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  1. Mage4Life

    im sick, tired and pissed off

    Dot damage should only be cure by Cure Dieases instead of Cure Curse or Bless Of God plz fix this Other than that Kurian = OP Class and Fun to Play ( single heal, party heal, party restore hp, Rush, Divide Armor, AOE Stun, Pull, 2k++ hp pot in Devil TS ) Sorry for my bad English
  2. Mage4Life

    Required Light Rest and INT

    stun are not 100% bro i play mage.. 1/10 hits can stun u only once but why so angry about it if stun rates turn to 0 % it's ok for us mages.. we still can play fire or ice or TP TP TP TP just have fun in game don't take it seriously
  3. Mage4Life

    idea for pk

    no need to give anything for mages later on melee will cry in pk and will ask for nerf mages again again and again mages are fine just fix absolute power skill it's should increase 30% magic attack power and it's doesnt sorry for my bad english