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  1. This method forces players to be better upgrader lol. I pk'ed for 4-5 hours and i made only 1k NPs in empty CZ (btw today is holiday for most people). It means i should PK for 100 days to get a gab8 against full+full characters or atross. So I don't think that this updates will fetch new players to this server again. But sure it will keep old players busy for now. Nevertheless, your efforts are admirable. Thanks for changes!
  2. is that your archer? HmmOK BroOK PressOK ? Please ban all xxOKs. ty
  3. #boostyurtakalanlar he is very mad on forum. LMAO You are still insist that kurians's been nerfed in the server. There's only you who can't kill someone by it and cry for 250 stamina. They'll set 250 stamina to you and they will also decrease damages as it is in usko. Then you're gonna cry about damages here. If you liked that usko too much, then you can go hell as you wish.
  4. TukeFin loves the PK. He always with full party and chase randoms in CZ till catch them. Gg PKer. What can a tuke do in ApexKO? He already has best gear and he wants kill some low geared farmers in cz. Understandable.
  5. Do you have a char in usko now? Why don't you make a video for us? Just now log in and go PK and show us some VS and damages. If you proof that u hit 11 kro set and full 3 uniques warriors harder like here then pretty sure admins will take care your requests. Now you share imkiraa or something i see lots of video for him and his stamina's never been change or he kills who use full plate or chitin armor on rogue/warrior. But if you proof you kill kro set 11 rogues warriors by it in CZ and show it by live video/records now, then it makes sense. But here i played on kurian for a while and it was so OP. When you say kurian's been nerfed in ApexKO, it only force me to laugh alot really. Raptor i mean spear weapons wasn't working on kurians and someone proved it by video/screenshots from USKO and they changed it in ApexKO. Now raptor's working very well on kurians. It fails alot nevertheless it works. Long story short, don't talk with random videos belongs someone else. Show urs and then talk about it. Thanks.
  6. I think you do not read my comments properly. I'm telling you i can beat any beginner gear rogue by KURIAN in this server (i do not say i'm very good player.). I'm also telling you a normal player can kill even geared warriors by KURIAN in APEXKO (not talkin about usko here). So i'm asking again what's the point you argue here? I think you know how to play warrior? Let's try a versus in beginner gears? You say kurian's been nerfed in this server but i say it has not. Let's prove it between us? if you are right, then you're gonna kill me by warrior/rogue or mage in arena. I'm not a kurian player i have no idea how to play it but i still can challenge you on it. (The reason is that kurians are so OP in ApexKO!)
  7. We can vs in this server too. You can come with rogue, mage and warrior. And ill kick you by kurian easily. i believe ill have full hp after killed you. You hit me eskrima but ill play with iron set on devil and attack builded kurian? On beginner gear we can test it? if you have full geared warrior i still can kill you with beginner kurian in this server.
  8. WTF. Eskrima takes 10% of dagger and arrow defence down. It means if you have total 100dd def it reduce it to 90. if you talk about iron belt then it reduce it to 11 to 9.9 anti dd. Does it mean that iron belt is useless? OMG. it's usefull in USKO because there are talia armors and 50dd anti shields and 25 anti helmets so totally it decrease antis more. But in this server, every rogue use it to hit enemies only damages lol. #boostyurtakalanlar ty
  9. There are three kind of kurian in this server. One build is attack/def such as urbachwieth and he does good job with party enough. And HAMAMAMAMA or something (he is also a crazytime player it means he cannot do anything without macro) devil and attack build and he also gets kills more than warriors and there's no chance for rogues/mages/warriors against him even 2vs1. And yurtakalanlar build. i think you are yurtakalanlar and talkin about ur situation. Yes it's very sad indeed. Now undy sc is on and so you cannot take 14k hp down before you die on poison build. But for other builds you always have advantages against any melee or mages except priests. Poison build is totally trash if you ask me. i don't see any reason to play on it. i tried poison kurian as well before this event and i was killing mages/rogues like chickens. And also warriors was easy if they don't put that Scorpion Side on their hands. There's no point you argue here about kurian. if you ask to yurtakalanlar about kurian, he says it's sucks in this server. Also if you ask questions about mages to cenizhan, he pretty sure says mages are sucks in this server. But in practice, we all see those classes are already stronger than others in Apexko.
  10. They can handle it by new rewards easily. Add a trina to rewards? or something similar. i am here since 01/2016 and i still do not have 100def achieve on my main. i have only BDW achieve. There's no such big diff but it prevent me to play on side chars. 100 def makes very much difference between new char and old. They already took a big step with scaling NPs. Why not it happens for achieve system too? 150 juraid wins is insane for a light farm server. And we are going to be PK server in thesedays, aren't we? @twostars @aesteris
  11. still no change? even NPs've been scaled and still nothing concrete yet?
  12. I added Melody to my friend list. Sure he helps me about how to abuse bugs without getting ban. He has lots of privileges we can't even imagine it in this server. Please edit rules in game. It says: - Rules>"Bug abuse= 999 ban" set it to: - "Bug abuse= 999 ban (1 day for Melodies)" It becomes more realistic,doesn't it? Melody > ApexKO. ty
  13. Relaunch it better. Shells -> Myhtrils&hepas -> Rosetta -> Krowaz -> Holy -> Darkness again. Thank you.
  14. Hey, some of kids use smoke screen and guard summons in the event. It's forcing other players do same soon for sure. Will you guys take care about it? This event is getting worse day to day. It finishes in 20 minutes and all farmers leave from Ronarkland. There's no new players. People change nation during/for the event. Clans cannot set balance between nations because players do care only farm not PK or fun. @Aesteris @twostars
  15. Why do you want to pk with only farmers if you are happy with those "6 parties" against you only 14 rebellion players? I talk about farmers and who has to farm gear more. Let them farm gold coin/bus/kro items in cz for one hour.And you fight with volunteers. I feel that you are a raider and you don't like to stop this in CSW too. Let the admins decide. They can check moradon/emc/lufferson during CSW. If there are enough people, then don't force them leave from server. ApexKO is not only a PK server.This is also a light farm server. If those low gear/newbies and farmers make better gear, then they can fight better in this like events. Maybe i'm wrong. But if CSW is fun in this game, let the users choose it not you or other 13 members of rebel. Or put anvil and all farm things in castle and force all players go there under the mages' novas? Sounds good ?
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