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  1. Don't put back drain skills on Ultima/Felankor. Or just delete this stupid bosses so we have pk on every time of the day I don't want see again FarmFarmAway with 30 Drainer Sins and to be honest with all of you they are doing this already for 1 year long. Also dont want to see sins with cancer aegis shields anymore thanks! PS: If you are not 37 years old like TheCordeLia means you are a kid!
  2. By watching this topic i really want to gear up a Warria and a Prist account and play some Legolas with BombaWf+11 PS: you suck @blackaq
  3. So good pk video 10/10 i so much enjoying I think you so good sin player maybe you go 2vs2 tournament 10.000USD win im sure
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