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  1. actually mine solar tattoo was gone after this patch and it should dissapear sunday
  2. Still no people after patch so... time to do something new and big what bring people back?
  3. Okay nvm its fixed i dont know even what i did... just pressing everything possible relogged blabla and now its working.. can delete this topic
  4. @twostars @Heung this kinda thing this time
  5. Okay my inventory or something went bugged or something funny thing... I cannot take any items from inn hostess / cb and yes i have room at inventory " 14x " and have weight " 822.8/2305.2 ". I can take more pots, etc etc things but nothing items cant, I tryed relog manytimes, cleared inventory totally empty nothing works.. now cant do nothing at game.
  6. maybe old time " Skype " ?
  7. thats how apexko players playing this server what can do if 90% people dont want pk only farm... Should already delete this xmas event, Xmas already past its 11.1.2019 good morning
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