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  1. Lupine range is very short. Considering how this old game got range bugs/visual bugs, in my experience every invisible rogue I see is in range to attack me with dagger and with Jamadar (main hand) they hit me before I see them coming. lol
  2. Those are good suggestions but the problem is most party leaders won't add Kurians to their party because every body think kurian is useless/dead class now. Kurian can't be played as main char anymore, Maybe a sub char to relog in certain situations like against Archers. I play Archer most of the time and I don't mind getting stunned and die if that make people less hateful towards archers. So what about making Kurians Rush and Pull 100% safe against Archers? and 50% against other classes. Would that be possible to implement? Edit: Rush skill is so deadly to go 100% so scratch that. but I think Pull and Thunder should definitely be 100% against all classes or just Archers.
  3. Is USKO Archer different than ApexKO? Yesterday there were so many Orc Kurian and Assassins online, Human Archers were dropping like fly! But you don't see Archers come cry here asking to delete other classes. All we see is Warriors cry because they don't have skills to catch Archers. You rely on Scream skill which works rarely. I totally understand the situation here. You got shit loads of Attack Power and your Macro is on fire spamming R and skill but you're out of range. OMG your frustration is unimaginable. I feel your pain bros.
  4. Luring mobs to kill players is an offense and bannable per rules. Players who log a sub char Kurian purposely to pull and kill mages are no different than those who lure monsters town to kill AFK players. For those who don't know how this works: Mages use skill 18 to dot damage Felankor. When Kurian Pulls Felankor into mages, the boss will kill nearby targets in 1 strike and any mage left to run away will be dead by Felo's supernova. Then Felankor returns to spwn location and its HP is back to 100% in a second!
  5. @twostars @Aesteris @Heung
  6. I've seen some people log Kurian to pull felankor on purpose to kill mages. For instance today this kid https://apexko.com/character/xxxredtubexxx lured/puled felankor and ruined the event. Felankor was at 40%, lured and ran away to bowl and recovered HP to 100% in a second! We had a nice PK going but mages got mad and left CZ because of that Kurian. Please investigate,
  7. You've taken this Archer situation personally so no matter how we're gonna discuss this, in the end you'll just reply with cursing and attacking users in your topic which is a waste of time and to be honest will get you and everyone else warned or banned and your topic locked in the end. You did not state a valid reason in OP that Archery class should be deleted. To me it sounds that you're butt hurt from a PK session you had earlier and I'm saying that because I saw your team (3 priests, 5 warriors) in CZ running around trying to catch Archers. So instead of crying about it or cursing users in your topic be sensible and give your reasons in a polite manner if you really think something should be changed. Right now you're just crying about it because you did not have Assassin or Blink mage or Kurian in your party. Maybe you guys were trying to fly with a warrior? Like a flying monkey! Archers will always keep distance from those kind of tank parties, they'll ofc Z attack you and hopefully a priest will stand behind, no descent and bam kill shot. That gives archers enough joy to do it again and gives you enough hate to leave Cz as you say. Welcome to Knight Online? You can't do much about it unless you change your PK team. If you're unhappy about stun/slow rates then we got so many other topics about that which you shouldn't have created a duplicate topic in first place.
  8. Well this post clearly shows how upset you are because you can't reach ranges, reporting your post because you've been disrespectful and you should be warned for your behavior.
  9. You run around with 3 priests, 5 warriors and complain about rangers? Yes Kurian skills ain't reliable anymore but your party is only good for Vs. in arena 😂
  10. Did you mean when you exchanged draki boxes you did not get any reward?
  11. Is it even a good staff? Kaul Faun is the best hands down. Faun's stun rate is much better than the Book @BroOk Kaul curse is just awesome, it's like Chaos and Undefeatable combined. Yes Aztec is deadly but you'll hate it when it saves your enemy some NP
  12. @KrisBoats Make Archer, Elmorad and just spend 1 month in server. I'm positive that you'll get set accessories+3, krowaz+8 (at least) and starter weapons are fine for most classes until you upgrade a +21 or a Krowaz+11. ApexKO has been pretty good and active lately and the rewards for all types of PK chests are amazing.
  13. Comment removed due to misunderstanding.
  14. Did you enter Orc town during the bug? Did you kill any orcs in their town (safe zone) during the bug?
  15. Nobody is attacking Ultima anymore in almost 1 month. I'm suggesting to improve drops from Krowaz+7 to +8.
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