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  1. TheMadOne

    Client drops frames when loading in many spawns

    there is some serious lag not playable at the moment skills fail to work till we press enter in normal chat then type something not sure whats going on but servers very unstable!
  2. TheMadOne

    UTC difficulty

    come my pt i heal u
  3. TheMadOne

    rush 100%?

    i got rush 100% for the last 2 hours not sure if im missing something not happened before
  4. TheMadOne

    BattleCry human side

    yes yes yes
  5. TheMadOne

    rush 100%?

    or am i missing something
  6. TheMadOne

    I need some help

    think its just bugged since they changed server hosts
  7. TheMadOne

    Halloween Event

    awww i want my 5k heal mace back why so mean!
  8. TheMadOne

    TS & Stun & Slow

    kekoons fun to play if you got mages on kecoon only way to counter it is priests on kecoon nothing else really can save you but thats the fun of it if your mage is not in ts kecoon in defending or invading means you going to get slow cures and slow heals and end up dead 99% of the time. Plus have you healed and cured with a kecoon you feel like you will never let anyone die ps make sure you set respwan point in rabia or doda or asga so you can gate to either kill a scrub or get out of a tight spot! Nerf is fine now!
  9. TheMadOne

    Divide armour BUG

    Cannot cure the slowness unless relog what the heck please disable till fix
  10. TheMadOne

    Sick's Buying / Selling

    is it +11?
  11. TheMadOne

    Well Needed Suggestions

    lol 4k damage on a non undy server T_T thats 2 novas a mage = 8k x 6 mages let alone 7? can we get rid of pt tp scroll in csw mages are regrouping so fast and with so much damage its a crazy
  12. TheMadOne

    rez not working

    torment and heals wtf skills are like not working at all click torment on floor dosent go off animation starts then mid way just disappears no ones touching me
  13. TheMadOne

    rez not working

    ... fix please cant even pk have to town every time 1 person dies
  14. TheMadOne

    rez not working

    yup still bugged after first rez dosent work
  15. TheMadOne

    rez not working

    first rez works after that no luck