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  1. Vingador

    Just a curious question ...

    wow super hard heal when u see mages casting, heal 10k and rip mage, so 1 priest can beat full pt mage HEUWAHEUWAHEAW, ok dude ok, only in your dreams
  2. Vingador

    Just a curious question ...

    thats why no have mage clanies on server more and all leaving, look this damage, ppls get set krowaz = full resist and tank really non sense
  3. Vingador

    Just a curious question ...

    ah ok, is normal assasin hit 5k on mage, but mage need hit 1k on assasin ? make sense xD
  4. Vingador

    Just a curious question ...

    when go buff mage damage ? Like meteor and novas, warrior got 12k + life and we do 1.1k damage lol, or me with faun +9 255 mp, doing 1.2k on meteor + absolut ...
  5. Vingador

    Well, Admins gonna watch server die ?

    @Vivaldi this dont' make any sense, if twostars and aesteris are busy doing some server updates or bla bla bla, just recruit more 2 ppls with brain and make they put this server more active, recruiting ppls, doing facebook / foruns / website more active, we need this for more players in cz, or server really gonna die
  6. Vingador

    Well, Admins gonna watch server die ?

    yea, make some videos on youtube, idk isn't hard, server got a great data base just need more active gms / admin lol, they only log for 30 min and bump quit game, 0 event, 0 post on facebook, 0 post on forum, 0 post on website, fk lol ... just watching the server die, wake up zz
  7. You guys want close this server? because apexko website / facebook is out of date, never saw a fk disclosure in any forum about this ko on this year , maybe last year when launch I saw ... You guys need to understand this server have a nice early game, isn't super hard to play vs old players, but ppls dont come because dont know that, or dont know this server exist, some mages clan going to quit here and back to steamko or latinko or any other because no have more mages pt some meeles clans, going to quit because no have active events, admin, ppls spreading, idk lets do something to change that, lets make this server 6 pt each side in cz again, full pk on war, we got a nice data base here, help us admin, make the facebook active or give to any member who love this server to do this, or make the website more active idk, find a idea to do something new, call players, dont let this server die pls, we all loving our friends here and don't want quit.. lets wake up and put this fk online and be active !!!!!!!!!!
  8. Vingador

    About DC PREMIUM

    I using dc flash of course, do the test and farm some blood seeker with and without premmy, this not change nothing, so me using war premmy like all time
  9. Vingador

    About DC PREMIUM

    This premium is buged ? I put switch premium to use this on my farm archer but not working, and when I click to see what it give appears 100 % Noah Increanse, and not drop rate increanse lol can u guys fix it pls ? I tested on bus farm 30 min no premmy, 30 min with premium and drop the same quantity of bus.. so this prob no work and I losing my premium days !
  10. Vingador

    Class Transfer

    Hello, my nick is V1NGAD0RA I did a personal +11 in my priest with this nick, but I prob go class transfer, if I change to rogue or warrior my weapon change too ? if no, I got a rogue on this account nick V1NGAD0R, maybe can move a dagger to this character, idk, I dont want lose this personal item ... u guys can do something to help ?
  11. Vingador

    Help me , I wrong purchase from the pus

    Appear on Viwed today
  12. Hello i made a wrong purchase from the PUS instead kc I bought Oreads Voucher nick in game : V1NGADORA the voucher is on my inventory , refound pls <3