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    Tuke Selling Items

    Up up..
  2. TukeOP

    Tuke Selling Items

    Selling: - Rogue Holy Knight Pads+11 "Only One In Server " - Lousy PickPocket Raum+11 - Sherion+14 / Dark Vane+14 - 1x Ets+11 - Determined Bow+11 / Eagle Eye+14 Reverse - Draki Dex S.S.S - Elf Belt+3 - Dragon Scale Set+11 " With MP Bonus " - 2x Crystal Earring+3 - Crystal Necklace+3 - Crystal Belt+3 - Crystal Ring+3 / +2 - 2x Giantic Axe+7 " One Hand Weapons " This items for sale only as PACKAGE ---> -- Priest Krowaz Set+11 -- Pontus Ring+3 -- Rof+3 -- Adamant+11 -- Garges Mace+11 / Holy Animor+14 Rev // "" Lycaon Hammer+11 Only One In Server "" -- Dual SSE+3 // Dual Lillime Earring+3 // Dual WSE+3 // INT S.S.S -- Fully Int Gear! PM Ingame " TukeOwnz " or here Cheers!
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    Tuke Selling Items

  4. TukeOP

    Tuke Selling Items

  5. TukeOP

    Why is my topic deleted?

    Same happend to mine topic last week also strangely disappear...
  6. TukeOP

    Sacrifice's Sell/ Buy List

    offer lpp raum+11, 2x eme+3
  7. TukeOP

    Halloween Chest Drop

    This is funny farm like hell and what get actually nothing
  8. TukeOP

    Event for all maybe

    Or atleast there comes only "halloween things" not everything bullshiet.
  9. TukeOP

    Event for all maybe

    wlc to farmKO now all logging mages for farm apples after cz dead again :Dd Can we get more lower this darkness weapon drop rate!.
  10. TukeOP

    Halloween Chest Drop

    Too long.. Should be like 2k of apples and you can choose dark weapon for 2-3days etc...
  11. TukeOP

    Funny 2v2 Moment In Colony Zone (Ronark Land)

    asydtbansdmasund :D: D::D:
  12. TukeOP

    Buy>kro warrior helmet+11 rev

    +1 avar
  13. TukeOP

    rush 100%?

    portu class just should delete..
  14. TukeOP

    BattleCry human side

    Yougotpwnd smells some kinda avoid, ill got 15m national points and getting ignored by everything what saying here. Idk who they listening then
  15. TukeOP


    Someone energetic can translate this ?
  16. TukeOP

    Well Needed Suggestions

    no need undy / duration / redpots or blue pots here sin / warrior already too overpowered classes... better boost mages damage more! fully geared sin can kill once at month 1mage "maybe" if dont get instant stun or spike dont do 300dmg instead 2k
  17. TukeOP

    Fully geared chars

    offer warrior krowaz set+11, 2x opal earring+3, scorpion scythe+8, PONTUS RING+3
  18. TukeOP

    Well Needed Suggestions

    Nah i dont anymore intressing seems like no1 else gm also dont have this is annoying / feel like getting cancer with this PKing.. im kinda done after all this years just see no1 dont care those kids doing nps with npc items because op like hell 1facking mp kurian 2x skill and rogue hp is 40-50% even with minoring what the fuck :DDDDD
  19. TukeOP

    Sick's Buying / Selling

    +11 or bb
  20. TukeOP

    Ultima Time Mayhem Crazyness (Drainer Issue)

    playing apexko what you can expect? lol
  21. TukeOP

    ISteffon Special 1vs1

    nice !
  22. TukeOP

    Bugs and bullshit in ApexKO.

    Yeap people quitting server because they cant even do items by upgrading its cost too much, and pk so cancer because those dot kurians / archers... People dont have intressing to play server if everything too way hard. Moradon its dead already , pk is sad 3partys hand to hand follow dot kurians archers slowing / stunning everything and gangbang skilled server have to say
  23. TukeOP

    Wings on Achieve

    Hey cannot take wings from achieve at " War > Moradon > Neverending Match, i got it completed there is Battle Hero Wing Exchange Coupon waiting but cant take it out when click it its kinda just freezing and nothing happening I got room on inventory + i have weight. Idk check is out
  24. TukeOP

    About Sins

    Hey I think Sins are too strongs now and totally after this 2x patches ice / light rate so good doesnt matter if magic shield + resistance accerioes+3 on still get stun / slow like hell, but its np, I think we are still hitting too damn hard that "totally 3-5sec" what we can hit when attacking someone If its not "Warrior or Priest" otherwise we are stunned or slowed with 250+ resistances after 1-2hit , When cp drops boom maybe 4k with torment its too damn much as here if ask me... Hoply can Fix this and nerf sins dmg a bit ! Cheers Apexko Users and Admins!