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    g1r0 reacted to LordSlice in ARCHER ISSUE   
    I'm quite sure you do not deserve the respect of my reply.  As others have pointed out, despite having high resistance (such as when a warrior equips a shield) they are still being stunned/slowed constantly.  FYI it is not possible to use the descent skill while you are stunned.  Do you have any more pro tips? Even slick pathing to avoid the in flight arrows is not enough given the signicant amount of archers and the success rate of these highly disruptive player effects.
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    g1r0 got a reaction from red123 in ARCHER ISSUE   
    everything is cancer for you, if ppl play archer class is cancer, if players play mages is cancer, if players donts plays kurian anymore is cancer, if ppl runing aways and dont let catch is cancer, if stuns rates is better than u resistences is cancer... every diferent alternatives are cancer for you, jesus crist is 2019 the game have many changes is not myko vertion anymore adapt or leave it.
     How many times they have to destroy the game to please these maimed?
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    g1r0 reacted to Jeffery in ARCHER ISSUE   
    fix archer just delete the class please
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    g1r0 reacted to Dartanyan in ARCHER ISSUE   
    We want administrators to correct this situtation . 
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    g1r0 got a reaction from Dragon in Hi good afternoon to all of you ! I wanted to know how the kell have many rice cake ?   
    Take dayli DC event + oreads and farm worms 1 hour per day
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    g1r0 reacted to mrhankey in Server need Balance   
    is that you thanos?
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    g1r0 got a reaction from TukeOP in Magic Kurian items?   
    portu krowaz, nepilim, portu holy knight, portu secret armor are droped from all events, there have no reason if kurian class is dead now...  The items of the kurian players are devalued and never received a compensation from the administrators as is customary they just stay silent before their mega FAIL patch 🤦‍♂️
    kurian class are nerfed to dead and nothing change in the server, new ppl not join old ppl dont back. Players complain about bored pk, events make more stronger the old strong players.
    The dead hours in ronark land are total desert and the reason is simple... The ''SOLO CLASS and FARM'' keeps the server activity alive, im talking about rogues, batle priest, mages and kurian but every patch limit this class more and more with disastrous results.
    Unfortunately these classes were repressed by desicion of the administrators based on their favoritism and in a very bad advice as they said on another post . The server becomes boring cos there is no variety of choice, If you dont have a mele team or get a some party its better to uninstal the game.
    Excuse me for leaving the topic but it is an attempt to raise awareness among the stubborn administrators.
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    g1r0 reacted to Aesteris in STR Portu's Master Skills   
    Seeing how this discussion went more from a discussion to a “im a whiny bitch tend to my needs now” kinda thing, i’ll go and close it.
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    g1r0 reacted to Aesteris in Portu is officially dead!   
    No, healing bonuses don’t apply to potions anymore. DoTs can’t be stacked, and master skills (aside from the very first 2 pointer) weren’t touched.
    Anything else? Alrighty then, let me close this for you.
  10. Thanks
    g1r0 got a reaction from red123 in PVP on APEXKO, Give Your Ideas!!   
    lol he wants play old vertions of myko in Apexko.......
    its 2019 jesus crist!!!
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    g1r0 reacted to BroOk in Events and pk   
    well i read ur point of view and most of those things have been said here are true, still need to wait reaction of dedi team...
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    g1r0 reacted to BroOk in Events and pk   
    actually yes in this time PK is dead... yesterday pk was so active and good almost all afternoon till the last ultima ofc.
    PK things that can be fixed easy:
    REDUCE deffence of PRIEST - apexko priest are too tanky and this keep PK so LONG AND SLOW !!!!
    Mages staff CAST AT LEAST!- LIGHT STAFF casting so freaking much, im not even talking about stun, the cast against priest its a joke not even archer combo 5 -3 cast a priest like staff lightting.. how it can be possible? cast suppose  to work when some1 make you good combo Skill- R or good skill combo spam 5arrow 3 arrow.. 99% mages on apexko spaming like retards 1 buttom all time to staff faster and making cast and stun in same time -.- what the f... is that? fix it already......
    theres not even 1 kurian on apexko anymore - some1 will be happy about it some1 else not well actually ive to say im sad i cant see that retard kurians runing with full partys just to divide u and kill something like sectorclear. i miss so much all those nobs really..still people like to play with over power classes if u touch them most will cry ive pk on kurian few days ago and solo its very hard to play but in party still is  good as support kills... give 100% work on aoe stun to them rush divide pull 50% its more then fair..
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    g1r0 reacted to mrhankey in PVP on APEXKO, Give Your Ideas!!   
    if u were to delete 2k 300 ac sc then you have to deweaponise the gears to have balance,like +0 accesories and +7 or +8 weapons max.if u dont wanna pk last longer i dont think its for lvl 83 cap.on servers has lvl 80 or 70 cap combat lasts less longer.still there is something wrong with apexstyle combat
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    g1r0 reacted to Darkelf124 in What Happend With ApexKO???   
    I was someone who was with them from the very beginning. Every translation (panel, forum),trying to reach the Turkish community etc. I've seen fails after fails and had hours-long skype calls with Aesteris. I've never left their side once. 
    What I meant by saying it only attracts archers and big-name clans no longer want to touch apexko is;
    Archer class is a solo class. You can create a new account and start playing, thats it. You dont need any one to play with except maybe other archers. Its cost efficient. Now for big clans that is not the case. You need to bring at least 8 people who have synergy with each other. Play as a party and fight with other parties. Because they killed the server and made literally every clan upset they dont give a shot to apexko. Also nobody likes chasing a few archers up and down the bowl.
    Relaunch or patch;
    A relaunch is a new start. Its how the scene work, deal with it. I am not saying they should re-launch every fucking month. I ve already proposed a seasonal system which will take a year and reboot. Many players also suggested similar stuff in the past , giving Diablo III as a base example for this idea. New patch? Certainly should be big. Np merchant is a good idea but the items offered there are useless. When everyone has krowaz+11 sets, krowaz, utc weapons+11 getting krowaz+8 from npc is disgusting for new players. Nobody would pk and spend 20k np for just a krowaz+8 piece or a utc +5 weapon. Chances are you are going to burn it and waste your time anyways. As someone already mentioned -i believe it was dominic- this method forces players to become better upgrades not better pvpers. So my suggestion is; offer +11 items on np merchant and bump up its costs. Old players seems to believe that their items would lose value if they do this. They wont because they are worthless now. Worthless. Because there is nobody to pk with at the moment. Nobody would invest usd in this server to buy out their items. They cant even find apex points. They are crying about their prices being too high. And why is that? Because players dont invest to kc anymore. Simple. If they dont offer top quality items there on np merchant to give new players an edge to compete that np merchant might as well be removed. If I am mistaken and if everyone is so happy with the that merchant why is the server still a ghost town? Because nobody is. Either relaunch as a diablo seasonal or make the np merchant better.
    Server is bad and alpha;
    Yes the server sucks. 10v10 or atross hunts are no fun. It sucks period. When i login to a pk server i expect to have some decent pk; there is none. File-wise? Its the best but it doesnt matter at this point sadly because its EMPTY. The admins made so many mistakes, pissed off so many players who tried to help them now nobody wants to do anything with them. Razor is a great example for this one. As for my experience; i remember telling aesteris what we should do only for him to reject and say; oh man you just wanna make a class you play op ONLY TO DO EXACTLY AS I OR OTHERS TOLD HIM TO. They re so unexperienced they always see other people as people trying to manipulate them. They cannot trust them because they cannot trust their judgement since they lack the adequate amount of experience required to pass judgement. Thats why i said; they should back the hell down and find advisors. I know who alpha is. Alpha was brought to apexko by me. Ive told aesteris that i have this friend who could make a difference and guess what, he did. Alpha worked his ass off and every player was fucking happy with him. You telling me that he sucked making his server is out of context. I dont care what he did with HIS server, I am talking about WHAT HE DID for apexko. Everybody remembers Alpha with fond memories and certainly I am proud of my friend for what he did.
    Last points;
    Like i have said in the past once i dont hold resentment or ill feelings for either of the admins and i would very much like to see them succeed even after things falling apart between us. I remember fighting with aesteris on skype for something, i cant remember what it was about its been 3 years ago nor i will act like it was something meaningful, but i remember him pissing me off so much when i was just trying to help i was giving up on him for a couple of days. He was THAT stubborn. I know many people who loved apexko tried to reason with him but welp stubborn. I never said that they should remove the np merchant you seem to miss understood me. I said that is useless and i am saying the same thing. They should enhance that because in this current it WORTHLESS. They should put +11 items there and remove those lame ass +2 r.e, we whatevers. Then maybe people will consider pking their asses off. 
    Last remark;
    I am retired and i have stuff far more important in life than ko at the moment. I probably wont be coming back to the scene. I only took time to write this substansive because of our friendship and because that i like you  Take care man. Hope to play with you again one day<3 Also I urge you to try the mage 18 skill. Did you know that you could spam 600 damage with a support ice mage with that... I also did hit 1200-1300 with my 70 skill with my support mage. What would 6 flame mp mages do to you with 70 skill or 18 skill i only leave to your imagination. This is why i am calling them inexperienced because stuff they do proves what i say. They talk about balance yet they dont know what balance is. Cp is fucked up compared to usko and here we have no duration potions. Black and i tried vsing so many times counted the fucking hp crits it was like a miracle to get one. Priest cancels we already talked many times in the past. Warriors oh boy warriors not gonna open my mouth. Kurian stuff is just a whole other topic. I mean i could just go on and on about their inexperience regarding ko and balance but well I am bored and it was a long post anyways
    Edits: Oh boy oh boy its been a long ass post it seems i made some errors. Not gonna try to edit all of em sorry for the cringe lads
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    g1r0 reacted to KissOfNeo in usko open new server we need news here   
    At least if check players on 10 hours ago have dark Mace +11 and dark shields +11   holy knight sets +11 ...    Nothing changed but the strong get stonger while rest loose out 
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    g1r0 reacted to BroOk in patch make server worse   
    yes , make darkness alive so we can see priest like VE doing pro games with his heal skills . ty
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    g1r0 reacted to Dragon in What Happend With ApexKO???   
    I can see who is childlish here dude u cant even look comments who not say same like u...
    have a nice time ---
  18. Haha
    g1r0 reacted to Dragon in What Happend With ApexKO???   
    Go nerf all and make bp for brook thats only fair... 
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    g1r0 reacted to Dragon in What Happend With ApexKO???   
    U cry abaout archer plss dude ...
    archer miss 50% arrows when priest move u want never stop heal never stop dbuf ...
    archer is worst class lets make it more worse like we did with kurian lets make all archers quit game too.
    archer have bug pls fix it they miss lot of arrow from close range with 70 lv skill 80 lv skill ...
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    g1r0 reacted to red123 in What Happend With ApexKO???   
    Archers are supposed to cancel, drain mana, stun and slow you, otherwise that class would be shit. Stun/Slow is kind of weird now. I got huge resistance on my char and still get some random stun/iced and when I wanna stun/ice my opponent even though they got low resist, it just doesn't work so Apex should adjust/tweak rate. The problem with ApexKO is that they've been copy pasting from other shitty servers. ApexKO is supposed to be a unique server based on a community but the team close your topic when you give a suggestion or opinion and you're told that's the way it is in USKO/Korea or elsewhere.
    In exchange for lower HP, attack power and stun! Fantastic my ass.
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    g1r0 reacted to mrhankey in Patch (09/03/2019)   
    i have already given up for a logical answer or whatsoever.all we need is a free class scroll for kurian players since u f-ed up the class yet no answer to that either
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    g1r0 got a reaction from mrhankey in Patch (09/03/2019)   
    well, after 20 days of the patch, we can say that it was a total mega fail. 95% of kurians (atack and magic) leave the character and stop to play, other 3% are merchant character now and the last 2% just trying to learn how to kurian works and feed the macro meles in cz.
    If we ask why the versions of usko and steamko did not adopt the version of krko, the answer is obvious.
    whatever ... we are still waiting for a compensation and revaluation of the items of all the players that play the kurian class at some time.

  23. Haha
    g1r0 got a reaction from GrandAndGlorious in Patch (09/03/2019)   
    This guy is a clear example of what it takes to limit the classes, probably he dont know more than configure his macro to play with warrior class and pretend to give opinions about another class LOL. They are doing very well, well done...
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    g1r0 got a reaction from red123 in Patch (09/03/2019)   
    This guy is a clear example of what it takes to limit the classes, probably he dont know more than configure his macro to play with warrior class and pretend to give opinions about another class LOL. They are doing very well, well done...
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    g1r0 reacted to mrhankey in Patch (09/03/2019)   
    actually '' we are making kuian work as it does in usko'' is a cover up.apexko is a private server you can implement anything as u want.You dont need to be the same as usko at all! that is not an excuse i get.and yes as u said g1r0 i have checked skill trees.only one choice left to be made.its that lame ass support class as korans does.make yourself hp armor + descent.divide in party.if u are lucky you ll get 1 kill.but you can not attack and do any damage.this is as it is.and still it not a supportive way to do.you cant tank still.no shieldino dot damage almost half the damage of a warior...
    basicly what i believe is it is an excuse to let kurians give up playing.thats what i did.and i still demand free class change scroll which Aesteris doesnt care at all.we have invested time ,money and effort on a class and now its not playable anymore.i dont know how may i make my self more clear.
    and i wont be wondering around the bowl as a half of the skills working kurian.
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