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    g1r0 reacted to KissOfNeo in im sick, tired and pissed off   
    If read back   they said in time they lookin to increase  but the increase  will use more stigmata for stills  so   using more points for skills like its ment to be   will leave everyone in same boat.
    As i said  i play the char  a fair bit on here and dont see a problem at all with how i go
    Good luck with it all    ive siad all i care to    thanks
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    g1r0 reacted to emilyos1 in im sick, tired and pissed off   
    what is your problem with porutu/kurian?
     I can not understand... 
    I can't farm ... when I try to do it, two assassins are attacking to me and I can't defend myself, because my stamina is too low!(or smash skills eat too much stamina)
    reallly!!! at usko Porutu/kurians have 250 stamina points. in apexko, i have only 125 stamina points. is that a joke??? 
    during vs i can use only 2 smash skills and wait for die!!!!!
    guys look. i understand that, every job has to have weakness... porutu has too!!! like, if i get critic levels of damage my devil transformation is canceled. you guys need look at usko.
    they're solved all the problems about porutu/kurian... 
    i played at usko for 6 years... and since 2017 i played at some pvp servers...
     every pvp server loves to nerfing kurian. if you guys want to nerf a job. you better start with rogues. maybe eskrima and critical point time needs to be shortened...
    as a porutu player i want some updates like:
    - increase stamina point to 300

    - add porutu/kurian armors to gear dispenser immediately...
    ** because MP increases = the damage is rising.. you guys put ''mp bonus warrior rosetta set'' on gear dispenser and that armor set wants 210 str points. 
    if I put this amount points on STR, my HP is getting low and i die quick... **
    if you guys do that things... apexko gets more players...
    I choose apexko because i want to play in v20xx or higher and easy farming client ... if the other players scared and dont want fight with porutu/kurian. you guys should go back to v1299 or erase porutu/kurian
    look at these videos. we want play like this !!! just keep things rolling dude... 
    by the way guys... if you know another server that porutu/kurian is normal, please share with me...
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    g1r0 reacted to fuckyou in Dark knight   
    Delete TukeOwnz's all accounts. It's enough to make all server balanced/happy. -Just an idea.
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    g1r0 got a reaction from ageu1000 in porut useless / forgothen temple unused   
    LOL hes one of the best in its class...  I think hes the most qualified to say something about it.
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    g1r0 reacted to KissOfNeo in porut useless / forgothen temple unused   
    I dont play on my portu any more  but when i was and tryed couple days ago the damage was fine for me could tank on 2 mages sometimes 3 depended on there macros. 
    Warrior and sin little harder   but i could kill 1 of them at least.
    Yes none stacking is a pain  but after the blue red pots gone stacking dot will once again be to much  only now with the extra things its seams  a little lower.
    The devil cool down is crap  thats a grantee sin warrior take u down very fast and once gone a mp mage is better than a portu but playing solo and being smart i had not much trouble at all   in a party total different story when big pk have to try heng back alot and help where can with small heals and far dots  if get in the tank lot yes wil loose devil fast and be useless till cool down over 
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    g1r0 reacted to ageu1000 in porut useless / forgothen temple unused   
    first no one is going to forgothen temple, so it would be ideal to facilitate this
    second if you will make mages more and more strong it will not be possible to play in that serve
    third the poruts each day are weaker, the personal skill hits less and less and
    the idea of you and that all play mages?
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    g1r0 reacted to TheSupplier in portu ların (party) 75 sikili   
    G1ro you make a valid point
    kurians could use a buff
    perhaps nerf warriors they hit him too hard
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    g1r0 reacted to KissOfNeo in portu ların (party) 75 sikili   
    its hard to say   we all know  i play Portu lots more than my other chars    just easier solo on bad ping ..   Saying that  i see ppl complain about the 2 k damage they cause  ive watched the damage on my side and what it shows im doing that is 100% curable  is max 600 damage...  If im lucky i may get in a 2 k + hit  but like everyone and other chars i never spam 2 k +or even  1 k + so the damage isnt that bad when look at warriors spamming 1500 mages faster dot damage at same rates so on.
    I do tho think  the dot damage being stacked is a little to much  500 + by  4 or 7 is just silly  and yes mages can do it and they are meant to...
    They need some work on them  but will be a sad thing to see the work ppl put into there char and kc money spent on building be destroyed without a care to the ones who chose to play it....
    Everyone in server HAS the choice to play the char they want knowing what every other one can do and deal out   so complain from the start makes no scene unless  the ppl want to be 100% grantee a win every time..
    Ive said and stated before  sins    warriors mages  archers priests  have all 1 v 1 me and won    as i have beaten them...
    EG. YouGot    i think in many  1 v 1 on cz  i have beaten him maybe 2 out of 100 times      Fuckyou on warrior owned me 10 times in a row  solo   Tuke has taken me down  fast before in devil  Brook on int  has killed me easy ..
    Now they are on MP and STR builds  pads range from  DS to  holy knight 
    The class is easy to kill when do it right   so nerfing is just stealing from the ppl who play   but bugs and some cracks may need looking into 
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    g1r0 reacted to WaRSOuL in portu ların (party) 75 sikili   
    portu benim tercihim evet ama zevk alamıorsam ve hayatım kısıtlanıyorsa oynamaya gerek varmı ? apexko olarak  harcaılan kc leri geri verin bende oyunu bırakayım baska server larda kafam rahat olur !! severt portu 15 bin kc +11 giga 8 bin kc 3 bin kc secret takı ... = 26 bin kc... 
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    g1r0 reacted to WaRSOuL in portu ların (party) 75 sikili   
    7 mage damage 1400 = 9,800 damage  2x = 29.400 damage + zehir  
    portu  karakterlerinin özgürlügünü nedne ksıtlıyorsunuz ? 
    bir mage 1 saat pk da 30k np kasıorken portu 1 sate 7k np kasıor nasıl adalet sistemi bu merak ediyorum ....? 
    portu / devil = drakey's cure sikili party ile neden  calışmıyor ? 
    mage / bütün sikileri ard arda işlerken !!! 
    portu /  beli sikileri neden kapalı kalıyor ?  sizce bu adaletmi ?
     hepimiz emek para ve zaman harcıyoruz !!
    portu / enerji =hala neden 120 ?  her server 250 yapmışken ? 
    portu /  atak = 66 + 51 + 25 / devil = 50  sikilerinden baska sikil neden işlemior ve party de 2.ci kuryan cöp sayılıyor  ? 
    mage/ ( 8 kişi party kurarken )  portu / 1 ... kişi olarak takılmak zoruna kalıyor  .... 
    portu / 8 kişilik bir party kursa savaş esnasına  75 deviil sikil - curse of big unit Drakey   1 portu  basınca diger 7 portu nun sikili işlemiyor ... 
    mageler 8  kişinin novası aynı anda işlerken  ? bu nasıl adalet soruyorum size gamemaster ve admin lere ? 
    ozaman biz bırakalım serverı.. apexko da 8 human mage - 8 karus mage  ile serverda pk nızı atın  biz kalabalık etmeyelim ? 
    Not .. portu sikilerinin party ile işlemesinin yönetim kurulu tarafından arz ederiz               Nick =  WaRSOuL
  11. Haha
    g1r0 reacted to TukeOP in Well Needed Suggestions   
    Nah i dont anymore intressing seems like no1 else gm also dont have this is annoying / feel like getting cancer with this PKing.. im kinda done after all this years just see no1 dont care those kids doing nps with npc items because op like hell 1facking mp kurian 2x skill and rogue hp is 40-50% even with minoring what the fuck :DDDDD
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    g1r0 reacted to Aesteris in About achieve system   
    Now that makes it too easy to obtain, and I'm sure those who've obtained it will feel a bit sad their hard work is now available to everyone without much effort
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    g1r0 reacted to Krischeriko in Well Needed Suggestions   
    lol have u ever seen a nova damage around this amounts 2-2.5k uh? i have all mage items and my meteor is hitting max 1.3k-1.4k damage. let's do a simple math operation; the max. nova damage is 1.4k and 1x mage party has 7 mage: 1.4k(it'is so hard)x7=9,8k damage   a warrior or priest has minimum 12k hp, so how come u call ''it is highest damage''. Yes the magicians can hit 2.5k damage with 80 skills to only full ap rogue when they are full ap without any resist. In additional the absolute power skill and minor resist is not working also. You did not mention a major subject about mage, this is lr ice stun. This is really much. Damages are normal but lr and ice stun is highest.