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  1. good point, i saw the Rogue and Mage are nerfed on krko also the pk on that server is basically only for warrior and priest class...🤨
  2. This guy is a clear example of what it takes to limit the classes, probably he dont know more than configure his macro to play with warrior class and pretend to give opinions about another class LOL. They are doing very well, well done...
  3. hmmmm no its not same than usko... btw on the last days i was testing usko and steamko servers again and still good for portu class, although its true the damage is not so high because there is hard to acquire items, the magic damage and the capacity of stamina make many combinations possible. They say the changes are based on koreanko vertion, i was checking some videos of pk on korean ko of this year this morning, i never saw anything so boring on my life, kurian class only use divide armor and run and run all the time, sometimes use rush but 80% of the time fail and still runing away, thats what they call now ''support class''. watching that pk video I could not help remembering a year ago when the apexko was full of tbl x4 range users, only full warrior class based only on atack power and 0 skill of the players, the korean ko is basically that. That's why im not surprised to see YouGotPwndByMytbl in town of moradon. Btw the patch did not bring anything new for the Devil class...
  4. maybe they let us use shield, reduce cd of heals, add cure curse to kurian skills or something for call it support class 😂
  5. ok, those who can try to adapt. But now they have to give solution to the amount of items that were obsolete and offer compensation to the players, offer them a change of class and revaluation of items that are lost. I do not know how you can expect support from the players if you guys just trample us.
  6. @red123, its ok i know how It works, my point is simple, the weackness of devil class was perfectly compensate with Magic damage, the balance was perfect 1 week ago. Btw on the SS you can see more than 10k dmg only with divide, no torment no malice no parasit, thats all my HP by 1 hit, on normal hits no defuffs probably ill get 4800 by 1 hit and 1000-1200 from Warrior hits, thats is the same dmg what i can do with my BEST spell of draki (you can see It on the SS) well... Before patch the balance was fine. The kurian Users complains cos 120 of stamina was not enought for try many combinations (every skill consume 40 of stamina), now we have 250 stamina thats normal for servers 83/5 but now Magic dmg is nerfed to 0 lol , pot also is nerfed HP bonus deleted, Kurian class got raped.
  7. Devil kurian is weack cos we dont use def skills, thats why i say weacknes was compensated with magic damage... well 1 week ago. look and have fun bro
  8. yes, 1 week ago aoe full mp does 1k dmg like nova of mages but devil kurian also is too weack, 1 warrior no debuffed can kill portu class by x3 combo hits is easy and by 2 hits with debuff, i post some SS when some rogue kill me by 1 hit only with divide armor + cp = 8k dmg, his weackness was compensated with his magic damage, but now Devil class is useless. stacking dmg is the base of draki combo like than rush is elemental skill of portu class, you can check some videos of portu class on this year 2019 from another oficial servers (cant say names or put links, i dont wants get banned) try to compare and you will give me the reason.
  9. you r wrong, cos on apexko Draki spells cant stack, thats why cant do draki combo or something, heal skills cant compares with priest we only have x2 aoe and more cd, we dont have cc and we cant use any shield we depends completely on the transformation, the idea of being just support is really bad. Range of the spells is too short and now we make 100-80 dmg by draki spell ftw!! with full mp+3 jewels and armors+8 cos its impossible made +11 rate is too hard for portu armors thats why not exist any +11 mp secret or hk portu on the server.
  10. We do not know much about the truth behind this update ... because in fact an improvement I do not think it was. the Devil kurian is a complement for a magic team as equal as the atack kurian in a team of meles, it can not be a priest's replacement, it does not heals enough and cant use cure, it can not use shield and it depends totally on its transformation. Nor is it true that the Kurian can use descent / heal / divide armor / stun / pull / rush / dot skills all in the same combination its impossible, there is much ignorance of the subject. If really thinking about making the character useless it would be better to eliminate the class and return to past vertions and give some solution for the users of this class.
  11. As you can see, this is no longer about a few players, the annoyance generated and the frustration of their intransigence reached everyone in general. Personally I am losing 17k kc in armor of portu class very apart from knowing that the Devil class was eliminated the administrators do not offer us any solution or compensation, the best thing they were doing is closing topics and eliminating the messages that they did not like arguing that they have a common sense better than users. probably this message will be deleted, my account banned and the topic closed ... anyway we left the server with a very bad image of the administrators, it was fun while it lasted, it is a pity that they have so little judgment to make the changes.
  12. Devil kurian is dead after the last patch
  13. g1r0

    Kurian Bug

    thats fake, Mods only copy and paste edition of another private servers, they dont do anything for updated like official servers, when they disabled contract devil skill this class is hopelessly die.
  14. We are talking about devil Kurian, not about atack Kurian. DOT Kurian has been killed by last the last patch.
  15. you dont have any idea what we are talking here... go home bro you are drunk.
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