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  1. Sin can easily solo mage. If you can't, there are some scarecrows in Moradon which you can practise your combo on
  2. This. Solo mages are not a problem. Aside from the questionable stun/ice rate, but let's not get into that. People seem to have a problem with coordinated mage teams. In all fairness, a team of any class, coordinated and operating on TS or Discord, can do equally as much damage. I've been in coordinated mage parties most of my time in KO and I can guarantee a coordinated melee team would wipe out mages any day of the week. People play with random parties and expect to perform on the same level as parties operating on TS and Discord. Odds are, these coordinated teams have probably also been playing together for years, and so know each other's playing styles, inside and out. For mages to hit this kind of damage they need to be full mp which means seriously low hp, to the point an assassin could one hit with CP and a warrior could 2 hit. From what I see people seem to run straight at mages with no real tactics hoping for the best. Ultimately, try harder. For example, warriors have descent, use your assassins to get close and descent on to them. The amount of warriors I see that don't seem to even have descent on their skill bar...it's crazy.
  3. I don't think there's enough humans at the moment...any other clans want to NT too?? Can we look at a method of stopping whole clans nting every other day? It's ridiculous. This war there was maybe 3 orc parties vs god knows how many humans. What's the point in playing like that?
  4. @Eos @Sierra Brilliant, back up and running Thanks a lot for your help, both
  5. Can any mods assist here please? I've uninstalled and reinstalled the game to the latest patch, I'm still unable to access the PUS.
  6. Anyone else having this problem? I have asked around and a lot of friends can use PUS but I can't?
  7. MyBerserker

    PUS Offline?

    Hi all, I just exchanged 1k kc with Kaira but now PUS isn't working? Is it offline at the moment? Thanks in advance!
  8. Updated Bombastic Baal +11 still for sale
  9. CURRENT SELLING LIST: ___________________________________________________ BOMBASTIC BAAL +11 REBIRTH ___________________________________________________ PM OFFERS HERE OR IN GAME: MrFrosty Thanks
  10. Can we not just disable Ultima quest or at least make it a once per week quest? It's getting so annoying. Exact same result every time...everyone logs their human account just to get the kill. Orc side haven't killed it in the past like 2 weeks. It's pointless and is destroying the balance of the server. Also, making the quest once per week will help balance the economy. The market is flooded at the moment with +7 krowaz items. Discus... Cheers, MrFrosty
  11. I know I missed the screenshot of them both together by milliseconds so the attachments are solid proof but these 2 were npting all war from Raon and Linate. I caught them both several times and I'm sure others saw it too. Can you look into this please? Thanks, Frosty
  12. How about if you NT you can't take the Ultima or Felankor quests for x amount of days. PK related quests could remain unchanged
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