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  1. Yea well i've been trying for a few days to find help and a clan or what side to play and shit but nothing from it. most of the quest npc in cz rewards are from killing players which is hard to do with basic bitch gear and unable to get into decent groups since.
  2. What faction do they play on? Pretty much fucking impossible to ask people in game anything. They either turn out being turkish speaking no english or just get fucking ignored. I just need help with simple shit. And want people to play with. I have pretty good mechanics in this game even after all these years. But I don't understand where and all to get gear/craft gear/upgrade. I was barely exposed to reverse upgrading in usko like years ago. Not to mention everythings different with this being a private server. Was kinda hoping the basic free gear from vendor would be a bit stronger. Can barely even tickle people in cz.
  3. English speaker. Playing Karus but can swap human. Need some serious help with getting started. I use to play MYKO and USKO but have not played in a very long time. All the new armors and items and skills really confusing to me. I don't know what I should be speccing my points into. I have gotten some help of where to farm for some gear but I do know I need to do CZ quests for chests at chaotic generator. But you need to pvp for that and it is hard to survive with just the free gear you get from vendor. Everyone has like way better gear. I play sin and warrior mainly. Made a mage for farming. Can play priest if a clan needs it. Was a priest main back in MYKO days in KnightMare clan.
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