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  1. Damadumadum

    Which Kurian Spec

    i will play with kurian. I have 8k kc for gearing. so which spec is good right now for 7k budget ? thank you.
  2. Damadumadum


    Buying 2x mage krowaz set +8 or +5, pls pm me if u have good mage items.
  3. Damadumadum

    Few Ideas To Help Server

    Server need mage teams for good pk but mages will not come back apex because asassins and warriors one shot to mages. İf u want to improve pk, mages should be in server. Mages will not come apex again if new server will not open. and u said pk is on fire, i bet only 6 party in cz when u write this. 5 pt human 1 pt karus lol.
  4. Damadumadum

    Few Ideas To Help Server

    i gave up. They should open a new server to improve pk. This is the only way. NO NEW PATCH, NO NEW EVENTS, SO PEOPLE DONT WANT TO START APEX. EVERYONE GOT +11 ITEMS OR ETC. +3 ACCESORIES. APEX NEW SERVER> USKO OR OTHER PVPs. PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT SERVER. Thx for attention.