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  1. That's what the title says. 😁 [IGN = 4B0B0R4]
  2. Can't play whit this lag. The most frustrating thing is that no GM talks about it, disrespect to the players. That's what I think...
  3. Hi GM's... My party killed Ultima today, but when I opened the box it was empty. Does this boss take "centuries" to die, to make it happen? 😥
  4. Karus nation killed Ultima today. So the quest was not complete for humans nation.
  5. THEYNEVERCOMEB4CK. I solded a item for a price of 600kc, after that i try exchange the vouchers, between 5:00 p.m. - 6:30 p.m. (BR TIME), i'm not sure... The rest of the story has already been mentioned above...
  6. GM, I don't have prints like @IIIAmJohnWick, but i went to exchange 600kc, but only 400kc were deposited. I hope you have some way of seeing that I'm not telling lies, it really happened to me too ...
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