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  1. @twostars is royal knight armor repair cost bugged?
  2. How do you make coins? lol I'm down to 1k because of armor repair that cost me 1.4 m while the description was much less!
  3. and you talk like you didn't get my point at all.
  4. It should not be considered archery skill because of shorter range and ofc cooldown. Throwing knife is useful in blocking mages to blink+gate+town and if it removes light feet then sins can't reach the target on time to kill.
  5. Remove level cap, make XP and leveling official without +60 and +81 xp penalty.
  6. Just give BroOk Helis and he'll be happy.
  7. red123

    kurain !!!

    Sorry to disappoint you but it won't happen according to FAQ in news thread.
  8. red123

    kurain !!!

    server was already dead long ago, hello? Kurians became useless when they nerfed it. Why should they bring it back like that? to confuse players?
  9. red123

    kurain !!!

    Kurians and Archers forced many players leave ApexKO. Disabling Kurians was a good idea. I hope they do something about Archers stun rate and mages boosted damage. Also for BroOk's sake lvl cap should be 72!
  10. I'd like to add and highlight that it doesn't matter how we obtained Apex points or any other virtual items. If you're transferring anything over to new server it must be for everyone, not only certain players.
  11. I've farmed in game and traded coins/items for Apex points from those who did not have time or interest to farm. We farmers may not have supported you directly from our pocket but we paid for apex points with our time and we've encouraged those who wanted to pay real money to you. See now you do have obligation here towards farmers. We traded time for Apex points and time is money! Remember your server was not PK from beginning infact it was never a pk server. You guys said you'll never support babashoppers but here you're supporting them by keeping their Apex points. You say that I'm a recent player? that saddens me. My first char was created on 14/4/16 Maybe I took some short breaks from game but I'm sure I played more than 3 yrs here! and even when Apex died as you say for a while I still played here. Don't you really have no plan for loyal active players who kept server going ? instead you're burning them by not giving their Apex point back. Please don't get me wrong I'm not here to argue with you. Giving babashoppers back their Apex point and burning farmers is unfair. Either burn them all or transfer Apex points for farmers as well. Some players like me who spent time to get KC in game and been here since the beginning, active everyday should be rewarded, not be burned. I hope you reconsider your decision.
  12. red123

    buff riote

    BroOk won't be happy!
  13. If mage damage is kept boosted then god help you meeles with raptor chitins +7 and no accessories. You'll drop with infernos. Lvl 83 won't help much. to be honest Archers will rise again and Warriors are gonna cry all over the forum.
  14. Do you mean poor farmers who did not pay dollar for Apex points but spent time farming them in game will lose them?
  15. Lemme login my GM account! Runner clam
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