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    Account ID PASSWORD

    @twostars person know just ingame password ID forgot
  2. LauraWells

    Futuristic Clan PK MOVฤฐE APEXKO## BEST TEAM ##

    Nice save so old message funny child
  3. LauraWells

    Futuristic Clan PK MOVฤฐE APEXKO## BEST TEAM ##

    yougotpwndmycheater i'm kick clan oldtime no problem now i kick clan was thrown because he does not know follow party how to play also we learned after using tbl person. I will not take it anymore, including my party and clan also my friend never added person clan or party ingame. We apologize on his behalf
  4. Nice signature where other write nice cut xd Also u don't liar in ts why forum 100% liar? T correct i give u 10k kc but you scammer my 15k kc not give me no problem "just game" ur real life game 24/7 i feel sorry for you and so on until the day you get stupid buy i7 gtx 1050 also last answer cry in topic now ^^ Wanted to make peace with me sent a message over facebook apologize to my family and me person i again swearing after again angry me xDD you are not a good player macro and beautiful pc also ethernet speed I would not make fun of you if you were a good actor but I will troll you forever because a simple person u 14 years old no need seriously Last answer cry in topic now ^^ Ty 5-3 & 5-2 & 3-0
  5. Lagg??? :D:D::D nice lagg no tbl yes i believe u have lagg you can see who killed above first score 5-0 i just upload video u said me u using red pot ibex pot i know an ordinary video shot to reveal your lie before it was 5-0, you lied last answer maybe u tell me im ready coming again but need record no ksc hello really i not think seriously u just waiting im ready say me u xd
  6. LauraWells

    Temporary Assassin Buff

    +1 there are many topics for old subjects but no interest also oldtime good sin not draki good all skill but have draki all skill so bad spike thrust 70 good but other stab2 cut jab shock so low damage 150 200 hit warrior's cp so fail @Aesteris oldtime i just ask what cp lucky % write me UsKO 100% cp rate but have UsKO duration? Have 20 sec cp not 10? if you do not want to bring cp rate you must increase your chance to damage i hope just @twostars because he knows KO problem 100% that's it. Edit:Also i agree Brook i think not 100% int bp Apex need some minor corrections 1-Rogue cp rate or added duration (oldtime good now have draki warrior so low damage but warrior same attack 1k 1100 hit have sin 8k hps not nice CP using after damage cp hit like unpopped. 2-Need increase mage meteor&nova just staff damage good mage meteor nova so fail example 2 warrior 2 priest total=4 easy kill 8 member mage party. 3-Power Shot archery UsKO and other PvP have 30% fail Power Shot example sometimes fail using damage not 2-3k "200 300" 4-Warrior aoe not problem but Aesteris change i know but battle cry so high damage all class example 2v2 warrior priest so easy. But 2v2 rogue sin kill 30 or 45 min because the damage is not good. i told it for the players who play it nice 2v2 rogue priest vs so hard kill it takes too long. 5-I have a lot of problems in my mind, but when I see someone who is interested I will tell everyone . Give up being warrior and kurian server.. We want to see other classes now mage's are very liked this server but they are gone because they are not interested (Guess) Finally, i hope maybe reduce cry echo or increase mage & rogue change skill rate Iido not speak English but i'm sure understand me.
  7. Yesterday afraid not coming i waiting 30min again not coming my message all see not but answer Edit: Apexko soldiers 1 or 0 ms macro all active not failed but UsKO and other PvP macro have limit all skill 1 ms so speed macro limit but UsKO 1 ms Cry Echo spam macro fail not using damage failed all have 10 ms macro active UsKO or other PvP person login other pvp 5-0 die but not using 0 or 1 ms macro also 5 time die after message me " i need relog" i know using hp mp pot tbl again oldtime ApexKO person said me i have hp mp tbl but he is not using it anymore but he used it on the other pvp 2k17 so best liarer 1st yougotpwndmycheater 2st Razor 3st not have see again other year ^^ Finally, and this is my I can hope not afraid 1v1 with me on another server or apex after utc we can throw again
  8. LauraWells

    YouGotPwndByMyAss 1vs1 ItzMDMA/LauraWells Special (Turkish PvP Server)

    Yeah is easy player vs my friend also nice rules see using no lion Why i not see skill damage? Using draki pendant hit me skill hp rec not see? ๐Ÿ˜‚ Just pm contact me u kill mage player log real owner kill u full starter so me Please contact me ingame vs me not other funny bitch nice slap u my new pk video i understand u nice angry easy funny child go test combo first worm hahahahaga P.s u come full+full i coming just draki pendant using dual shard i see ur video combo so bad learn my channel vs video idiot huhuhuahh
  9. LauraWells

    YouGotPwndByMyAss 1vs1 ItzMDMA/LauraWells Special (Turkish PvP Server)

    I play warrior yes 5.0 die u after said me remember need relog after coming 2k 3k hps kill me but where video no need ksc why u need relog?? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ contact aziz best hp mp pot tbl all server succes also u said me oldtime yes i have pot tbl but now no using. Ahh i regret all ksc why not save but i not fake ur fake nice save 1.5 year post xd Ty 5-3 3-0 5-2 u said me please deleted video chayni is idiot not player i delete all "not hide" @Manhattan remember video last scene troll picture i using who liarer? All know but i record new vs who best? All see just wait 2 or 3 january ๐Ÿ˜
  10. LauraWells

    YouGotPwndByMyAss 1vs1 ItzMDMA/LauraWells Special (Turkish PvP Server)

    Server have duration? You kill me 5 6k hps? Omg ok i understand u still waiting arena nick laurawells instance5 come ko gamers flame me please xd have u 20min 10min lose i waiting 30min maybe not afraid log game Edit ฤฐ sure u not login but have durarion server afraid %100 i log off giveme my kc first lose vs 5.0 ty no need scamm just game believe me
  11. LauraWells

    YouGotPwndByMyAss 1vs1 ItzMDMA/LauraWells Special (Turkish PvP Server)

    Full hp kill afk person?? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ This is not me i using character name same nick LauraWells ko gamers why liar other person with me ahhhha go login after flame me ko gamers not apex have "duration" i kill u think 80%hps 5 winn 4 advance paymnt u first start score 4 you come here please kill me 1x 5 versus ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
  12. First 5 vs score 5-0 after u said me need re-log using tbl all vs just ask "why not uplaod video" have ksc? i do not take you seriously the speech is over here we are waiting for the video ksc not you if you want to enter again but with the condition of getting video but i see video in topic i again answer u no need drama + liar ty 5-0 giveme kc after log again vs "video using" not ksc funny child ur life game+tbl not just game xd If you lose 5-0, giveme kc I can talk to you again Edit:Everyone knows what a fake you are now you can cry under the spot. I am silenced
  13. No need crying 5-0 die after angry nice support other oldtime i beat all ppl not care really i just enjoy First login 5 versus 5-0 after said me person need re-log i have problem again coming kill me after %20 hps but hp mp potion same using effect where video uplaod no need ksc funny child Example video have no need ksc upload video re-log after all versus :DDD Giveme 15k kc no need scamm but i not scamm u remember give pay 15k kc pleaseeeee xD U said me u using red pot ibexis pot ahgfshfshs where ibex red? Yes i using duration with cp warrior :D:D:D it is lose vs very exciting for vs, but nobody cares about it no need cry have real life Finally, vs score 5-0 not give my kc but no problem just "game" I learned how to be a liar dog
  14. LauraWells

    Server problem

    Oldtime i tell u go quit clan avar not playing sold char have ismail u and sometimes garez really stop liar nice support + reason burak No nees disturbing users on the forum ppl come on flame me PM ๐Ÿค