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  1. This bulletclub. Holy moly, too much jealousity In your mouth.
  2. Only If you give me back that „god damn bow”
  3. Make the spawn time random? Occuring once per 24h?
  4. You warrior has most likely basic items So No Wonder he hits you that much
  5. Wut. Full dex kro/mythril+11 wf+11 and easy...
  6. The best advertisment for the server there is, is to make a facebook sharing competition. Such as tag 3 friends like and share website and at the release day (9th March) do the draw for 3 winners, and reward either with 5 day Voucher utc or with some reasonable kc. @twostars
  7. Use helenid or hepa ib11

    Yardım gm pls

    You need Yorick and his shovel to dig this out
  9. Uppolooo. thread will be closed within 2 days from now on. With vivaldi explaining same stuff as he always does.
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