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  1. crying melee.. delete kurian delete mage delete archer
  2. alright let's say the server reduce hp scroll 1000hp and 200 ac cc priest will go 78 points aura ( hp up full party 2,5k ) and 74 skill aura ( ac up full party 300 ) and pk will not change.. u r db priest move in for debuff and cc priest cast cure party, cast hp up 2.5K, cast ac up 300 repeated again again and again and then what??
  3. This is the common problem if u r in warrior pk party u r db priest move in for debuff and the opponent cc priest cast cure party then heal 10k repeated again again and again warrior switch adamant and descent.. That pk will last forever.. If u r smart.. i will join mage party ( 7 mages and 1 cc priest ) 3 waves nova from 7 mages will kill everything in 2-3 second ( count the damages u r self ) it doesn't matter if u warrior or priest have 3k def.. ( mage skill pierce defense ) and with lightshock ( mage aoe blind skill ) will destroy any parties easy..
  4. there is no bug on archer ice arrow skill.. how many ice resist do you have??? below 100 = maybe 80% ice arrow will slow u below 200 = maybe 70% ice arrow will slow u below 300 = maybe 60% ice arrow will slow u what class do you play?? warrior = most warrior don't use ice resist pot (80 ice resist) typical warrior on apexko ( not use resist acc ) pure attack acc only and probably have ice resist below 200 cek u r gear and acc.. NB : archer ice arrow skill have low cooldown and almost spamable
  5. hi i am playing archer now more fun than dot kurian............. @BroOk point 1 u want to nerf archer skill tree too.... oh man.... point 2 no comment.. point 3 archer damage 700-800 with adamant ( adamant no have def ability arrow bro.. lmao.. ) point 4 no comment.. check u gear how many def ability arrow do you guys have? only DOL shield have def ability arrow bro.... peace @BroOk u a veteran player.. u should know.. thank u and sorry for my bad english
  6. kurian hater ?? i bet u like Kurian Rush, Divide Armor so much
  7. about survivability which is silly @twostars for str kurian : even with acc+3 and krowaz +11 just like warrior have str kurian will always never have maximum hitpoint as much as warrior cause u Disable Master skill already and still from master skill tree, kurian only have 10% decrease all damage ( warrior, priest, rouge, mage have 10% + 15% decrease all damage ) that's mean they will hit damage harder than kurian.. for devil kurian : did u expect devil kurian gameplay healing crappy 1k+ single heal, and long cooldown party heal or restore party 1,9k+ priest have 10k single heal and 10k party heal ( who need kurian 1k+ heal ) warrior have restoration party ( who need kurian restore party ) no party wants a healing kurian and they will kick kurian with zero damage attack... just like i said before... do test before change everything... we all kurian players here and u can asked us for the test from attack skill tree, devil skill tree, and master skill tree i always improve myself doing restat or reskills or change items or gears should i build full health bonus krowaz +11 with acc priest +3 and have 14k hitpoint and go to CZ ( hi iam a healing kurian plss invite party )
  8. check on friday patch mp kurian are done...
  9. guys my fellow kurian players if u see friday patch information they will not give us any compensation and this feedback topic about kurian changes are bullshits... we ( kurian players ) demand an explanation about kurian rework dan the purpose of this changes.. it's been four days since last patch and still zero information about kurian rework...... and the topic already on page 2, how many pages do u need all we want is an explanation.
  10. +1 red123 The Next Patch Rush(stun), Divide Armor(slow/-50%def) and Thunderstorm(aoe stun) should be Disable from kurian tree skill make Pull 100% failsafe with 0 cooldown, and Devil skill tree back to normal just like before last patch also add some mp kurian gear in NP Merchant my reason that Rush, Divide Armor, and Thunderstorm should be Disable because ppl who don't play kurian think it's an offense skill but for us who play kurian it's a support skill... i have got 100% mail from other nation ( curse with bad word ) for being a kurian with ability to Rush, Divide Armor, and Thunderstorm in CZ or War ppl hate kurian so much because of that 3 skills.. as for dot kurian, no one got angry cause aoe dot or single dot damage ( priest/rouge can cure it ) thank u and sorry for my bad english APEXKO Great Server
  11. /closed this topic pls.. you make us kurian players confused........................... i don't believe that you give false infomation about Devil Transformation Skill still affects the kurian heals after last patch ( it does not heal 1080/1800/2k+, it's heal 720 in D10/D45/D70 ) and YES to kurian Devil Transformation still absord damage ( before and after patch ) and YES the cooldown of Devil Transformation still the same ( 5 minutes cd before and after patch ) my suggestion to The Server Owner/ GM/ Admin pls do test before and after patch i accused that someone/someclan influenced you to make this changes.. thank u and sorry for my bad english APEXKO Great Server
  12. to The Server Owner, GM, Admin i want to share my kurian gameplay from the last patch kurian master skill disable, infect mp kurian and str kurian maximum hp ( hitpoint ) with npc gear kurian only have 6500 hp + 2k hp buff = 8500 hp compare to npc gear warrior have 8500 hp +2k hp buff = 10.500 hp HOw can STR kurian fight for pk with 8500 hp (full buff) 8500 hp str kurian VS 10.500 str warrior c'mon guys.... for others nerf skill from devil tree, i don't want to comment.. i am beg u The Server Owner, GM, Admin give us Untradeable Class Transfer Certificate Expiration Time ( 3 days maybe) to each kurian in APEXKO so we can choose to go for warrior or priest or rouge or mage compensation for the lost we as kurian suffer the most..... thank u and sorry for my bad english APEXKO Great Server
  13. when i was dueling against a random warrior and making his hp pool below 30% Suddenly his hp pool returned to 99 % full Is this a bug ???? Because i don't see any priests or rouges from the enemy party who healed this warrior Thank you and sorry for my bad english
  14. Dot damage should only be cure by Cure Dieases instead of Cure Curse or Bless Of God plz fix this Other than that Kurian = OP Class and Fun to Play ( single heal, party heal, party restore hp, Rush, Divide Armor, AOE Stun, Pull, 2k++ hp pot in Devil TS ) Sorry for my bad English
  15. stun are not 100% bro i play mage.. 1/10 hits can stun u only once but why so angry about it if stun rates turn to 0 % it's ok for us mages.. we still can play fire or ice or TP TP TP TP just have fun in game don't take it seriously
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