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  1. mushroomunicorn

    What about the perfect balance in apex?

    hello everyone, so i noticed that alot of humans changed nation to karus again. (like they did 4days ago) why are we making nt so cheap. because i hear so many complaining about apex getting boring. the main reason is that people transfer like 2ce a week which is destroying the server's balance between human/karus. Is there getting worked on to figure out how to get the balance back? because im not realy enjoying right now. perfect example, ultima have like 8 karus partys and the humans do maybe have like 4-5. hope something will change soon, i made my anouncement thank u. Greets, ChomedyNymeria
  2. mushroomunicorn

    International Clan

    hello everyone, I created a international clan for everyone who is not welcome to the high ranked clans like me. no matters where you from or whatever, just need to speak a bit of english for the communication ^^ For an invite u can send me a message on forum or ingame: ChomedyNymeria Greets,
  3. mushroomunicorn

    Chat Abuse

    Hello everyone, because i could not find a topic for people swearing at u in game i tought send it up here. i was just hanging out in cz when this guys asked me for money. i told him it was easy to get here on apex and he immideatle started swearing at me. is it bannable? i hope. cuz i dont think those ppl dont belong here. greets RadicaLRedemptioN 2018_7_16_6_3_39.ksc