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  1. i really enjoyed to watch your pk video well played take care m8 gl hf
  2. hi to all first, i just foundthis server 1 week ago and i already quit and deleted this server in my PC because upgrade rate is shit , kurian is a OP. and i agree with YouGotPwndByMyAss he is 100000000000....% right what he wrote , also this server Gm's not openmind , i opened topic about server and i wrote i am quit about these reasons and they deleted ny topic . so this server is westing time .
  3. thanks guys i got this , but it was looks glitching lol anyway have fun guys
  4. something wrong with that person , always run with glitch attack with glitch , probably he has tbl edit like that . can you check wawat please , it is really ennoying .
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