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  1. 1234 by Aoe warrior is not good damage for aoe warrior?? i do 1100 damage with my best nova, i think the best flame mages does 1300-1500 full mp max and that skills are not spamming As they already told you in the other post, you are only uploading proof of how badly they try and their lack of ability, Before complaining about such ridiculous things you should change your build to wear jewelry with resistances and more HP, consider using a support mage so that you can open a gap with the skill blind and do not have to get in front like monkeys and the funniest thing is they still hope to survive? xddd another thing about the stun rates, i have already tested like int mage and it suck the rate is less than 3% It means that every 25-30 hits there is a possibility that you can stun 1 time,with luck if got top of gear for it lr+ap, this is a real statistic i have test when i read the post about imir bug. ok now considering the video of your post that has already been closed, it can be clearly seen that the commander of the team of mages sent focus on you and you received 6 single spells in a row, assuming that these magicians are full mp and have good items and you in This case you wear pure jewelry from str how strange it would be that you were not stunned even once, It seems to me the most normal in this case. Before complaining as girls you guys should create those characters and test the rates, test everything that is considered to argue with reason not for a tantrum.
  2. g1r0

    Warr Combo

    hahahahahahahahahahaah xd!! they dont know how to do it, just put macro ON with skil + R in 0.000000001 delay repetitions, download inteligentmacro for auto target , press w runing in cz and descent for more FUN, thats all .
  3. I do not know what you are complaining about, the stun rate is very low, I tested it in your character in cz for 20 minutes and we did not stun any time and actually for the type of jewelry you use lacking resistances you shouldn't be able to move freely, but nevermind are the mysteries of always in Apexko
  4. I just tested this bug on my own character and it is definitely true identically as shown in the video. Apparently when you use only 1 imir ring +1 the magic power damage is bugged and it is reduced or inactivated, that's why when you make the change to an imir +0 or an old even the damage is higher. I also noticed that the bug is solved when you use x2 imir ring +1, the MP damage is added and you reach the correct damage, but there is another problem: elemental damage is nerfed and the stun rate instead of improving is drastically reduced, Soo about stun rate it is better to use old imir ring +0 dual than dual imir ring +1 or x1 imir +1 and +0 All this was tested by me on various characters (almost all classes) before posting my answer, it is definitely a problem that should be reviewed and solved by the admins. @twostars @Aesteris
  5. This is really dumb, it is obvious that the warrior class are going to vote yes and they represent 80% of the population of the server, therefore the vote is unfair. They complain that the magic classes are OP when in reality the average damage in nova is 1500 and on the contrary the tests show that the aoe warrior is above 2.5k that already escapes all logic this should not even be debatable it's just common sense . They say that magic classes are better than mele, but I don't see them become magicians and try ... Is it maybe because to play as a magician you need a certain skill and do everything manually? If it is as easy as they say they should try it, but I doubt they will do it because they are used to third party tools to take advantage of others and it bothers them not to be able to use them. The update is oriented to how it is in the officials and they are still missing, for example in the steam server the AOE warrior only does 1000 - 500 - 200 - 100 damage with basic items, the radius is reduced and only works with sigle target in one Comparative with Apexko the damage is enormous that does not have jewelry and armor update. The warrior class has a lot of advantage over the others and that is making it boring, they are always the same people complaining about the same thing in this server and in the previous one it is always the same, the only thing they want is that the magic class does not work more than for using teleport is more on some occasion I read that they asked to put a 1 minute coldown to the tp skill that is already the extreme of the ridiculousness. I remind you dear administrators how the previous server die, only 5 warrior and 1 priest in cz killing riote and atros, you thirsty so much to please the mele class that you ended up killing the server, you killed the mages, the archers and disappeared from the game the class kurian, they are repeating history and we haven't even reached the Krowaz expansion yet, apparently they learned nothing from their mistakes
  6. they are good players There's nothing more to say, If it were for some advantage of the class there would be more mages like them and there are not... in comparison for every 1 mage in the server there are 8 warriors, for the simple fact that it is easier to use descent and aoe macro.
  7. You can not compare the quality of player with the advantages of his class, if that were the case there would be more magicians like the rebellion and it is not, possibly it is the only team of magicians that exists in cz, because if you start from 0 with magician right now it is impossible and that is why there are fewer and fewer new players. you guys wants nerf mage class to 0, only for tp skill.... with this you only showing their lack of ability
  8. xDDD Lies they use Kosy macro for it and another tools for descent and etc etc etc wtf the warrior clas now is the most OP class in the server and you want more?? 80% of players are warrior and thats why, no more excuses....
  9. the average hp of a magician is 5k, only 2 warriors can kill a whole party of mages this does not make sense, we should not even discuss it is ridiculous. We appeal to the common sense of administrators.
  10. NO / Carmila In fact, the update is already used in steam and it is in order that the MACRO users do not abuse it and personally it seems to me an appropriate measure, even the radius should be reduced as it is in the officers, because ultimately the warrior class is the more OP in this server. If you look a bit at the users who are voting for the modification to be reversed, the reasons are obvious there is not much to say about it.
  11. what about: - put daily quest in eslant for skills and recipes - improve drop rates in slant or improve the rewards of existing quests - put CR in emc / eslant - put Gates of BF or Krowaz in town of ronark land - give starter weapon and armors - improve rate of Monster stone drop ( this option can be usefull for new users, old's help alot ) - anvil rates sucks, just fix it - put the ''Normal'' /town requerimient 50%HP obviously, this should not have much discussion I am not sure if my team would try again, in fact the game does not provide comforts to new users, on the contrary they use them as cannon fodder to entertain the usual ones ... If administrators do not try to attract new users, they are always doomed to see the server go down faster than they expect, and that is true even if they don't like it.
  12. I have the dislike of telling about the bad experience we had... long 2 weeks ago my team and me try join again in apexko soo we think in give a chance. wasting like 2 days in get lvl cap 80 but after that we got stuck, the skills requerimients was ridiculous for a benginer users, the basic quest for things are in cz in mid of the bowl wtf??? really?? we lost 2 weeks in try to join in the BF event and for nothing... the farm spots are horrible on human side EMC ppl got monopoliced farm spots.... soo lets try farm in cz hahahahaha really its impossible farm anithing in cz for benginer users, assasins orcs keep raid all spots and kill benginers just with 1 hit.... ZZZzzz sooo lets try farm in slant, what could be worse?? xD the drop rate in slant is horrible take hours for get a few drops valued in 2-3m.... so we try buy a Prem with many characters ohh sorpriseee the fvcking rate of DC prem ''with flashh'' is the same sh1t as not having. We no longer know what could be worse? Soo lets try make a suicide party and try get some quest in ronarkland and maybe find pk.... of course we get raped for macro users, x3 range warrior atack and for more fun 80% HP requeriment for /town comand hahahahahahaha i dont know who was the one with such a great idea, I can't imagine the hours and hours they spent thinking it could be a good decision. once again the magic class was oppressed, for a change.... well that's not new to administrators, they enjoy suppressing magic classes and improving mele classes. and to end up disappointing us of the server, we were robbed by the anvil and its stupid rates... we start with 17 players.... now we are 3 but we r tired wasting days and nothing change, we stoped to play and only wait for 83 patch hoping it brings something good for new users. unfortunately there are things that never changed and that will be the cause to fail again in the same way, apparently administrators do not learn from their mistakes. ''a private server cannot be more difficult than an official one.'' think about that. @twostars @Heung @Aesteris
  13. g1r0

    kurain !!!

    thats wrong... people left because of the patches from a year ago and kurian class was fvcked up already, that had nothing to do with kurians or archers. disable kurian for lvl 70 cap is good idea its correct for the timeline, but not for lvl 83 cap thats a noob idea. Probably Brook need wait for timeline 70>75 to play bp thats good.
  14. g1r0

    kurain !!!

    I consider it to be correct according to the timeline, lvl 70 cap must be with the basic characters, until the lvl 81 cap patch is reached, precisely that is where the kurian enters to give balance in the game, otherwise the server It will be a server for the warrior class and they will fall into the same mistakes as always.
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