just healing effect is a joke) and Magic Kurians don't have descent to be mobile so they stop for heal they get gangbanged. HP pot recovery is a must for them to survive. Skill cooldown reduced to 5 mins makes no difference. Kurians used to relog when they needed the skill and it takes 20 seconds to relog?
  20. It is a bad thing common, unreliable skills, less HP and attack power. The only way I can see to play Portu is to go HP build, have 14k HP and run around in a party to just divide and some lucky Pull, Stun. Maybe that's your goal? Laming the class? Btw I doubt anyone is gonna play Portu for you to monitor.
  21. Before latest patch Awakening used to boost base HP as much as Warriors and Axid Break increased attack power when VP was less than 30%. After latest patch: HP is dropped by -/+2000 and VP increased to 250. Attack power is boosted when HP less than 30% which is useless in PvE and not so useful in PvP. Portu can't wield a shield and now that Devil's HP pot recovery is gone Portu relies on extra HP and Attack power in order to survive. The extra VP instead of HP might sound a fair exchange giving the chance to use fail safe attack skills and Rush, Pull, Divide in a row but in my opinion it is not fair because Portu's skills such as Rush and Pull are not fail safe anymore. The extra HP and AP during a fight is more useful and vital for the job than having extra VP to use unreliable skills. So my suggestion is to revert changes or make Pull skill fail safe again. That way Portu could Rush, Divide a target and if the target survived (when Rush failed) then Pull safely for a kill. Since Magic/Devil Portu is also affected in some other ways therefore an expire-able class change scroll should be received.
  22. STR Portu's Awakening and Axid Break skills are not working in Portu's favor. They should revert these new changes.
  23. So Apex team decided to increase Portu's VP to 250 but in return remove all healing/recovery abilities and more importantly bugged Master Skills such as Awakening, Boldness (not sure) and Axid Break. Not only Magic Portu is dead, you've killed STR ones as well. Why don't you just remove this class from game so we get over it easier? @twostars @Aesteris
  24. INT gives more attack than STR so that old school build is useless maybe?
  25. I agree with most but Felankor/Ararat/Taurus/Pontus Rings should be added at +0 or +1 and priced high enough or make UTC a daily event like felankor to have higher chance to obtain those items through farming. How long UTC been launched? How many Ararat/Taurus +3 been made? It's hard farming right now and nobody cares about farming since we got NP store. They should rework UTC and daily isi/felo quests so players don't just log for it and quit.
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