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  1. J3Lue

    Sell LR Mage İtems

    J3Lue +11 Mage Krowaz Set +11 Aztec Gold Faun +8 Gabs Adamant +3 Glass Belt +3 Dual SSE +3 Dual RoL +3 Dual WSE S.S.A Draki ( MP ) Halloween Cane
  2. J3Lue

    char bugta kaldı itemlerim yok

    omega aztec gold faun no deleted can you help in this matter
  3. J3Lue

    char bugta kaldı itemlerim yok

    my character is stuck my weapon disappeared aztec gold faun +11 I can not get the VIP lr book to be bugged please help me out pk
  4. J3Lue

    Sell +11 Aztec gold faun

    Sell +11 Aztec Gold faun Pm J3Lue