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  1. Delos worms drops abys gem and abys gem Dropbox glutonus or Rice cake
  2. g1r0


    nope is just macroing warrios using descent + aoe combo, no chance to scape all classes should be fun
  3. g1r0


    lol obviously 7 magicians are going to be stronger than 1 warrior... BUT only 3 warriors are needed to kill 2 mage party and this point was demonstrated 2 days ago by @MERET, he take a 5 members party 3 warrior use macro combo AOE skilll in mid of mages and all mages dead in 1 second. Soo who is the OP class??? Mages dont have chance to escape, cos TP skills fail and get cast, cant do town cos just 1 combo AOE drain more than 50% of hp. cos mage class dont need much items for team play in cz, easy answer... BTW this days in cz only you can see Warrior class and Priest made boring game
  4. g1r0


    LOL wtf apexko is not usko not steamko that´s already made very clear by the admins. Here the the most high dmg is from warrior class there no discussion, the warrior class was improved for 3 consecutive years and never had a balance... 1400 dmg from recurrent skill no debuff, 3k dmg by aoe combo, descent skill range its like x20 meters, atack range is x2 than normal range on oficial servers and still crying for more omg.... here on apexko admins reduce normal range of Mage spells more than the normal lvl 70 range spell its 1meter lol, magic power was reduced cos macro ppl cry about dmg, cast skill rates its soo high for magic class to avoid fast tp and counterattacks. i play before and now all classes on apexko, the favoritism of the administrators over the mele class is completely clear, they already showed it with the lastest patches and that is mainly the reason why server activity is dying... and someone comes out like u to ask for more improvements for warrior class lol jesus crist... i dont likes 72 cap servers, i like 80+ but i have to admit that the best time of the game was 70 cap when ppl play with skill and timing no macro no tbl, was a nice times. wtf, apexko is just that in case you did not noticed... excuse me but you r wrong you dont need any kind of skill to play a warrior class, only instal some macro and thats all... you definitely have nothing to teach me xD!
  5. g1r0


    pfff... its because of this that the other classes r no longer attract anyone, this is why the server is so boring, even so they ask for more impovements for the warrior class WTF!!!! srsly
  6. ok i'll give some ideas lets start for the obsolete events. (BWD - JURAID - FT - CHAOS - ULTIMA and FELANKOR BOX ) -taking into account that the new events already give items +8 +7 and uniques + 2 you see the need to improve the drop of the basic events. I think the boxes should drop +8 kro +8 cursed weapons no tradeable +2 random jewels, trinas, tears, +7 100% scrol, on this way I consider that the events would be welcome again and a good way to keep newbie activity. - Ultima should not disappear until they kill him to maintain the activity. About the NPC np store items - should review the requirements for secret armors, it does not make sense that they cost the same than anothers being a lesser quality. for mage class secret example maybe if put less int requirements maybe will be good and made more variety of option and choises. (would be a good option for the Batle priest and kurian, in case they decided to revive them) - 20k of np for an +8 item that is achieved in boxes i fond incongruous, would be a good alternative that were +9 rebirth krowaz armor and obviously with a higher cost and non tradeable. About blue Chest - a good idea would be to improve the drop rate , for example, to place elements of recipes for craft UTC boxes and more shozin elements for craft items, that way it would not be a obsolete objet. Can you also add drops from Abbys like magic hammers, transformation scrols. centaurs eyes, abys fire, etc etc . About Fragments and Gems - the BF and JR weapons should already be dropped in +11 About UTC - A special box should be awarded when finishing with the last bos to encourage the participation of the players About PK chest - Can you add some exp reward, cos beginners need exp for made rebirth x5 also About apexi chest and CZ quest -i think you should improve the drops as with things +6+7 (apexi / garges chest) - add a monthly reward for a high number of deaths like set of corspe can be a pack of ibex pots and +8 100% scroll, im sure this will be good for keep activity in cz About WAR TIME - they have to keep in mind that a large percentage of players are Latins of working age, it would be a very good idea if they could create a war for latin hours gmt-5 at nites. - I consider that the damage is very high in Apexko server. The bonus of AP in the wars must be suppressed or eliminated, RED pots and duration item and aura of comander make impossible to maintain an organized battle the damage is very high. - Rewards of war must be improved . About some skills and class on the game - As is known, the warrior class is the most OP of the server, the administrators were suppressing other classes and, on the contrary, every time they improved the warrior class to the point that it stopped being fun for others. There was a lot of talk about the range of descent ability and about the range of attack of the warrior class, in short, I think this should be reduced by the simple fact that the warrior class loses its function, now most warrior players do not they fulfill their function of tanks, they only dedicate themselves to playing in the maximum range equipped with full str, if this continues probably for the next patch, the class of warriors can be equipped with a bow or something similar and the truth would not surprise me. In the last patch, they allowed a high damage for the skils in aoe made as 3k dmg per aoe combo or maybe more, now adding the skill range of descent skill and the macro tools do something very harmful for the other classes. and what can we say about the colossal damage of the recurring skill 1100-1300 no debuff / 3-4k with debuff kurian atack class reaches 700 and 1100 with divide armor WTF!!!!!! - pls should restore the default values of the range for mages, the range for the magicians is so short it is almost impossible to escape after trying some attack, ( we are not conplains for more range, we are just talking for restore the default or normal range for the spells and nova skills ) - Soo wtf is going on with LUPIN skill ? the visibility range is one meter?? sometimes the sins put light feet and magic shield near to us and we cant see him with lupin on already, seriously K.O. simbol works better than lupin skill. -and what about casting rates?? omg tp and nova skills get casting 8 of 10 tryes wtf..... - we dont have much to say about Kurian class, only RE REwork it, now is useless class. About Ronark activity As I said in another topic, I consider that the SOLO class and the farmers are the ones that maintain the activity in cz, the emptiness and the inactivity is only the result of the repression that they had against those classes. the batle priest the archer and the kurian fulfilled their function and kept the pk in dead hours, now they have many complaining about how boring the server became and that is the result of their bad decisions. The variety of choice is what made the server attractive and it is time for the administrators to leave their favoritism behind, think about how to keep the server balanced and not how to favor their friends by trampling on other users. Beginners always start like solo players and others just like play solo, like or not is also a part of the game they should not be discriminated against. I wait for your comments 🤔 @MERET
  7. g1r0


    hmmm admins should open a topic of suggestions of the players wich are sumbmitted to voting evaluation and test, leaving the favoritism behind, there have no reason to relaunch the server if even have the same problems. the result would be the same and in a short period of time. that is a good one suggestion
  8. g1r0


    The problem is not about benginers items, the problem is about pk the server ceased to be attractive to new players as soon as they realized they could not do anything on their own. not all those who decide to start the game dont do with a large team, many others do it to play solo, something that unfortunately is no longer possible in APEXKO, the solo class is dead that's why the activity in cz only comes down to event times. As I said on other occasions, the server has many limitations that make any player frustrate and stop playing in the first 3 days or 1 week, They definitely take away how much fun it should be, just to please a few.
  9. portu krowaz, nepilim, portu holy knight, portu secret armor are droped from all events, there have no reason if kurian class is dead now... The items of the kurian players are devalued and never received a compensation from the administrators as is customary they just stay silent before their mega FAIL patch 🤦‍♂️ kurian class are nerfed to dead and nothing change in the server, new ppl not join old ppl dont back. Players complain about bored pk, events make more stronger the old strong players. The dead hours in ronark land are total desert and the reason is simple... The ''SOLO CLASS and FARM'' keeps the server activity alive, im talking about rogues, batle priest, mages and kurian but every patch limit this class more and more with disastrous results. Unfortunately these classes were repressed by desicion of the administrators based on their favoritism and in a very bad advice as they said on another post . The server becomes boring cos there is no variety of choice, If you dont have a mele team or get a some party its better to uninstal the game. Excuse me for leaving the topic but it is an attempt to raise awareness among the stubborn administrators.
  10. agree why not try using +3 resistences LR jewels?? that point is absurd, when i was playing devil kurian with 0 def skill, no shield and low resistences only with 80 LR buff doing well. If u dont wants get suned use LR resistences, thats all. About cast skills you are right but its not just about mage class, its about rates in general and speed of weapon. I was testing with mages and the rate is soo high 9 of 10 tryes of TP get cast by raptor weapon speed, 8 of 10 tryes of nova get cast only with ''R'' of warrior class, we can clearly see the class favoritism. It is definitely a point to solve nobody intends to play with kurian for the simple fact that it does not represent any benefit. - its not a tank class anymore ( no poting and no bonus HP ) warrior class still better and can equiped shileds ftw - basic skills get 50% chance to fail or maybe more i test pull skill and fail 3-4 of 5 tryes - nobody wants be a heal suport cos the best aoe heal is 6k and you cant do anything else than runing hit divide armor and heal make the class useless cos priest class still better. - atack power skills get reduced, warrior class still better and more easy to play... (my dog can play warrior with macro tools) - magic dmg was removed from the kurian class therefore there is no reason to play an obsolete class
  11. lol he wants play old vertions of myko in Apexko....... its 2019 jesus crist!!!
  12. ...You must know something about the other classes before saying something, the idea is to get a balance. My kurian is as dead as your battle priest 😂
  13. wtf how much kurian users you can see in cz now? this class is dead, 250 stamina for nothing/ no pot / no HP / low dmg/ 50% fail basic skills/0% magic dmg/, i think you have no idea about kurian class and the reality of the server. the problem is that users are based on atack power and do not use jewelry with magic resistance, their complaints are absurd when they do not use magic resistances at all the magic class was or is as much or equally abused by the administrators as the kurian class. In a year of patches they reduced the magic power, they reduced the range of attack spells, some skiles like the vampiric drain not works, in the last patch they increased the damage of the warrior AOE, red pots, duration item and now you guys asking for nerf stun rates too? wtf guys why not ask them to disable the magic class by last, as they did with the kurian class. the magic class did not have any improvement in more than a year on the contrary every patch is harmful... darknight weapons and undy scrol! wtf no! hell noo!! doing that will only lead to the quick death of the server,but srsly I do not know if that is good or bad.
  14. Unfortunately this is true, the administrators have already made this point clear, they do not give a s*** about the opinion of the players. It's a shame the game became boring, class limitations and favoritism are ending with the attractiveness of the PK server and there is nothing to do. RIP⚰️ Kurian class ⚰️
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