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  1. i have enof kc now. But if i don't find fakin leonards, i will sell them again. aq
  2. 4 years old server and still hard to find dual mean leo11.. gg
  3. As the title says, BUY>>+11 MEAN LEONARD (2x) send me a pm here or through game. Nick: FuckYou
  4. i was trying to defuse tension. In fact, there's nothing to do in ApexKO thesedays. Everyone knows that. But if we talk facts here, it wouldn't help him. Do you remember when ultima's been killed last time in CZ? i join for a week and nobody killed it yet. So let me know what he gonna do with 5k NPs? We all wait for new patch. BTW, i bet you can't do anything against yurtakalanlar even in your best party, can u? And I use Troller achieve on my char. So you can read it anytime w/ nick. Thanks.
  5. Easy to farm 5k nps. Check list below: Check npc [Analyst] Julius in CZ. It has spy & lost soul & secret doc quests. ( Totally 800 nps everyday you can do it.) Bowl is almost free to kill Atross, Riote. if you are a human, check this special list: -easy running NP list (TukeOwnz, TukeFin, yurtakalanlar, cenizhan) You can get daily 10 to 20k free nps in cz. So, please DON'T say hard to get NPs for beginners in this server.
  6. it's about mages. 30x melee cannot kill it but 4-5 mage kill it in a sec. ApexKO has loyal players indeed. But we need new faces in server. I think they should make something new to keep most of old players in server. and 3-4 months later they can try fetch new users to this server. But now if they try fetch new users, it can be failed. Official servers are not risk for ApexKO. There're tons of new online games. I go other games in last two weeks. Because this server's boring me in thesedays. In first day of snowman it was funny. Nobody knew what'll happen next. And new scrolls new armors it made server attractive. Then we saw some of kids use smoke screen/guard summon and mages was abusing that event which happend around monu. And there was/are no balance in server also NT system've been disabled. We play ApexKO on no-balance for long time. GMs do not care about it. And ıt kills the game for me and most of players as hell. We become impatient while waiting ur new big patch that u work on!! Thanks.
  7. it is very wrong to choose a single area to force the nations fight in there. It helps to only mages. You try get rewards from event and mages come and spam novas blindly then you go town immediately. Is that really fun? I don't think so. Snowman/Ultima/Felankor. Even a blind person can play mage in a team. Becase you don't need a skill to spam novas to that single and small area. Let the players fight on all CZ map. There's still no NEW mage team in the server. Why do you still care only mages in this game?
  8. Hey, check my lists. SELLING: +11 Chaos BAAL I am also lookin for dual +11 Mean Leonard. BUYING: dual +11 Mean Leonard PM ME!
  9. Yes i am sure. even you are free there you can't catch snowmans fast. it dies less than a sec. And yeah we just fucked all orcs +45 in a sec by angers. Because you see them most of them have no brain. They know only listen commands and hit novas around like a bot lol. I am in apexko long time but didn't see worst event than this ever. They try get mage teams join apexko. Who like to hit novas and watch it will come apexko with this event. But they will lose other players at the end.
  10. I tried both side. I got 5 boxes in orc side by mage and got 10-12 boxes in human side. I don't talk about it. It's just killing PK as fuck. You cannot do PK against those crowded nation if you are not in mage team. You try lure 1 party to try VS&PK. But they come with 2 mage and 2-3 party random melees to your one party. Even ultima is much better. Because it hits to mages/randoms and help you to fight against them. And ıt also dies later. So you're able to do PK for 1 hour clearly. Now you have no chance to stay alive against those mage teams and randms.
  11. Delete TukeOwnz's all accounts. It's enough to make all server balanced/happy. -Just an idea.
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