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  1. Nath

    incrasingly HARD

    Just ignore the troll, I bet he can't even beat cenizhan listed on his list. On topic, it is not suppose to be easy to gain NPs. From what I understand that's an intended change for the new upcoming PK 'expansion' they're planning to release soon. 1. It's not just an issue for new players, anyone without a decent party will have problems earning NPs, my advice, find a clan/party to PK with. 2. Caught my attention you mention 5k NPs amount, I think we all know why. I really hate these bosses spawning at a fixed time in CZ, it just kills the PK on different hours of the day.
  2. Nath

    Event ending NPS BUT Farm items ?

    Something needs to be done. Colony Zone lost its meaning. Players only go in there when there's an ongoing event or when a boss spawns. They don't enter for PK anymore, that's out of the picture. Although recent events were great for activity, sadly, you just spoiled all these players. So is either put everything that is farm-able around bowl like many suggestions in this topic, or just get rid entirely of those 'special' time-frames. No more time set in stone for a boss to spawn or an event to start, make it entirely random within the day and only show a notice to those in Ronark Land. Force people to login and be in CZ at randoms times, not just to set their alarms at certain time to get online, hit one time a mob and go AFK until the next event.
  3. Nath

    NT Systems.

    @KissOfNeo I see some lack of English comprehension from your part. 1. He said free NT for top clans only (the only clans who can actually balance the PK). 2. GM behind NTs to keep an eye on nation balance, so they can acept/deny a request from a clan looking to NT. He never said free NT for everyone (like it was before, which was a huge mess). PK improved when they removed the ability to NT whole clans at once, at least that was the case for the very few days after the restriction. Sadly, there was still a lot of players that went orc afterwards to farm the Christmas event (and avoid those novas? ). I like the idea of keeping the restriction that prevents clans to NT on their own and have GMs handle NT requests instead, that way they can see the current state of PK and make a decision.
  4. Nath

    im sick, tired and pissed off

    So basically what you're saying is: I only know how to play Kurian like this, and since the stamina is not enough to combo this way on this server, I have no idea what to do or how to play. If you would have put in the time to actually understand how to play Kurian on this server, you'd know by now there is not a single class that can kill a poison Kurian 1v1, none, doesn't matter if they're full +9/+3, they will die, /town or light-feet away from you because the DoT damage and HP regeneration is too high for any class to out-damage your class, period. That being said, this server is a server you can not play solo, so if you're expecting to be that Kurian shown in USKO videos owning 2~3 players while remaining full HP, you might as well go back there, because it won't happen here. You need a party (a good one), so you better adapt.
  5. To be honest it was so easy to rank up with that NP event all year long that you're probably right, it feels like you missed the whole process of ranking up entirely. Also people could buy characters with millions of NPs before, so they were already up there to begin with. No, I wouldn't like to have to do this again, but that's a really bad scenario. If you ever get in the need of doing something like this once again, I might as well jump ship myself. So the fact such idea (even though you're saying you it won't happen) is there in the table, is kind of scary. Which brings me back to my original post, you may have plans for the server that we're not aware of, it would be nice if you could share them with the community in time (or at least as long as changes go) so we have a better grasp of what's all this being aimed to. Maybe it could prevent creating topics such as this in advance.
  6. Well, I can only speak for myself, but yes, I'd like that. The rest of the community can express as well, but I totally support this. Like I said it would be fun to have this as top clan privileges.
  7. I totally agree with OP. Not sure what is it that you guys are planning for the server, but since NP gain is back to original rate (50 per kill/dead) and NPs were reduced for everyone, it would totally give players (and clans all along) a goal to work towards. Having to gain all those NPs back to rank up your clan grade, in my opinion, brings a new self satisfaction feeling of achievement as well as a sort of in game status for those who put in the time and effort to rank up. You need to speak openly with the community when you say something like it would be counter-intuitive with the server future plans, because right now it just seem an arbitrary change, with no real reason behind it.
  8. Nath

    shiny boss

    What are you talking about? It can die, in fact it died yesterday afternoon. Although It didn't die in the night. Do you want to know why it didn't die in the night? Because people wanting to PK stopped you from attacking it, like it's suppose to be. Like many many times happens with Ultima when there's nation balance. Go make another topic, 3 topics about the same thing are not enough.
  9. Nath

    shiny boss

    That's even better, that way you zombies can stand there r-hitting the whole time while our party echoes and get free NPs. HP scaling has been a successful change, PK session yesterday was the best one so far, so good work admins.
  10. How are you even complaining? Your clan is the first one to NT to the strongest nation, literally every time. As soon as you can't farm/kill, Nation Transfer. Rebellion went human for what, 3 days? And you're already making a topic about too many humans... They went back orc, so hopefully that's going to help. PK was fairly balanced during Ultima and Christmas event today. I agree though, this NT madness is out of hand, something has to be done to keep nation balance in order.
  11. Nath

    CZ Quests

    @red123 Torture doing a task that will take you ~10 minutes with a friend? Ok. I was actually giving you an advise, since the same issue used to bother me (a lot) but now is long gone for me and I couldn't be any more satisfied. @ImmortalOne I don't think we're talking about the same quests, exp quests will never restore after doing them as 83/5. Like I said, I've got a single page of quests to choose from now, made my gaming a little bit happier.
  12. Nath

    CZ Quests

    Easy, do all those exp quests as 83/5 and you'll never see them again. I only have 1 page of quests to choose from, all dailies and monthly. The one-click pick all would be nice, but, there's a few dailies that I wouldn't want to take.
  13. Nath


    I thought you'd have streamed yesterday's PK session ☹️ It was intense, lot of action to showcase. I think that's the kind of activity that people would like to see from the server. Anyway, keep up the good work.
  14. Nath

    Juraid bug

    Can happen to any mob before getting into Deva's room for what I can see. 1. Mob is visible 2. The HP bar shows 3. You attack, your skill fail 4. Mob do not move It would be much easier for you to see what we mean if one of you could actually get online and check Juraid.
  15. Nath

    Juraid bug

    Duplicate of this, so feel free to merge Not just apostles, but any mob at any given time can just get that state where you can't attack it for several seconds, even minutes. This causes your nation to quit/loose and people is getting frustrated. I don't really know how to explain this any better, so I suggest you to get online and watch these events live, I almost guaranty you will see the glitch, it's been happening that often. Orc side if that helps.