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  1. What's the point? Server is gonna die again when events over. There is nothing wrong with ApexKO. It's the people and private KO community who jump from a server to any stupid new server for a fresh start. Like addicts who take any new drug.
  2. There a check box for it not to be shown again? It's so annoying specially if someone logs game everyday! @twostars @Aesteris
  3. Ultima event which is the best one to gear and make GBs is scheduled not in favor of Chinese, Koreans, Australians, Philippines and similar region based countries. In my case it's at 4.30 AM and 11.30 AM but what about one more ultima event in the evening for us? We used to have clans from China and Korea and random players from other countries mentioned but now they're all gone. Adding events in a friendly time frame could bring some players back and prevent more to leave. I've seen some players in game complain how server is empty and I tel them that you missed Ultima event and they're like "OMG I was working/ sleep / having lunch!"
  4. So much lag for me today, my character is jumping backwards all the time since the patch +ms 320 - 350
  5. random players, happened when i was still standing, it passed away when i moved, i'll try to record something next time i see.
  6. That's a new way of bug abusing!
  7. I see players run in Moradon like speed hacking.
  8. https://apexko.com/character/CHEVIGNON Me and many other players have confirmed that this priest speed hacks to run away or to rezz someone. Admins please investigate. @twostars @Aesteris
  9. red123

    resign king

    Just make Mystic king forever and we all good.
  10. I agree with GM_MERET, TP sc should have cooldown. People spamming tp sc to run away or to descent to attack, now spamm tp sc on a horse and WTF?!
  11. HabibiRush hates Archers like every other Warrior in ApexKO and you just Pmed him asking to buy a bow? OMG that did trigger rage, totally normal. 😂
  12. Add a non-tradeable Trina to every event and see the difference.
  13. They should remove this rejected thing from events, make Juraid, BDW and any other event solo-able lol
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