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    YouGotPwndByMyAss 1vs1 GoDDoG EASYY

    Talking 24/7 about me but i win easy 2600 hp left.
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    Well Needed Suggestions

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    2 Vs 2 Movie

    It is not
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    2 Vs 2 Movie

    It only makes him weaker Ali. And if you look hp bar it's the same. So he only lose Dex bonus cuz of it xD. Also i talked with him ingame he said he forgot to swap back to dex uniques because he put STR ones for to take more cures in his invetory. This is not MDMA lol. Also ur friend MDMA got banned from all his accounts again 2-3 days ago. So no it's not him.
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    2 Vs 2 Movie

    Goodjob @babayerow
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    Well Needed Suggestions

    Agreed. Stuns&Slows are way to overpowered. And the damage is to overpowered for ApexKO but if it was Usko with Red Pots & Undy Scrolls & Duration Pots then it was balanced! But not good idea to nerf mages because mage players in ApexKO are those 1 2 3 Click players and if they can't 1 shot people with nova they will uninstall. Why do they uninstall? Because they can't follow targets & switching items on melee class so it's to much work for them so yeah. Kinda sad. And if you see how they play support mage there is no comment left either. Literally an useless class *Warrior* for sure it's easy to play not gonna lie about this still kinda hilarious to see it's to hard for most of the people but k xD. What does warrior have besides a close range cry echo attack??? Nothing yeah some aoe's which makes a fail hit of 20 most of the times. So easy to avoid warriors and even tho you get in range you just put a shield on and he won't hit you for anything. Me as warrior player go on full def build those warriors hitting me 400-500 while a mage is smacking 1.6k damage on me from far away xd. And you can't even pk solo you need a Rogue or Priest to go out of base. Cuz the class don't have Cure, Heal, Stealth , Lightfeet, Blinks. And have way to much counter items against warriors for example almost every unique & shield have warrior defensive. All Rogues in server walking around with Sherion+14rev so warriors with wirinoms are kinda useless against them. Class needs alot of support else it can't do shit and all you need are retarded enemies who don't know how to play this game then warrior is op. and 1.5K is pretty much bullshit i hit 1300 On a full starter sin without shield on while i am fully gear. So i do not agree with that warrior is op but just fucking useless in apexko compared to turkish Pvp servers and Usko! PS: It should be normal if you go close to a Warrior/Juggernaut in any game you will die fastly if you don't watchout! But in ApexKO that's not the case cuz everyone is on 11/3 way to tanky. But yeah aswell to easy to outplay because warrior class is to basic. Not even want to talk about BP'S cuz they always been useless just in the past people were retarded and that's why they were OP. It has no lightfeet, no descent, no jump, really squishy #Useless! So you will never catch anyone cuz it's an useless class it should be only supportive! And by giving debuffs to people means you are actually damaging them! The people you kill as BP are those idiots who 1vs1 you with massive like a 2005 warrior player. I mean they are not overpowered on damage but the Lightning Arrow & Ice Arrow is like 100% every Ice/Light arrow i get means im slowed/stunned for the rest they are just annoying as fuck shooting at you while ur fighting 8vs8 another party. But they should fix this Stun/Ice rate on those arrows! Actually it isn't a joke to delete them it should happen. Fucking retarded class i hate this class the most out of all spamming always this retarded dots on me it's like 2k in a second. Way to tanky, Way to much damage, And you can't even counter it no matter which item you use you will just die. Sin: The most weakest class in ApexKO full fail hits, low cp lucky, no duration pots, always getting stunned and slowed and end up towning/dieing cuz don't have jumps and is way to squishy.
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    ALL karus tranfer to ELmors , Everybody will be happy

    You are welcome
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    ALL karus tranfer to ELmors , Everybody will be happy

    10GB's for whole Clan Transfer. At the npc [Clan Manager] Adelia https://gyazo.com/153f91e03f2b033e37aeaf8f1bee5d69 Or just buy in Power Up Store for 150KC Nation Transfer just for yourself!
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    GAREZ Twitch LİVE

    GAREZ Rogue 2vs2 Tactics: GAREZ Going to holiday ANKARA: I have no fucking idea i just post it:
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    ISteffon Special 1vs1

    0:00 - 7:00 Necrolyte 1vs1 ISteffon (Same Items Full Starter) 7:00 - 7:51 YouGot 1vs1 ISteffon (Rosetta9rev&Raptor+11 vs Sherion+14rev&Holy Knight Set+11& CSW Emblem!)
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    Troll Topic

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    Staff Skill

    Ice Arrow 100% While I'm using Gab Shield+8 & String Of Skulls & Glacier pot always iced by arrow. Please fix this bullshit this is not like Usko at all! I played usko very longtime and never seen this bullshit. Archer 100% ice 100% stun alot higher rate then mages!!!! I walking to bowl i kill 2 person and after i need town because i get iced and 300 archers hitting me also cannot farm with 1 hour auto loot quest cuz have 300 archers running after 1 harunga. Cuz turkish kids 12 year old dont like work in real life so they farm 24/7 for their food. #LongLiveLegolasKO Picture of KingAureliO in real life: PS: You can better delete the sin class it cannot catch anyone and if it does it hits 20 on spike cuz failed hit. Also critical so low chance useless class.
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    Geheimnis Clan is going to start to ApexKO at soon !

    Welcome back Yusuf
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    Bugs and bullshit in ApexKO.

    First of all: Some bullshit that's going on in this server: 1: When you get divided it don't show in the partybar like a debuff like other debuffs like Torment/Malice. (SO A PRIEST CAN'T KNOW IF HIS PARTY MEMBER IS JUST SLOWED OR DIVIDED!) 2: Archer LightningArrow&IceArrow & Mage Stuns&Slows 99.9% Chance. EVEN ON FULL RESSISTANCE UNIQUES EVEN WHILE I USE GAB SHIELD IT'S 100% AND IM A FACKING WARRIOR NOT EVEN A SIN!!! 3: Sins always fail damages it's not like this on Usko!!!!! Sins always hit nothing because of it! 4: Warrior Aoe's VERY VERY SHORT RANGE AND THE DAMAGE FAILS ALOT OF TIMES! 5: No Duration Pots. 6: No Undy Scrolls. 7: No Red Pots. 8: PLEASE DELETE DOT KURIANS FROM THIS GAME! JUST DO IT EVEN THO THEY ARE IN USKO AND ALSO IN USKO NOBODY PLAYS THIS AIDS CLASS DOESN'T HAVE TO BE IN HERE AND THIS SERVER IS NOT LIKE USKO ANYWAYS SO BETTER TO DELETE THIS CLASS ALREADY EVEN MY ASS CAN 1VS8 WITH THIS CLASS. 9: Alots of time mage teleport skill doesn't work somehow even tho not Undefeatble cursed! 10: Humanside after playing a while all Attack animations are slow! (Very annoying after aoe's to attack fast with cry echo it cancels!) 11: Holy Animor+13Rev is stronger then Holy Animor+14Rev. 12: Aoe Stun of kurian is 100% in usko it's not! 13: Horse in war slow animation on Battle Cry very very annoying! And i'm sure there is more what is not right! And i'm getting sick of it. Ressistances do not work! Even @Sick on like 400-500 Ressistances getting permanently stunned. So please fix this or alot of players will quit or login Dot Kurians Archers for real aids Harunga PK thank you!
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    MyNameIs Recruiting - Human (We're back!)

    Goodluck and Welcome Back MyNameIs!
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    server need something new!

    Go outside.
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    server need something new!

    First of all u selected with ur quote on the Admins Aestreis that's not Aesteris. Second: You are kinda true about the merchant. But you have to know this Medal & Apexis system is already open since 2016 April so there is alots of items in the game. But they should do something against it to stop it. For example to delete those mini bosses which are dropping those items to and even at +6! And specially all those items aren't worth shit because Ultima and felankor are dropping cursed weapons +3 reverse and krowaz at +8! But Rosetta is actually normal it's not worth anything u kill a Nigmash and u have +7 lol i don't even understand why you add that tbh. This is why the interest is lost into Medal&Apexis chest&Krowaz chest items. They should do something against that let Ultima drop something else instead of that Third: Dark Items is a server killer. Imagine if the Darknight Bow comes in the game everyone change class into archer stunning eachother 24/7 with light arrows and curse lol! And then you can really call apexko LegolasKO. And priests healing enemies o_O a big nono! And holy knight is way to tanky for a server without red pots.
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    Gaming Record Software

    https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/geforce-experience/shadowplay/ and sst nopwick
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    Sick's Buying / Selling

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    BUY ROF +3 // SOS +2

    ++++++++++ for my walker ❤️
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    Stop it Johnwick. You are really making it like it's the end of the world. Ye i do agree aswell that sins should be buffed but don't push this hard lol. I think they are getting tired of it of all the spams. And this is why they don't answer. But i do support ur idea's tho.
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    Imbalance of server

    you started with this u blind monkey: All he said was you were crying but it's true 24/7 you are always crying and 24/7 on this forum even more active then MDMA and behaving like him there is no difference between u and MDMA. Same poor, Same brain.
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    Imbalance of server

    You are the only one that can be compared with MDMA lol! Look what you just said about him that he is a *retard* i don't agree with him about his options but there is no reason to for to call him things like this. Thought i was the flamer but u can't make a single post without a cursed word in it about alot of different people. Could you stop being a drama queen and let people make some discussion? Thanks. PS: I agree with him about all what he said about you tho.