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  1. +1 on the heappa as starting item..
  2. 83 on passion?? Ok now u got me confused lol, can u elaborate please?
  3. Basically, what will make this server great and popular is if u can make it more newbie friendly.. cos the main idea of the server is pking, u need to let new players be able to reach pk level same as the old players and then ull have alot more competition on the server.. Basically, dont let the veterans rule, give the newbies a chance to fight back, so the veterans will have to fight hard for their place.. Cos right now, the top players just dont have competitin and the new players strugle to reach that lvl..
  4. well.. while 5% is the chance to upgrade to +8, and then 45% each upgrade to +11 - it looks abit hard.. since u need lots of the same item to succeed making a +8 and then need even more if u wanna go to +11.. i didnt got the impression that prices are low, and that its easy to upgrade.. well, maybe im wrong, or miguided by the flase information on the guides sections.. i dont know.. as i said, were still tryin to figure things up.. maybe its not as hard as we think it is.. i just pointed out how it looks from a new-comer angle.. it lacks information, and looks hard.. again, i may be wrong but just sayin how it looks, going to keep tryin tho.. still dont know much about how to progress, i do go events, i farm money in cz, i farm heppa, farm bus, doing quests.. but still feels slow pace progress
  5. Its abit long, but admins if u care, please take your time and read this carfully, would be much appreciated. I would like to say my opinion about this: As a new member prespective (started here like 4 days ago..) and an old times ko player i feel very lost in this server... Website: website/forum is so outdated that i couldnt find any valuable guide that can help me understand whats going on in this server.. i had to ask other players to figure it out, and to be honest, im still very lost.. this server is a buch of a mess in my opinion, u totally abandoned new players.. this server lacks of organization... You say its a light farm? - i feel like its hard farm that gonna take me a couple of months to get some decent gear.. In order for a server to grow, it needs to be welcoming for new players, and thats a fact. To be honest, i came with a bunch of friends, we all play ko for 10+ years.. and we are not new to this, we played lots of private servers, but this one is by far the most unorganized one we've ever played, in terms of understanding the server. We came to a point now where we actually thinking about leaving cos we just cant fit ourselfs here (yeah we're old ko players) we tried our best and we're still tryin.. if the forum/website had a good guide for new players i guess things were alot different.. we just play and feel like we cannot progress, and believe me, its not fun pking against all those old apexko players since they are all very well geard.. So please, make a small effort, put on a guide, make it a more welcoming server, After all, u want new players, you want the server to grow, or am i wrong?.. Anyway, this opinion was from a new member view.. thats what me and my friends are thinking and wished to inform u about. Thanks alot, i really hope we will be able to fit in.. Tip: the old content in the guides section is very confusing for new players, its so outdated that some of the things in there ar'nt even exists anymore.. when a new player goes there and reads those guides, he believes them, trusts them, and act upon them, so basically he acts upon things that does'nt exist.. or that are totally incorrect. So my suggestion in rather update them ASAP or DELETE them, cos for now they are only misleading new players, as they did on me. Thank you.
  6. Thank you everyone, all of your answers are very much appreciated. Ima take some time and try to progress for now. Gonna bump this thread as soon as i get stuck or when my curiosity decides to shine out again Thank you.
  7. why do i need EXP?.. isnt the max lvl 83?
  8. another question that came to my mind.. what is dc premium and how do i get it?
  9. Wow david, u amaze me how supportive of a person u r and i really appreciate that.. i would like to clarify some things about myself, i know i can probably do good with the starting gear on cz, but tbh im more of a competitive 1v1 person as a warrior, in most servers i played i was among the top warriors there, and i know how much of a difference 50 deff can be in a vs or a little mana or hp boost.. sometimes even a little ap bonus does the diff aswell.. i mostly aim to become 1v1 player (ofc ill do cz alot aswell.. i perform well in a party and know all the tactics very well.. also i came with some friends and we are very very organized as a party) so its very important to me to get the best gear 1v1 wise.. so as u can understand i cant settle on the starter gear or even on the tiniest stats bonuses.. Back to topic , what i understand from u is that i should focus on getting alot of coins rather on farming directly on items as the coins will get me the items faster.. So overall i should focus on farming lots and lots of coins, doing all the events + making more chars to rush things up abit.. Tbh sounds like alot of job with the little time i have to spend on farming every day.. but, im gonna give it a try(and probably succeed.. hehe) More about myself, the reason i stoped playing ko was because i started at the university, i went to learn software engineering, but now im finished and got time to play aswell combined with working.. So lets have some fun and hope to kick ass in cz aswell and mostly in the arena! Hoping to see u in-game bro and thanks thanks (yeah.. double thanks.. hehe) alot for ur assistance my friend i highly appreciate that! Another goal of mine is to become fully geared and then spare my time helping new-comers (i get lots of satisfaction from that.) Thank you bro!
  10. Hi all, just came back to knight online after a long break.. (gotta comeback everytime..) after a long research i found that this is the most up-to-date and active server with english talking community out there.. so i said lets give it a chance.. and so i did Well, i'de like to know a few things as i heard this one is a Light-Farm (which doesnt seem that way tbh.. atleast from a new-comer prespective..) 1. Where should i farm? 2. Wil i even be able to catch up now? 3. What are the methods to earn coins.. are there any gold bar drops? 4. What should i farm? (Warrior) 5. Donators have exclusive Weps? Armors?.. Anything that makes them better then non-donator? 6. Any other general/helpful information would be much appreciated. 7. Thanks alot guys, hoping to see some friendly folks out there
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