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  1. red123

    Golden Fishing Rod

    boss spwn is a good idea but everything else you mentioned can be obtained in CZ so I'd say it's bad idea since people would just afk mine/fish and forget about CZ quests/pk. I'm interested in Golden Rod if it increases BUS drop rate since Genie farming in CZ sucks because of raids and also Genie gets range bugged!
  2. red123

    Lunar War Issue

  3. red123

    Lunar War Issue

    In desert map, Gatekeeper's resistance must be increased. Rebelion mages are winning it everytime. They kill the keeper in less than 1 minute, while Orcs with more players can't even get to the keeper! This is unfair!
  4. red123

    Golden Fishing Rod

    with mining you can turn old uniqes into normal one and from fishing you get materials and BUS so it's not a bad way to farm AFK. However normal Rod drop rate is pretty low so I was hoping they'd reward Golden Rod for completing the quest.
  5. red123

    Golden Fishing Rod

  6. Could you reward a Golden Fishing Rod as well for completing the spy quest? Or reduce its price in store?
  7. we need new quests, new events, new rewards and some active GMs who have experience playing knight online!
  8. That's true, unfortunately we're a mage server. usually I get from boxes are mage krowaz, ice/light/fire staffs. even garges boxes drop staffs more often. those boxes should drop items according to a class that opens them so more warrior items if you're a warrior. more rogue items if you're a rogue.
  9. yes pls enable holy farming. krowaz+11 is so dam expensive!
  10. red123


    30% base defense so don't count scroll.
  11. red123

    Buy/Sell list Warrior/Rogue

    BUYING: Chaos Wirinom+11 Krowaz Warrior Set+11 String of Skulls+3 Opal Earring+3 Crystal Earrings+3, Belt+3 SELLING: Diet WF+11 Book LR+11 ROC+3 ROF+2 Draki Pendant of Magic S.S.S