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  1. why no check this zone (cheater report) 1 or maybe 2 years ago u can read many reports about the same guy and never got ban... come on
  2. we are still waiting for real cheaters get ban and never happens YouGotPwnBymyTBL still playing.... sooo wtf, you want ban ALX for bug zone? really?
  3. he got TP when he arrived is bugg zone, ALX probably he dont know anything abouth this... we can say same thing about Artemisa when he use pull skill 100% rate and he use it in bugg zones...huhh!!??
  4. sad but true, solo class still suck
  5. ok, i think you guys need open a new topic for talk about Kurian class this one is about archers but seizing the opportunity, I will leave some very basic and elementary views for those who are not very knowledgeable about this class. 1. why HP build / heal build not works? Basically it is not possible due to the fact that the Kurian class has 2 abilities for 8k and 820 group heal which have more coldown and an animation slower than that of a priest. we have to keep in mind that the Kurian class cannot equip any type of shield on the contrary the solution to that problem would be to use the skill `` iron wall '' that in fact already tried it long before the disastrous patch, it is true that it increases the AC considerably in exchange for a reduction of movement, but the negative side is that you are still the target of any attack and nevertheless it does not save you from the magical damages, to be more objective only with parasite and x3 aoe warrior skilll this build is discarded To this we add that the basic skills pull/rush/thunder have very bad rates thats why a kurian / heal will never be as useful as a priest and will not have priority in any party. 2. the big problem when passive skills get disabled currently with the patch the portu class is far from being considered a tank, it is practically impossible to stay in the middle of the attack of meles without relying on the devil transformation, therefore it is somewhat silly to ask players to rely on their own creativity to create a build when there are so many limitations. any attempt to make a new build have to be considered a priority of the descent skill by the simple fact that the damage of the meles is excessive, based on that, choose to whether to carry pull or not that said is incidentally has a heavy rate of fail on the human side. 3. possible easy fast solutions -improve the damage to the skills so that it returns to have a place like ''MELE'' in the partys. -improve the rates of basic skiles. - about magic kurian, should be fine if only disabled the AOE draki, on that way it would force players to balance their build between str / hp / mp / anti weapon, managing to have moderate magic damage, good defense and moderate atack dmg. The items would not be a waste and there would be more activity in cz and everyone will be happy. Remember that the solo class is the ones that give life to cz in the dead hours, those who are now complaining about the archers are the same people who complain because there are no people in cz, be consistent with their ideas.
  6. ohhh yeah with full +11 items +3 jewels made 700 dmg basic and 1000 with debuf for sure is soo funy to play ofc, master skills are disabled passive skills also, pot are deleted % rates of basic skills are crap, im sure this class is fun... for feed another mele class is great!! warrior class HIT 1300-1400 basic damage is the double damage than kurian class and with debuf HITS 3000-4000, sincerely everyone here is doubting about you intellectual capacity guys... #Change my mind!
  7. g1r0

    Exp Sealed Jar

    weeks ago when I thought about the rebirth for my magician character and knowing that the events that give experience are no longer welcome, I found myself in the need to buy this item of the PUS which unfortunately does not work, can not be sold and can not be shared by the store. Since it does not make sense to buy the item to use it in the same character to which I extracted the experience, I ask you to please return the amount invested or give me any PUS item with the same value could be gender change scrol or some merchant offline 1 month, transformation scrolls or some utility, since I don't need the experience anymore. Revolver Thanks for support @twostars
  8. hahaha oh yeah, thats true... for now kurian class have no more damage than a worm maybe for the next patch they will delete this clas from the game finaly xD
  9. many times we can see how rogues can put magic shield and light feet invi near to us and we having lupin ON... Soo this way is how lupin works in usko or steam vertions? range of lupin is 1 meter? wellcome to Apexko :D
  10. btw, here kurian get nerfed to dead cos kids crying about skills of portu class, same than this complains about the archer class, srsly wants kill another class?? you guys wants pk with atros harungas and riotes?
  11. You guys allways play with *2 priest and *2 party full undying + invi pot Nikomedia party Archers Will not represent any problem for you guys, stop cry, on this server the solo class is dead its obviously *8 Archers Will rape you if you Try stay solo this IS not a good reason for delete 1 basic job, is ridicoulsy. Btw you guys can Try play like archer also, no more drama.
  12. hahahaaha roflmao this guy is soo funny, eliminate a basic class from the game just cos they dont let them play well xD!!! Hello!!! this is the basic idea to be archer.... or what u think people gonna make a archer for tank OP warrior class ?? hahahahaha 😂 Please @Admin delete priest debuff job... too much Debuff we cant play aswell... 🤣
  13. i have some archer char its my upgrade merchant char, soo i was testing dmg with full +11 armor +11 wf bow and +3 jewels dark purser dmg its about 700-900 and sometimes 1000 dmg on meles and power shot dmg is about 1500-1800 on meles, soo idk where is the high dmg. Warrior and priest class got 14000 hp with undying and 11k with scrols, warrior class hit 1300 without debuff 3-4k with debuff on recurrent skills and 3500dmg with aoe skill soo wtf, you guys still complaining about another classes that does not represent more than 10% of users, come on... a well organized party can do everything and the archers know how do it.
  14. and it could be worse if they don't stop complaining, the administrators have already killed 2 classes. you guys should be grateful that there are still archers and mages to be able to kill...
  15. +1 always drop fire codex
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