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  1. Can confirm i quit playing because of what brook complain about. There has to be fast pace pk, players obviously do not care about the state of the server seeing as they abuse any and everything they can. It might be time for admins to take matters into their own hands since most players dont give a fuck, do what brook stated or atleast try it out
  2. That is all we needed to know.. always the ones with least information that hold the strongest opinions
  3. cc dont stop all dot dmg so you will most likely still die you are asking for kurian buff, i think you dont know what you are saying
  4. I dont see a diffrence in a good dot kurian and a bad one, both of them mindlessly spam spells and wait for ur inevitable death
  5. XDDDD how can you complain when your class hit 2000 dmg per second?????
  6. Are you some kind of sin lover? dont question the sin nerfs
  7. How many videos huntress got? thats right.. JohnWick and Babayero way ahead
  8. Topminds of apex such as kissofneo already spoken deal with it
  9. G1ro you make a valid point kurians could use a buff perhaps nerf warriors they hit him too hard
  10. Said it before and i'll say it again, DieWick best sin apexko!! I want you to vs second best sin Avar and make a video pls
  11. archers = low risk high reward dot kurian = low risk high reward sins = high risk low reward understand? and ur a fool if u think other classes dont macro
  12. Dear god... im so afraid for the server and hope admins dont read what u write and think you have any idea what ur talking about you are honestly talking out of ur ass
  13. I am not blinded its just u that are not being objective, this will not benefit u as much as the others that actually need it. If there was an item that would magically buff everyone equally it would still not solve anything, sins would still be weak Also since u complain and talk as if macro is some sort of koxp id like to see you tank 2 mages or 2 wariors with it
  14. Macro is not ingame feature so its realistic to try and get ridd of macro and the reason we ask for ibex pots is to help the non macro players anyway its pointless to argue this we are just going around in circles We will have to wait and see what admins have to say about this
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