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    TheGANG New Video

    The amount of disrespect concentrated in a single Pk video and forum comments is just out of ordinary, the fact that everything is an excuse to talk shit about other clans proves how low some of you are, I only see a video of one Pk Session and doesn't include most of the strongest melee's nor is the best team-comp (3 kurians? ) , but also what you guys fail to understand is that DaubbleAbble get's a lot of newcomers and give them chance to play with us, we aren't recruiting to beat all the parties in the server or boosting our own Ego, but hey here in this forum any dam video of a pk happen on a afternoon is enough to make every random guy come call trash to any clan. About the video itself, The quality could have been 10x better, 1080p should have been the minimum requirement, a better recording software ,and there should have been at least better Clips, i don't see anything special, i just see everyone ganging on Slaps (buffer) that leads to the death of the Enemy Party, and that's the only constant of the video. I'm impressed , such good players, coming here dropping this comments full of enlightenment , the world thanks you for your service.
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    Second ultima spawn.

    The problem is lack of people online, not the Ultima itself, the fact that he is in Cz and not in bifrost is already easier then USKO, the suggestion makes no sense, the stats on ultima are fine, the number of online players is not. edit: Just to add up, they added Ultima to boost Cz, i'm pretty sure there is no need to nerf ultima. after all is the strongest mob ingame.
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    Give it to new players, i would buy it tough, i need a draki.
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    Change drop list

    Kc goes up and down in price, it depends on how much is available in the market, there are other ways to get money but if you want to be geared in less then a month, you will have to open your wallet like many players did I think the Apex, Krowaz , Isilon and Felenkor chests are fine, the Gems and Fragments are the ones that need a change.
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    Few Ideas To Help Server

    Server is having so much activity, i don't get where you think the server needs to give you all the items on a plate Want to have better items? Buy Kc or Farm them yourself.
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    BUMP bump
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