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  1. I totally agree! Have been discussing with my clan about the exact same points. I hope that something will change cuz this is in my opinion the first forum topic that actually makes sence and is beeing usefull since 2017
  2. wowow cardinal best player, easy kill me
  3. Tomorrow there will be a Versus in the moradon arena after long talking he finally accepted this versus we've all been waiting for. RadicaLRedemptioN vs Harunga
  4. oke and what about stage 42? as far as i remember ur only able to hit 41 stages wich 41 is draki him self
  5. SELLING ○ Chaos Wirinom +11 ○ Warrior Rosetta Set +11 ○ Dual Ring of Felankor +3 ○ String of Skull +3 ○ Dual Opal Earring +3 ○ Draki Pendant S.S.S Strenght ○ Sash of Sorrow +3 ○ Gab's Adamant +5 Reb ○ Fire Book +11 ○ Dual Secret Silver Earring +3 ○ Dual Crystal Earring +3 ○ Crystal Necklase +3 ○ Crystal Belt +3 Contact me on forum Or ingame: RadicaLRedemptioN
  6. Dear BugFixers .D I started to do the draki tower on daily basis and no matt how hard i try, and how much ap i have. There is no way you can get under 2.3minutes. and how is it possible to reach Stage 42??? there is only a ammount of 41 stages available. so wether people are hacking in draki/abusing some bug. or there has to be something else wich makes them able to get stage 42 in the list. and also the time people complete it in, is not realistic. greets
  7. ○○○ Buying ○○○ ⭕Iron Belt +3⭕ ⭕Dual Platinum Earring +3⭕ ○○○ Selling ○○○ ⭕Warrior Rosetta Set +11⭕ ⭕Flame Book +11 reb⭕ ⭕Dual Crystal Earring +3⭕ ⭕Crystal Necklase +3⭕ ⭕Crystal Belt +3⭕ Reply in this Topic or message me ingame: RadicaLRedemptioN ®
  8. Buying Rosetta Set +11 (warrior) pm: RadicaLRedemptioN
  9. hello everyone, so i noticed that alot of humans changed nation to karus again. (like they did 4days ago) why are we making nt so cheap. because i hear so many complaining about apex getting boring. the main reason is that people transfer like 2ce a week which is destroying the server's balance between human/karus. Is there getting worked on to figure out how to get the balance back? because im not realy enjoying right now. perfect example, ultima have like 8 karus partys and the humans do maybe have like 4-5. hope something will change soon, i made my anouncement thank u. Greets, ChomedyNymeria
  10. hello everyone, I created a international clan for everyone who is not welcome to the high ranked clans like me. no matters where you from or whatever, just need to speak a bit of english for the communication ^^ For an invite u can send me a message on forum or ingame: ChomedyNymeria Greets,
  11. Hello everyone, because i could not find a topic for people swearing at u in game i tought send it up here. i was just hanging out in cz when this guys asked me for money. i told him it was easy to get here on apex and he immideatle started swearing at me. is it bannable? i hope. cuz i dont think those ppl dont belong here. greets RadicaLRedemptioN 2018_7_16_6_3_39.ksc
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