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  1. ferni144

    Imbalance of server

    i use x2 lili+3/x2 rol+3/lycaon hamer+7/lycaon pendat+3/scorpion shield+5rev/set krowz+8 and all time stun me -.-
  2. ferni144

    Sell Gab adm +5rev / x2 ROF+0

    Sell Gab adm +5rev SOLD x2 ROF+0 Pm me here or in game (DontStopMyHeal)
  3. ferni144


    hi, talking with valentino. he sell x3 krowz
  4. ferni144

    About the future of wizards and servers!!!

    I think you should look for alternatives in the game and not be modifying the skills. for the developers, just as they are leaving the magician's ap as if they were paper, they should leave as is the warrior's footprint. Today a human wizard sent me a letter saying that because my party had 3 priests. I look for solutions, like when they play with cube magicians we do not say anything and we look for solutions. what Krischeriko says is true. Few use mino, lego, scorpion shield, anything anti-magician. I see that all warriors use full ap. In what I should observe is in the stun of the magician, the probability of stun is high. This will help the market not to continue to fall in price. It's just my humble comment.
  5. ****Buy**** - Set krwz priest +11 - Gab Adm +11 (17k kc) Pm here or in game (DontStopMyHeal)
  6. ferni144

    Buy krowaz priest set+11

  7. ferni144

    Disable Ultima Quest

    but this problem for the comunity, not the server. Tops Clans no have honor...
  8. ferni144


    Nice idea!!
  9. ferni144

    A suggestion. :D!

    goo day to all, As a suggestion should improve the drops of the medals. nowadaysthe server is already advanced and i think it would be good if the medals that you change by nps could drop Apex point 100, felankor chest, tears, trina, pathos for 3 or 5 days, wings anything to insentiate the market or the pk. it is a humble suggestion, i hope i can contribute something to improve things. i hope this does no affect the servers economy. Greetings
  10. ferni144

    Buy krowaz priest set+11