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  1. Hellscream1

    nice krowaz

    this kid beats him when he is fll starter vs fll gear wins posts video GG lol. now the he has gear but still not as much as the 11 krowaz guy loses nice video
  2. darkness weapons should never be added to apex. if one warrior gets the darkness spear and does aoes with proc he can solo kill 7 mages by himself the spear proc doubts dmg done.... dark mace spam 1k dmg as priest darkness weps are to OP for apex.. UTC yes I agree that should be released but never darkness
  3. here are my rules..... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ STARTER WARRIORS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~DUAL SHIO OF TEARS +2 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dual ETS +8 ~~~~~~~~~~~ DUAL CLERIC EARRINGS +2 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ROSETTA +8 STR~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1v1 pm me.. ARE YOU SCARED?
  4. why is this allowed? take crystal last 4 mins. ~ then use ur mage to tp allie team to crystal to take it last 2 mins then take it again last min. kind of defeats the whole purpose of csw don't you think? each time you trade crystal with allie all get tp to town with 0 chance to take it again. so why bother attend csw at all really ? kinda silly that you can do this defeats whole reason to try to win csw
  5. probably will never happen just thought it was a cool thought.
  6. I'm confused and how would it just benefit melees? lol I thought it was a pretty cool idea.
  7. maybe make CZ into a free for all zone like CSW. would solve the one sidedness people encounter often. cz would never be one sided, I think it would bring a lot of action to CZ knowing that there will be tons of pk regardless of time zone. just a idea. how do you all feel about this idea?
  8. cool story and that's from LYS everyone else towns but NP
  9. heres something for you. since you wanna make a shit video NP TY KC made 20k kc off lys so far you guys really make us rich
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