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    We're still getting cry babies over items? Stop making excuses and go PK if you really mean to play in this server. It's way easier to gear up now. I spent months to make accessories+3 back then. But now Just a few days ago I got 3x +2 from Ultima box in less than a min. You get Krowaz+8 as well. You can upgrade +21 items at very reasonable/cheap NP cost. But I guess you want set holly+11 the first day? You're asking for a relaunch like it's gonna fix anything? Server hoppers like you will just join and leave. And how dare you disrespect our beloved MERET who is the most helpful and polite player I have met in ApexKO. You are crying like a little stupid kid whose daddy didn't pay him enough money to buy a lollipop.
  2. I'm suggesting to reward solo players more. The other day I could not find a party during Ultima event and I hardly managed to kill 5 players in half an hour and only got 1 Ultima box. Every kill should be rewarded if a player got no party.
  3. 100 KC in buy merchant for 21 GB now! I'm suggesting to remove gold and silver bar rewards from PK chests.
  4. Drops at +8? it'll take too much time to farm and upgrade! I'd rather burn some NP to get them at +11. You probably missed my statement in first post about Raptor and Shard > UTC weaps and how Iron Bow is under powered compared to Azagai.
  5. red123


    Let him have it, Raptor+21 > ALL
  6. How about Exceptional Iron Bow+11 instead? 2 AP ain't a big deal yet it's very helpful and encouraging. Still lower AP (163) than Azagai so it shouldn't affect Azagai's value as well.
  7. with CSS you could.
  8. @YouGotPwndByMyAss seeing this?
  9. Yes those items will help to speed up PK and I'm hopeful more new/retired players will join ApexKO.
  10. I'm suggesting that expireable Dark Weapons, armors +11 and accessories+3 to be added to NP store.
  11. What for rewarded? Isn't MP Kurian class dead? Items such as Nepilim+6? (can't be upgraded, WTF) Portu Krowaz? which require magic bonus. Any reason behind it? @twostars @Aesteris @MERET _GM_ @BroOk
  12. https://apexko.com/character/B1T1R1MMMM Created 4 days, 10 hours ago and last seen 6 hours, 53 minutes ago. Never trust new chars, always ask GM to help you with trading set items. (no supports for $$$ trades)
  13. Maybe add some high end expire-able items to NP store, like dark/holy knight armors and weapons+11 as well as accessories+3. I think 12 hours expiry sounds good to purchase with national points. Maybe more players would join server. Those +5 / +8 items in NP store suck to be honest. You spend time, money and NP for what? You can't trade them in the end. Lets say you wanna change job, you have to start all over again. The reason not many players have joined yet is that beginners have to go through upgrading, it's time consuming and gambling. With high end items in NP store beginners will join the fight right away. Those who value national points/symbols will probably go for permanent items/upgrading/farming/buying and those who just wanna have fun will spend NP and never worry about items. @twostars @Aesteris @BroOk @MERET 😂
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