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  1. From my experience this is an issue on spots with low HP (or rather fast dying) monsters - Stone Golems at CZ - Haunga (and their variations) at EMC/Luferson - Uruk (all kinds) at EMC/Luferson - Ancient/Treant at EMC/Luferson
  2. As pointed by @yapsyyy this mostly just affected mages. Archers and Warriors don't really loose to much by this change since they were killing (4 or 5 mobs spots) 1 by 1 anyway. The consequence is that now these classes (and BP) can show up at any spot they want and take it. If a person was there before it doesn't matter anymore, whoever has the highest DPS will end up having the spot for themselves, whereas before the spot was, at least, contented, due to the fact that 4 or 5 mobs were spawning at the same time splitting the profit between both sides (since you can't possibly attack all the mobs at the same time, unless AoE). Now, with this change, once the spot has been cleared, mobs will respawn one at the time, thus enabling the highest DPSer to get 100% of the drops. Ever since the change this has happened to me so many times, it is frustrating. It seems like I have no option but to class change from mage to a different class in order to maintain some degree of viable farming against these type of players.
  3. I do 🙋‍♂️ It is possible to roll back the random respawn time change implemented in the latest patch? Or if you could shed some light and tell us why was this something needed would be much appreciated. This turned AoE skills to kill (therefore afk farm and exp) not very viable. Not to mention how any single high DPS character can get away taking any spot they want, taken or not.
  4. The patch introduced a couple of changes that I'd like to address: - Randomized monster respawn times in Moradon, El Morad Castle, and Luferson Castle. Any reason behind this change? For a player that likes to farm as a mage is quite obnoxious. Setting novas on genie is quite a mess now; I can't no longer AFK and expect to not die given the new random respawn time of mobs. Was the idea behind it to prevent AoE farming? - Reduced raw coin gain from various sources that were set higher than intended. While I can understand the why of this change, I don't know if everything was considered when implementing it. After the change I can say that quite a few spots are no longer viable farming places given the coin income reduction, how much genie costs, etc. Next thing I do is to move to a spot with a bigger coin income with no success since it's been occupied by others. There are not that many good spots out there anymore, and the few ones are very crowded. While I agree farming should be focused on gathering items to upgrade and trade and not coins (looting crap to sell cheap at NPC), these changes turned AFK farming worst. Even if you've got a decent spot, archers come along, set genie and take your spot in a blink of an eye given the new randomized respawn times.
  5. Nath

    .NET Framework Version

    Sorry, I misunderstand you. I downgraded to version 3.5 and now it is showing properly. Weird though, since it is stated that version 4 is fully supported by XP. Feel free to mark as resolved and close.
  6. Nath

    .NET Framework Version

    Well I am running version 4 like I mentioned and I keep getting that error every time I try to open the options page.
  7. Hello, I've got a PC running the good old Windows XP. I was wondering if it's possible to open the options menu (the customized one) you made. When I try to open the options, I get the error shown in the attached image, which seems to be related to the .NET Framework version. If I am not mistaken my XP machine is running the version 4.0.3.
  8. I mean, not to defend the people doing this scam, they're really dishonest, but can't people read? It says freakin' 1 in there, 1 and yet they buy it. Getting too excited for that cheap genie? Also this is a tricky matter to address, on a free economy market I can sell whatever I want for the price that I want, is up to others if they buy it or not (although it is clear these people are just greedy bastards and wants to scam others) what would happen if I sell an item that costs lets say 9gbs and I forget a 0. Would I get the same deal and my item back by reporting it? I'm sure as hell I won't. Make the item untradeable after it has been used perhaps? But what if I just wanted to give it to a friend? I don't know, like I said, hard to address that issue. By the way, I wouldn't trust anyone sending you a letter saying they got scammed this way, probably will end up being the same people doing the scam or just someone wanted to get free stuff (again, greedy bastards).
  9. This sums it up. And the answer is yes, I don't care about the cost, active server is worth wiping out whatever KC/items I farmed previously. I have a lot of farmed KC and items myself @red123 (a lot), I never bothered selling any of it (even though I stopped playing the server over a year ago) because that's not what I play for. I can understand Administrator's position on this matter and at this point what I want is the old active server back, whatever the cost is. To administrators: I hope you've learned from the previous server as well, I do believe the old Apex could have been saved from getting to this point with the proper actions at the right time, but those actions never came. Sure 4 years is a lot of time (and is ok to be proud of that) but don't fool yourself (seeing how much you've been repeating that number on this thread @twostars) because the lack of players and interest on this server from the community wasn't just a matter of time, that plays a part of it, sure, but many of the decisions you guys took let to this outcome as well, so hopefully things will be managed a bit different this time. Just my two cents
  10. This light exp, hard farm server wasn't what I was expecting to be honest. I wanted a new PK server (the one you had was great) to jump in right into the action. I'll try the Beta but I'm not too excited about it, none of the people I usually play with either. Regardless, hope it turns out well for the community
  11. I'm going to address a couple of your points @BigGrumpy and share some thoughts of my own. The reasons I joined this server (and stayed) are: I love to PK and I hate grinding/farming. The quality of this server is just insane, it even makes USKO look bad. That being said, I think the latest patch killed the server, let me elaborate. I have learned by now that a server is only as good as its population. Doesn't matter what goodies you may have if the server is empty, is dead. And the number one reason to maintain a population in a server is the economy. Take USKO as an example, it's massively P2W, you will get nowhere (100% guaranteed) without having to spend money in it. Their servers are trash, the company support is a joke and yet is packed, how? The market. Addressing your point #2 the reason KC is so expensive in in-game-currency is because there is no market anymore in Apex. Everything is given 'free' as in you go PK, play for a while, you do nothing hard or waste any time and voila you get free chests in your inventory, it's ridiculous. I've got over 1 hundred chests in a couple hours I'd say. I didn't put in the effort/time other players may have farming, trying to earn something that could be hard and yet I'm full with items, why would I need to buy anything in currency or from merchants? I'm so full of items I don't even know what to do with them. Farmers keep servers alive. As much as I hate to admit this and as much as I hate farming myself, you need to restore the economy on this server. Remove free chests, add back farming aspects of the game in CZ mobs, etc. You need to revamp the economy more than anything else or the server won't recover, ever. Point #3 I have to strongly disagree, server is smoother than ever 'teleport' skills feel so good in this server. I'm currently playing USKO and the animations in there are so bad, I feel like smashing my keyboard out of frustration sometimes and I can proudly say it's because I've been spoiled by the goodies on this server. Point #1 Back in the day the ice/stun rates were bugged, this was finally resolved thanks to an observation made by a player after which the administrators were able to finally add these features back in the server. Yes, I do agree the rates for these need to be re-evaluated they are far too broken. I could point many things why, but I feel like that would be a post on its own.
  12. Nath

    Nation transfer.

    Hey admins is there a chance you can activate that Clan NT once again this weekend? Or take a a look at the current state and balance things out yourself, at least this time. We finally managed to have some people in CZ again, but it is not balanced, let's not let this ruin things again, please. Do something before people get bored and quit. Too many orcs at the moment, a balance is needed.
  13. Do people even read Patch notes/announcements ? They just said a patch is coming this Friday to address more changes (Kurian being a big part of it) and a big PK patch on the 23.
  14. Unless we're not talking about USKO being the official implementation, what you just said (remarked in bold) is false. Now, I can understand @Aesteris saying the heals still worked the same as before while you're on transformation, maybe not enough testing was done to figure that out. But you, coming here, claiming this which I know for a fact is not true, is too much. Please I'd gladly point your flaws in those statements if you need me to, I do own a lvl 80 Kurian in USKO, so can do those test for comparison purposes. Now, this is not even what I want to focus on, the survivability point is. It is currently working for me, never said the class is unplayable anymore. I am weaker, I can not longer get into fights on my own, descent skill plus a couple of passives from the defense skill tree can save me away still, kind of sucks but I know my way around. Kurians not using the defense skill tree on the other hand, if my performance went down big time with those changes to the transformation skills, well, these guys don't stand a chance, no descent, no defense, no heals, like I said before, they will have fun playing on their mages now.
  15. Then you need to keep on working on that rework, because as of right now, some of those changes have no real reason (trade-off) behind them. Let's wait for the upcoming patch as you said. PS. It really caught my attention how after you said the transformation bonus still affects the healing skills, @Mage4Life said otherwise, specially after we both brought this particular change to the table. That's have got to tell you something about the way things are being tested by your team right now.
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