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  1. this guy screenshotted 2 vs's he won. one of the vs's he completely outgeared my starter gear lmfaooooo. But im to lazy to upload the other 3 or 4 vs i destroyed him in
  2. just to lazy to upload 17 minute long video of u getting recked :S
  3. sigh.... should i even bother uploading the video against a retard like this? =/
  4. You might be one of the worst warriors on apexko. Clan has 0 skill, and their all notorious scammers. GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG
  5. do yourself a favor and kill yourself
  6. My main suggestion is to remove BUS from blood seeker/ dtc/ beast etc. Make people go to bowl to farm their money, allowing them to only buy bus from npc for a normal price. This eliminates the absurd amount of GB's in the server, and can finally lower the price of 100kc (550m).
  7. Roxas

    nop Manchester

    i can do a vs for 10k kc. let me know when.
  8. Yea thats stilll a scam... lol. Edit: Many people also complain that they have stolen rof's from fela drops.
  9. Just need haungak sword +7/gabs blessing +3 and you will hit 2k+ dmg
  10. pm me in game name : Baked
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