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  1. Hello i am trying to add an ally to my main clan of someone elses clan which is lower, but i cant or i dont know how, and guide or something of how to to it or fix it ?
  2. Hello all , I am in charge of a newly started clan and therefor i search for english players to join - RisingAngel, We are slowly building up and are calm people that are kind. If you think it is something for you PM ME : Darkassasin or Send me a letter if im Offline, Have a Good Day
  3. Hi. I am wondering if there is another way to get Emblem of honor besides killing Isiloon? or is there a kind soul out there who has 1 to spare i can have? I am willing to buy it if anyone have 1. Thanks
  4. Hey idk if its been noticed yet, but this is about Rogue/Assasin in juraid and its specific only on bosses in each room, every time i used drain/or got stunned every skill failed on the monsters each time, and i dont know why, but i hope its a help or you will look into it
  5. Darkassasin


    Hello i have an issue with otp on my account i forgot the auth id/code how and Where do i somehow retrieve this info or reset the code. I have all the info for account to game login, code , sealcode vip code and so on. Hope ya can Help
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