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    Tuke Selling Items

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    Tuke Selling Items

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    Tuke Selling Items

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    Tuke Selling Items

    Up up..
  5. TukeOP

    Tuke Selling Items

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    Tuke Selling Items

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    Tuke Selling Items

    Selling: - Rogue Holy Knight Pads+11 "Only One In Server " - Lousy PickPocket Raum+11 - 1x Ets+11 - Determined Bow+11 / Eagle Eye+14 Reverse - Dragon Scale Set+11 " With MP Bonus " - 2x Crystal Earring+3 - Crystal Necklace+3 - Crystal Belt+3 - Crystal Ring+3 / +2 -- Priest Krowaz Set+11 -- Pontus Ring+3 -- Rof+3 -- Gab Adamant+11 -- Garges Mace+11 / "" Lycaon Hammer+11 Only One In Server "" -- Dual SSE+3 // Dual Lillime Earring+3 // Dual WSE+3 // INT S.S.S -- Fully Int Gear! PM Ingame " TukeOwnz " or here Buying - Rogue Krowaz Parts+11 / Set+11 - KC Cheers!
  8. TukeOP

    Why is my topic deleted?

    Same happend to mine topic last week also strangely disappear...
  9. TukeOP

    Sacrifice's Sell/ Buy List

    offer lpp raum+11, 2x eme+3
  10. TukeOP

    Halloween Chest Drop

    This is funny farm like hell and what get actually nothing
  11. TukeOP

    Event for all maybe

    Or atleast there comes only "halloween things" not everything bullshiet.
  12. TukeOP

    Event for all maybe

    wlc to farmKO now all logging mages for farm apples after cz dead again :Dd Can we get more lower this darkness weapon drop rate!.
  13. TukeOP

    Halloween Chest Drop

    Too long.. Should be like 2k of apples and you can choose dark weapon for 2-3days etc...
  14. TukeOP

    Funny 2v2 Moment In Colony Zone (Ronark Land)

    asydtbansdmasund :D: D::D: