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  1. Wow such a good polemik bro. You take gyazo's of me dieing to full parties when im just duo with 1 sin and the reasons are mage parties, dot kurians, kurians. But you are spamming chat on me and take a gyazo is actually making me feel happy. You are that mad to do those stuff if you have it recorded please put it on YouTube or open a topic i want to see those dot kurians and mages raping my ass. So the admins&gm's finally can see how strong Dot Kurian and those stunrates are. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now let's start with you You are a very very bad player @itsTOOLATENOW You barely swap to shield. You're always on tank uniques but still die always. When i enter the colony zone with you at exact the same time when i reach 10k nps you have 3k nps because you are afraid of me. There is no way u ever killed me 1v1/2v2/3v3 or just you killing me there is no fucking way. The only thing you can have on me is a last hit ks other parties. And it's funny you are hating me 2-3months now and got 4 gyazo of other parties killing me i'm dead! XD And from that as person you are a racist, crazy, Backstabber. Also the reason u joined my clan before is because i won Metalger25 1vs1 5-0 you were spam letter me Metalger best warrior he win anyone blabla but i won 5-0 and i wake up i login and somehow u became friends with Elior and joined my clan??? wtf. You were swearing TheGangAgency & HANGOVER & TheCordelia when u were in my clan and you told me u don't like them and u told me to full spam spam spam spam on them your voice i used in video but then on you xd. You leave clan because i care more about Necrolyte then about u retard i don't care u you was Elior friend not mine. But now u are playing 24/7 with TheGangAgency & HANGOVER & Even joined clan with TheCordelia. That's some funny shit for example: And now always talking shit about me with them i see u have nice two faces but oldtime u write me Chris best warrior Elior best priest elior best friend blabla. Anyways nice 4 gyazo"s over there hopefully u will put it on record and put it on cheater report those stuns and dot kurians got to be nerfed. Also sucking my dick again but no i do not trust a retard turk like you I'll leave this here: No more words left for this biopolar kid xd. FULL NPT ITZTOOLATENOW FULL NPT ITZTOOLATENOW MAYBE GO USE CHITINSHIELD STOP GET BAITED MAYBE USE LUPIN EYES EASY PLAYER q:wRE:wqE:QWE MAYBE TAKE ANOTHER PIC OF ME DIEING TO DOT KURIANS AND FULL MAGE PARTIES Qw:eqw:eq:ewq:ewq:e
  2. You letter,pm,talk me and my clan 24/7. Keeping swearing us and racism against my clan. So you deserve to be called that word once. Everyone in this server knows what i'm talking about. You fight with everyone i think only TheGangAgency likes u which u trashtalked in my clan before. Stop it. And we will stop write you to. But i don't see a reason to forgive you and i won't. PS: Posting 1 gyazo of being called OC then u should be permanently banned u did it over 5000 Times.
  3. His name is Legolas btw this is his ingame account:
  4. I have a friend that wants to join ur clan is he welcome?
  5. So people will farm all day long exactly what i said. People don't want raid people. People want action in Bowl or infront of the bases it's so boring to kill a afk farmer why should people like that? o_O (We are not all Zeppelin lmao) This whole topic seems pretty troll to me. And i think it's created to make a flame war to make people call you stupid/retarded so u can fight them. We all know you don't even play this game and you actually told me the reason why: Keep trolling in forum have fun
  6. You know this makes literally 0 sense???? When you allow every zone to make easy afk farm then all the server is going to do that and will never enter Colony Zone again! Because you have free genie so people gonna watch movie's or other YouTube video's & free farm during the funny watch. This is just a server killer. PS: Also in W.O.W it's like a queue/match making that will put you with other players to fight against eachother 3vs3 if i'm right. In Knight Online it's just free world don't forget. But W.O.W is definetly more populated then Knight Online that's true but it's also because of the graphics,trailers,updates ETC.
  7. Subside doesn’t work on mages brook haha. But they should buff int bp right i agree Blasting STR>INT
  8. Kan je mij uitleggen wat je precies hebt? Wat gebeurt er? Wanneer krijg je die DC? Krijg je een Error? Zeg het me en misschien kan ik je helpen
  9. You are correct about it! It’s probably a Whistle or TheGangAgency member on a alt char they always do those kind of things. All server know they are scammers,full racist, very bad behavior. Then i’m specially talking about ItzJudy,ItzMDMA, ItzQue/ProSlaughter, GAREZ,ChapRissLee. But the rest aren’t angels either
  10. What is going on here??? And why i can’t open all the pictures? I have no clue what’s going on in here.
  11. Warriors: Cry Echo lower damage then usko since first days of apexko, Aoe lower range + lower damage then in usko Now also -15 STR BATTLE CRY :asD;Asdds:ASD:sad:aD Also no red pots i play pk yesterday 0 damage priest maybe holy knight +11 i think lucky 150 damage no problem Why just can't give back that lil 15 str? Lmao. Mages: Mages good buff but i think better put the staffs+11 the price go down if they are at +10rev or +11rev doesn't matter. also just give fr+3 etc for free felankor drop +3 anyways who cares? Kurians: Please delete them from the game ty. This is Knight Online not League Of Legends. Gear Dispenser items: Let's put Dragon Scale , Mythrill , Rons , Trials +11,krowaz+8,ets+11, (hepa exc shard&raptor not important) in the sundries cant sell now anyways a:SD:ASD Ets+9??? i think this is the worst idea i have ever seen in my life. Offline Merchant: You guys remove it at this patch # 3 users in moradon. All newcomers see just 3 user in moradon /logout. Maybe just give it for free to everyone again??? I'm dissapointed very much again ApexKO like i was in the start of ApexKO v1 shell set+8, raptor+8, 21gb in innhost. 35 MAGE CLANS NERF MAGES. DISSAPOINTED 100% IN U APEXKO
  12. Ty 3600KC in 3 minuts 4-0 @Zaikooo @MrsSerireS EASY PLAYERS.
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