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    Drogon got a reaction from poly in Our thoughts on improving the server (part 2)   
    Waiting these changes so I can back and rape dis nuubs.
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    Drogon got a reaction from Manhattan in Polemic Video Time   
    DrRandom talking again...i feel bad for ya.
    I'm still waiting our 1v1.
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    Drogon reacted to Manhattan in MortalTheatre ApexKO Pk   
    Well I wasn't going to answer this time but I think that you need to see how stupid you are.     First of all, yes, he has Iron Necklace. He told my clannie when VSing him at the arena and still got raped by him. (not that this matters, just showing that you are wrong, as always)     Second, I know exactly where I stand and yes, my clan unfortunately was too inactive in this server so I wasn't able to gear myself properly, which is the reason why I keep myself quiet. I'm just making money and having some fun at events and watching dumb sins, such as yourself, do stupid shit in cz and bdw which is something that provides me a with lot of fun   And last but not least, I came here to give my input on the video and I enjoyed the ride to point out the stupid words you spit out of your mouth commanded by that not-so-bright brain. Not a single time you can see me "QQing" nor complaining about my gear, as I simply don't care.   So, pleeease stahp going full retard with the "QQ" "brainless" flames, it only shows your inability to argue at a decent level, but meh... I can't say that I expected anything better from such a dork...   Peace out!