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  1. Hellscream1

    nice krowaz

    this kid beats him when he is fll starter vs fll gear wins posts video GG lol. now the he has gear but still not as much as the 11 krowaz guy loses nice video
  2. yes MDMA / TheGameMafia tbl. they had videos on youtube of them selling tbls I even found char that mdma used to vs manhattan in avideo showing off his tbls :DA:F:AF:FD:D they really are retarded. so cancer to this server those 2 really always bad mouth fll insult "i hope yourmother diez so I can rape her" etc really bad for apexko but gms I guess don't care
  3. darkness weapons should never be added to apex. if one warrior gets the darkness spear and does aoes with proc he can solo kill 7 mages by himself the spear proc doubts dmg done.... dark mace spam 1k dmg as priest darkness weps are to OP for apex.. UTC yes I agree that should be released but never darkness
  4. sorry bro. a clan name like this.... I cant let go cheap
  5. np I am selling the Whistle clan name. list below your offers
  6. really bro that cheap? hella shard 10rb for adamant 5rb? that's such a good trade iyi
  7. I agree @BulletClub you made some GG points here. not.
  8. here are my rules..... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ STARTER WARRIORS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~DUAL SHIO OF TEARS +2 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dual ETS +8 ~~~~~~~~~~~ DUAL CLERIC EARRINGS +2 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ROSETTA +8 STR~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1v1 pm me.. ARE YOU SCARED?
  9. b. assass krowaz pads boots 11 rb b. mythril gloves 11 rb
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