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    Failed Login

    yup, servers being ddosed I think, I have managed to login, just takes a while to get in due to the lagging
  2. Insomniac, if its rogue items, they have to be worth at least 20k kc!
  3. 22k KC or Offer me the equivalent in Rogue items!
  4. Selling: Draki SSS Str 1k KC Chaos Wirinom +11 rev SOLD String of skulls +3 4k KC Buying: Rogue krowaz +11 armors!
  5. as topic states, pm me if you want offers!
  6. oh interesting! ...will have to remember that one then haha! well before I rebirthed I had no premium and gained exactly what each quest said it would give (without bonus from premium), after rebirthing and getting premium, I got considerably less and no bonus exp...unless the non-premium after rebirth gives even less then 300000000exp per quest completed?
  7. So I have switching premium, used EXP Premium to complete the cz quests after I rebirthed...every single quest gave same EXP about 300000000 exp when you should be getting the bonus exp and the numbers shown on rewards are nowhere near the ones you receive, plus you dont get premium exp bonus either. Bit confused as I ended up doing practically all quests and got only 22% bar full...while I am being told you could pretty much get 2-3 rebirth levels on premium by the older members!
  8. Selling: Chaos wirinom +8 ~ 5k kc Buying: krowaz pauld/pads/legs/gloves +8 pm me here or ingame as Insomniac
  9. the interesting thing for me really, any large scale things like lunar war/invade or lots of people in bowl with felanko/ultima makes me lag...as well as half my clan. Sure I live in australia but thats packet loss and lag spikes, they dont happen when there are not many people in the bowl so its a little frustrating to deal with lag constantly and have to log out because too many people causes lag spikes/packet loss
  10. I seem to lag big time when Felankor comes into bowl, had lag two times today, and it was high traffic in bowl as well as fela, have had pull pk before with no issues, I feel like Felankor seems to disagree with my net...then again I do live in rural West Australia.
  11. you gotta look at it from a wider prospective, its an older server, and I barely see many people with starter gear in pk unless they have a full party, simply put most who join just dont think they can last in CZ without getting better items. Every single person who plays a game, wants to win to have an edge on another player. Some are lazy and would rather spend money to get that edge, whilst others are happy farming it up. I dont think adding free items will do anything, you have to make people work for it. PK events are always a good way to get everyone into CZ, for example find the GM or protect the VIP, I remember we managed to create a command in the server that would make a certain character larger with more AP/AC/HP and the first nation to kill that VIP would get rewards. As I suggested before, Np's for items would work as well, but not +1/2/3 only +0 acc's and +8 weapons of choice, before you say oh but you can already get that, I believe people would be more inclined to PK if there was a guaranteed reward, having a random chance for items on those medals makes the economy what it is, which is stale and coin orientated. Anyway yeah, I reckon with a little more action in PK via events and creating a reason for people to pk other than fun would make it so national points become a currency and people will work hard to gain that currency.
  12. So I am a relatively new (started last week) player. I kind of have to agree, there should be alternative ways to farm stuff, like its a very stale kind of economy in town. I dont want easier ways to farm money, but easier ways to get items...for example having some mobs drop certain weapons randomly, e.g. low chance on atross/riotes to drop a krowaz item. Saying to farm destroys pk...well no it doesnt, because pking doesnt really gear people up and most if not all that farm are gearing up and need better items (me). That and the balance either swings one way or another in the bowl. Its either a landslide toward orcs or a landslide toward human. If there were better rewards for Np's, for example 50k np's gets you a base chaos weapon +11 rev BUT that chaos wep has -50ac -10ap and no bonus stats...you then have to pay more np's to unlock it and make that weapon perfect. Things like that create more pk...as well as giving more for people to farm toward. If the main goal in apex is farm gold then pk will slowly die out. thats my two cents anyway!
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