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  1. g1r0

    im sick, tired and pissed off

    Kissofneo pls Go home you are drunk...
  2. g1r0

    im sick, tired and pissed off

    yeah... you cant say ''kurian'' or ''Porotu'' on the forum ppl start to cry like hell, they dont know how or why but dont stop to cry... @towstars can u pm in the game or send me message, i have many ideas for update porotu class 👍
  3. g1r0

    im sick, tired and pissed off

    i was using draky sss and taurus belt +1 full deffensive skills, no matter what the dmg is insane... Just for that reason we need updated the damge and skills of Devil kurian apexko ap is insane we need an update that does not turn useless the class players are free to choose the class they like and all classes should be balanced, administrators should do their job well and evaluate the players complaints with impartiality and without personal convictions, as this is not the first post on the forum about deficiency of the Porotu class. I accept the challenge and i bet 2k kc that i can win that vs with any class. (pm me Revolver) talking about Devil DOT kurian vs all other class yes i changed my skills for test on event time but my build and devil skills still the same btw i got the best gear for Devil kurian on the game there are no exist better things for the class. I accept the challenge and i bet 2k kc that i can win that vs with any class. (pm me Revolver) talking about starter gear Devil DOT kurian vs all other class This things are simple and punctual: - the Porotu class are edited? : yes that class are edited for apexko server, they reduced stamina power to the half from 250 to 120 its like an ardream character completly useless for cz 83/5 with insane ap and hp making bored pk. They also edited drakey spells, that spells cannot stack anymore like imkira videos or usko vertions, if another kurian use the same skill delete the first skill dmg, aoe drakey get reduced range also, you are practically condemned to die when you try use it. - how the event and updates fvcked up the class? : like portu devil class we have only 120 of stamina power enougth for 3 skills, inflicting an average gradual damage of 800-400 x5 seconds, you do not have to be a genius to know is not enough to beat the other characters with 14k hp simple mathematics there is nothing to speculate about, everyone can get 14k hp with starter gear warrior/priest. The event does not bring any benefit to the magic class, undying scrol only give us 1k extra hp, red pots dont works for us, ac of blue potion is nothing for a magic class, darkness weapon dont make any difference for magic class, on the contrary it was a total benefit for meles 1000 x 1000%. we sincerely hope that this crap event ends soon. - his weakness compensates for his ability to harm?? : NOOOOOOO currently that does not mean anything devil kurian only plays to try his luck, maybe someone dies with the poison of luck otherwise the character is no longer useful. ohhh i forget the fvcking coldown of the transformation still in 5 mins... you try pk and some rogue shut down the transformation by 2 hits and need wait 5 mins for get ready for pk again 😒 -Soo why still playing Devil kurian if is a useless char? : well basically the administrator had promised to make changes to improve the perfomance of the class ( hes not doing very well as you can see 🤪 ) personallly i played ko like more than 10 years on officials or privates and im tired to play like warrior / priest / mage / rogue i just try some different class and it was fun, but now became impossible to play is not fun anymore.
  4. g1r0

    im sick, tired and pissed off

    The problem increase with that noob event, all meles are OP and equiped 14k hp thats why 120 of stamina are not enougth, assasins duplicate time of critical point and using red pots and as i understand all those craps came to stay. I try reskill my Devil kurian to defensive skills to try get something in that event... but no matter what the dmg is insane!! look this SS and draw your own conclusions. this rogue shut down the transformation by 2 hits no debuff no divide armor, only with CP and skrima. @twostars
  5. g1r0

    Dark knight

    totaly agree with UTC suggest 1 day per week is not good and the upgrade rate of utc stuffs are soo hard, update it. we dont needs darknight wepons, on the contrary we r waiting for the event ends, that crap ruined the game
  6. g1r0

    Christmas Event

    apexko is unbalanced?... noticied!!! LOL this event same than Halloween events just killing the server, killing Magic class and pk times, Kurian is already dead RIP... Undying party Buff?? Is that normal or legal? WTF are u thinking when programing?? Stop smoke weed guys. Anyways we dont wants waste time anymore, quiting for now bb. 😕
  7. g1r0

    porut useless / forgothen temple unused

    There is something you have to understand: - apexko damage is very high and that is not comparable with any official server, so it is ridiculous to belive that the capacity of the transformation is enough to support the intensity of pk, that is one of the reasons why we say that the portu class (Devil/Dot) are useless. - 120 of stamina is enough only for 3 skills the possible combinations become useless becos HP pool increase considerably. - we cant use anti-weapon/ defence / HP jewelry for the simple fact that damage of the spells would not be enough for kill targets, therefore the character becomes bulnerable ang get focused all time. That would be good as long as his weakness was balanced with his ability to do damage. - Transformation Coldown still 5 mins, now assasins shut down the transformation in 4-5 seconds, archers same with 5-7 arrows and no mention of warriors spamming skill 1800 + 500, thats why kurian are useless like a party mate becos cant assit the team. I have many arguments but i think these are the most relevant, im ready to discuss and for whatever you want to test, send me a letter or pm Revolver. 👈
  8. g1r0

    porut useless / forgothen temple unused

    nice you test it... good for you, now go and use cure disease and stop cry pls
  9. g1r0

    porut useless / forgothen temple unused

    Lol you dont know anything about kurian, spells cant stack in the apexko like 8 months ago or maybe more cant remember... Soo no one can spam spells, and you can safe ur ass using CC.. thats all, go and test dont reply if you dont know what you say pls.
  10. g1r0

    porut useless / forgothen temple unused

    LOL hes one of the best in its class... I think hes the most qualified to say something about it.
  11. g1r0

    porut useless / forgothen temple unused

    kurian is weack and power after the event are not enought for kill targets
  12. g1r0

    porut useless / forgothen temple unused

    the comments are not entirely true, after the last patch admins fvcked up kurian class and they know it for sure... with the last patch what they got was to bury the magic class and not even to say about portu class that in apexko itself is very limited and so you guys have an idea of how limited it is, the kurian in the apexko lvl 83/5 has the same amount of stamina power as a kurian of ardream lvl 59 in usko.... so unbalanced is the character. now with that event make more OP meles,'' inmortal warrior with 14k hp / red pot / x2x5 range atacks and macro'' ''assasin with x2 critical point time duration + red pot + macro'' i really dont know what the hell admins was thinking about... undying scrol, duration item and red pot was the worst idea ever, 2 days of event and the discomforts were already noticed the activity of the magic class descended drastically. I suggested to my team to leave the server if they do not give an adequate balance to all classes... each chooses how he wants to waste his time and money.
  13. g1r0

    uppgrade rate????

    Yes UTC items got really low rate to succes it's frustrating
  14. g1r0

    portu ların (party) 75 sikili

    Look this Damage no debuff only with bonus warr ap... I can not believe that these guys are the first to cry about kurian damage it's ridiculous I do not know how they have the effrontery to complain srsly....
  15. g1r0

    portu ların (party) 75 sikili

    - on usko kurian 83 got 240 of stamina power / here on apexko we got 120 of stamina enought to use x3 skills only - on usko spells stack and you can spam the same skill / here on apexko spells cant stack anymore if another kurian user use spell delete the first spell dmg ( 2 or 3 kurian dot cant stack dmg anymore ) - Transformation Power and absorption capacity are too weak... is too easy kill DOT kurians cos are like mages - Transformation Coldown are every 5 Fvcking minuts... as i was saying transformation are too weak and get shut down easy by x5 - x7 hits. Now the transformation are more weak than few days ago (tested 12/10/18 at última time) its hard stay in intense pk for more than 1 mins, transformation get shut down like shit. ....