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  1. Administrator Aesteris I want to tell you that the StrongLegion clan invited me to their clan and they told me that they would not vote for me from the clan and on Sunday, June 17 ntro to my account and I no longer had a clan and my 2million 76k of nps no longer I had them, Mr. DewisInsticMugii had voted for me from his clan and I would like to see if he could help me recover my donated nps because at the time they voted for me from their clan I did not recover them and I wanted to recover them all my donated nps thanks that is my query of that clan, good morning could buy the scroll to recover the nps and they did not give me the opportunity to buy it fast. They voted me from their clan that is all very much thanks . by M1gU3l1TOOOOOOOOO
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