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  1. SlayerNation is looking for a royal english speaking allience. One that plans on staying Karus. We have no plans of going Human at any point. If you are interested PM any member of SlayerNation or PM me ZuKing. Thanks for your time!
  2. I am willing to bet it would be use much more at 5gbs! I know I would try it for sure then.
  3. We still have some room boys and girls!!! o_O
  4. Thats awesome of you to do! We use Discord.
  5. There are so very many awesome english clans on here so I am working very hard to bring my old USKO players here. Most english players are already in good clans. I want loyal recruits as any clan leader does. So to recruit members from other clans doesn't work for me.
  6. NEVER!! Haha Some of us are pretty noob (me) But gearing up so soon we will give you guys a better fight!
  7. ZuKing here. Wanted to invite all active english speaking Karus "Orc" players to come join a great team and family. SlayerNation is now in ApexKO and looking to rise to the top. PM myself or any other member for more info. PKers and Farmers alike come together for one goal. To have a great gaming experience!
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