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  1. ohhh i see now i thought u were posting that sorry
  2. wtf that have to do with Topic ?
  3. i find im hitting 33 for R and 70 for skill ? is this correct ? i have 4.7k ap on attack kurian
  4. im in melbourne australia as well :S f4kin dodo
  5. so 3 hours later completly wiped ko from hd reinstalled apexko and guess what still login server connection failed
  6. yeah it seems open launcher just keep getting server offline any1 else getting this also :S
  7. Launcher i have to open multiple times till it actually works then its login server failed sometimes after acc & pass entered and dc once ive entered game also :S
  8. @SirVAROL some of ur work
  9. when i was priest on this character i did the quest but havnt done it since ,for some reason its not there i thought it resets after certain period of time :S Character name : S1nD3LL
  10. hey same issue as few weeks ago ultima didnt spawn from restart can u spawn it please :S theres 24ppl + waiting there
  11. yeah needs to be random 100% or every1 just goes to the middle of the map
  12. but could make it better here find chests with weapons in it like pubg lol scrolls ,weapons etc
  13. i noticed they doing it on official definetly gotta sus it out
  14. 3rd UTC was a fail as well little mobs get killed cant kill main boss in 2nd room ,we cant call gm everytime we cant beat it there has to be a solution
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