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  1. Manhattan

    rogue skills

    Maybe increase CP's cooldown but make it more reliable. Like around 55% rate to proc but increase the cooldown from 60 seconds to 90? Just thought of this and I think it's perfect or maybe create a Duration Pot that instead of doubling the duration of the skill it increases the success rate. Oh boy gg suggestion, ty me. EDIT: Mike and Razor, stfu
  2. Manhattan

    rogue skills

    Well 50% then
  3. Manhattan

    rogue skills

    I'm quite sure that assassins are completely fine. What balanced the class and made it playable again officialy was the addition of Jamadars and Duration Pot, the only problem with us here is because the jamadar we have is garbage and the only decent one is Moonlight, which everyone is very far off having a +11. That is the key element to balance the class. A good sin with dual Moonlight +11 would beat any warrior any day (even if they have Buju +11). There is no need to buff any skill and specially no need to add Duration. I don't know why everyone thinks that Duration would be such a life changer, it's extremely rare for a sin to stay inside a fight for more than 10 seconds so it would mostly help on 1vs1s and that would make mediocre/noob sins easily stand out and crush warriors, mages, everything; which is bad. And by the way, as @YouGotPwndByMyAss said, an above average sin can beat 95% of the warriors out there, those 5% ones that are invincible are those who can switch items mid vs, instantly re-target the sin after blinds and not fail a single Echo. But I still think that to account for not having Duration, CP rates should be increased. I'd love to see it at around 40 - 45%. But well I don't think the staff would do this custom change, they're too scared of it... sux
  4. Manhattan

    Hello - Coming back after a LONG break.

    Welcome mate and congratulations on those personal achievements you mentioned, quite nice to hear it. Even though you chose the perfect server to start playing again, you'll have a very hard time finding a decent/cool clan to play with. Server's filled with people full of bitterness and personal dramas so it's a flame festival. If you die in cz you'll get t-bagged and chat spammed untill you press OK - just a little treat of the community . My advice is staying out of it, ignore everything, just play to unwind and kill the KO nostalgia a bit lol. Too bad you couldn't bring in a couple of your own friends. Since you chose warrior you'll just need to get used to the Passion Build, it's quite easy, as always, so 30 mins is probably enough. If you need help you can PM me ingame ("DrManhattan"). As for items, all you need to do is PK as much as you can to complete the CZ PK quests, try to attend Ultima times on CZ to also complete that quest, go to as many events as you can and that's it. If you have a bit of money to spend you can make everything 10x easier. 5USD can instantly grant you 20gb ingame because you buy the KC voucher and sell it on merchant. Specially with the offline merchant feature you can set it up on a random account, log off and still play your main. For items, the beginner ones are quite good already but you should now aim for highest AP possible. +11 Dragon Flight set (drops on Titan in CZ), dual opal earrings, Draki Pendant ( ) , the remaining +3 accessories and then make money to buy Wings of Hellfire, pathos gloves and tattoo. If you get all this you'll hit like a truck. If you're still lost you can just PM me. I hope you have some fun, peace.
  5. Manhattan

    PLEASE ALL apexko user's can read that topic

    LOL. Is this a joke? Because it's bad. 1st of all, why would we trust that the items you are saying he's using is true? 2nd, as people above said you're not even using Berseker and Gain, heck we can't even see the scrolls you are using.
  6. Manhattan

    Addition of Red Pot by ApexKO Community.

    What divide is being created? It's literally just the way it is supposed to be. +11 Rosettas/Super Shells match +11 Hepa's, +11 Krowaz Armors match (as in, go with) +11 Cursed Weapons. Because of two days of +11 Holy Armors for CSW winners or heck, even if permanent (when they start popping up), there is a "great divide"? Because of 50 def and +5 HP there is a "great divide"? I'm sorry but no. Honestly, I just think that you're blindly following this "complaining trend wagon " for no reason. Oh, and Red Pots in invasion is totally cool and justified. It's to increase the attack power of the nation who is being opressed (so probably being outnumbered/outplayed), quite a nice feature.
  7. Manhattan

    Addition of Red Pot by ApexKO Community.

    Red Pot? No, thanks. 10% AP scaled to warriors is huge. You give that to a class that blindly spams a skill in less than a second and we have trouble right here making it more OP than what it currently is. Not only that, but people take so seriously just "because USKO have it" lol. Those idiots add anything to their Power Up Store to make money, nothing else. Bigger pots, undy scroll, red pots, etc just to drain people's money so yeah, let's not blindly follow a game ran by a company that is rapidly killing it alright? Don't get fooled people and I hope the staff doesn't as well.
  8. Manhattan

    Using Macro's

    That's oooold. Add two or three more digits there and it'll be accurate.
  9. Manhattan

    Using Macro's

    I agree but there're some other points to ponder as well. First of all, about it not being a "game of skill anymore": imho, you're mostly right here. This is specially true for rogues; macro made it possible for everyone, people who otherwise wouldn't to be able to maneuver the class properly, to play it just fine. And the consequences of that are terrible because it granted all the sins great survivability and it banalised the class which ended up making it unbalanced and way weaker than what it's supposed to be. What I mean is: assassins should be really strong and hit extremely high but also die easily and be very hard to master since it should require a lot of manual labor and skill. But now that's all gone. And I hate that. I say this a lot but again, 99% of people who are deemed "gg assassins" have never ever put more than three fingers on their keyboard. You strip them of their macro and they'd become nothing. As for warriors that are now also macroing, that is literally the saddest part of this game right now. Not only they play the easiest class but now they're not even actually playing it anymore. As you said, just selecting targets. The worst part is that they're being labled as good warriors instead of being labled as mentally ill, meaning that the general population support it. Sheer stupidity. But mgame is also to be blamed here, they made their skill spammable which opened room for macro to take place. And then the snowball effect starts. One macroer starts winning and being obviously more effective than others so other people start doing it as well. It's all extremely messed up. But there's still a lot of skill involved in this game. Just a differnt kind. Map awareness, agility, good communication, timing etc. So the game is still very good in my opinion you just need to understand its current state and well, accept. All we can hope is that somehow every kind of macro gets blocked and they also fix passion build someday. That and many other small details that could make this game go from fun to amazing.
  10. Manhattan

    I Challenge You.

    As I thought, full trolls. No1 ballsy enough to face the big dogs. With this experiment I take it that I'm now #1 when it comes to 2v2. "The world's smartest man poses no more threat to me than does its smartest termite"
  11. Manhattan

    I Challenge You.

    I challenge you. I challenge everyone in the community to a 2v2 against me. From KoreaKO to USKO passing through all Ottoman terrain and Deep Web located turkish private servers, I challenge you all. Rules: 1) No cursed weapons; 2) Full cospre and Rosetta Set; 3) You must have at least a Logitech macro mouse ready to spam Cry Echo. You'll have to send me the picture of the rat via e-mail at: [email protected] (if you live in the Netherlands or Turkey you don't have to send me proof); 4) You must bet an unlimited amount of KC even if you don't have it. 5) You must be and play the warrior to accept the VS. 6) You must say something along the lines of "This is my last answer on this forum." or "If I lose I'll quit and will never come back" (unless you want a rematch with another priest, then we're good.) 7) Incase I lose, I will try again with another priest untill I win. If you're chinese we can VS from different arenas. For example: me and my priest on the left side moradon arena and you on the right side one. Np. If you're left speechless with the size of my ballZ don't even bother trolling the topic or even replying here. Motivation: S.a. Rabies dog? I suck you. Fearful dog. relaunch pls. If you meet the requirements and think you're good enough, hit me up. I'll find you and I will kill you. ty
  12. meh, chaos curse then... such a roller coaster of emotions why one would do any kind of versus with cursed weapons is beyond me though
  13. Manhattan

    Hi Brook

  14. Manhattan

    Chaos event reward

    lol mad hehe rookies