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  1. 500 kc sometimes can not be anything. but for those who are starting to play is a good incentive. today I saw the staff giving shout talking about 3 scammers who are in the game.
  2. I think the Gms should start worrying about it. there are several people trying to give scammer in others. I talked to StepBrother and asked him to come here on the forum to show his case. there are tricky people in the game, and these people only cause new players to lose their will to play. I hope some Gm has a favorable position to these new players, because they are the future of apexko
  3. Brinco Opal 2x +3 ; 2000kc 2x Roc +3 Corda do Crânio +3 ; 3500kc Bola de Bombas +11 ; 4500kc Gabs Adam +8 ; 1500kc Padrões / Pads / Botas Krowaz +8 PM ; ViperxD - caixa de entrada. Ty ... GG
  4. Karus: Guerreiro: Second Pecado: KIllingMyAss Padre: MERET Mago: QUEENofCURSEZ Kurian: CasaDoCaralho HumanSide: Guerreiro: TITANIUMAM Pecado: HatredRebornN Sacerdote: 4BOBORA Mago: RyanN Kurian: - AgeuVK
  5. Ultima/felankor/War/UTC .. impossible
  6. ViperxD

    Staff Skill

    I agree. This is becoming a problem for the PK. I see many people migrating to archer, thus doing a boring and tiring PK. Because archers do not kill anyone and simply run to and fro. This is tiring the warrior to play. And it's not just my opinion, I see many people from other classes saying the same thing.
  7. I love it when we get the fall. Who does not like it?
  8. Good morning everyone. I would like to report some problems that my clan and I have had. There are two characters, who are close to the INN, who do not stop giving you trade, when you approach someone in your clan. his intention is to go through his friend and steal. These days I and a friend started to pass merchandise to each other, and when we saw, the guy did not stop giving trade. This is very easy to lose, and to be robbed. the nick; reguest . Obs: Maybe my language is not right, I use google translator. Thank you.
  9. I did another analysis. About my vote, yes. Today I was reading an old post in the forum where the team was wanting to put rosseta +7 in npc, in this post I saw many comments from people going against update of new items but today the server is a success with this update. With this, we deduce that although some people do not agree, the trend of upgrades and only improve the server, I believe that people who do not agree are not enough to decrease the intensity of pvp today, and as our friend Melody said, the PK today has a fixed amount of active members, if these members agree, it will be a good upgrade. And from my experience in servers, this addition of items will be different from the usko / steam design, I think the new team, which is migrating to apexko, would like new experiences with a stronger character I consider it a good change.
  10. interesting this addition of items. Actually, the GB would be more valued, and I do not believe that it causes much problem in pk, because if it is free access items, with a price higher than normal, the staff will devote more to farmar until buying the items. however, some classes will be favored more, for example, assassins, prologed the CP. so I imagine that most of those who voted no, do not want to take a series of high damages. however, I believe it made the PK more challenging, more intense. OBS: sorry, I used the google translator, maybe my verbal conjugation is wrong.
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