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  1. proudboy

    TheGANG New Video

    Lmfao...yeah i can changes chars alot...but at least my gear is always up to par with the class i choose...lmfaoo
  2. proudboy

    TheGANG New Video

    25 TO 5 kills total....ahahaha like i said lastnight ownedddddddddddddddddddd
  3. I think its a bad idea lets keep it how it is
  4. U guys barely made a difference lmfao...like flies the health regen and lack of ppl online was what hurt us
  5. I voted 4x for wnx so i out do u shit orcs lmfao
  6. Selling: Lvl 83/5 warrior 1,350,000 nps Dual Opal Earring+3. Dual Roc+3. Sash Of Sorrows+3 Aos +3. Hepa Raptor +11rev Krowaz Warrior set +5rev Garges shield +5rev 5K kc.... Prefer to sell as a package Pm me here usually afk during weekdays
  7. Uhm.... Or beef the weapons up to a lil better than hepa raptor/ hepa shard/gabs/staff...keep the armor in bifrost so thats still useful...it gives ppl more to do....
  8. Whats the price on mino ? Like 300kc?
  9. Then why are u even trolling the forums you must not have a life....u should prolly go outside if the comfort of your house hasnt made you allergic to the fresh air and sun....
  10. What benefit does owning the castle have if the items arent that good the armor is good just complete crap drop rate impossible to obtain.....plus all the pieces keep breaking going to +7 even with trina....no one has a +7 yet the materials barely drop if at all...like u got a better chance getting a rof I recommend 20 ap bonus on the sword at least equal or a lil better than gabs for shield make the dagger and bow like right below ap of asagai and idk what to do with dagger?5-10ap increase?
  11. Selling: x2 EME +3 Draki Dex SSS Buying: warrior krowaz set +5rev hepa raptor +11rev Dual Roc+3 Draki Str SSS/SSA/SSB Dual PE+3 pm me ingame LKilliaNL
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